TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

Packaging concepts, from design students and professionals, patiently wait for implementation to become packaging trends. Packaging concepts offer creativity and practicality, but rival companies’ traditions and affordability being the togo burger packaging non an exception.

Graphic designers universally toy with green packaging, or environmentally friendly packaging, that offers useful take-out packaging for the food industry. However, food establishments have kept styrofoam containers and paper bags.

Concepts like TOGO burger by Seulbi Kim challenge these practices in both functionality and design. Supported by a reduction in resources and a response to consumer needs, hopefully companies will take advantage of these types of design concepts. Kim realized that people increasingly rely on the convenience of fast food for quick, cost-effective meals. Therefore, the industry relies on to-go and delivery orders, but the sector resists change- no matter the benefits.

Burger companies largely serve meals constituting of a burger, order of fries and soda. Yet these three items aren’t exactly easy to carry: fries shift in the paper bag with the burger, while soda needs to be carried separately by hand, in another bag, or a 4-drink carrying tray.

Kim combined the items into a convenient carrying bag using a little amount of materials. People can carry their burger meal in one hand while reducing their carbon footprint. Of course, it would be difficult for a huge food chain to switch over to this packaging immediately. But brands can consider introducing eco-packaging in environmentally friendly cities for great public relations and community involvement.

However, there is controversy that McDonald’s stole Kim’s idea in the McBike, an almost identical design for riders in Denmark. If a company wants to implement Kim’s fantastic idea, which is patented, it’s necessary to seek approval and give compensation.