Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

The general mood of consumers regarding ethical purchasing has undergone a dramatic shift over recent years. Gone are the days when flashy, excessive packaging could tempt buyers – today it’s all about utilising minimalist (yet effective) and sustainable choices. Why We Care? It’s not just customers who’re driving this change – governments and business entities … Read more Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

4 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

What are the best alternatives to substitude plastic packaging? For so long, much of the industrialized world has relied on some form of plastic packaging in order to ship and promote products. However, plastic is hard to get rid of. Although recycling programs are now in place for many areas, far too much plastic still … Read more 4 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

100% recycled packaging by The Iconic

The Australian brand The Iconic has launched 100% recycled delivery satchels which will replace their known black packaging. The new white “Iconic” satchels are made from completely recycled plastic material and licensed under the GECA’s (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Products Standard. This new satchels will start being delivered to their customers from 26 May … Read more 100% recycled packaging by The Iconic

Disney Smart Packaging Initiative

This past October, entertainment mega-producer Walt Disney announced that they were introducing a plan called the Disney Smart Packaging Initiative. This initiative is aimed at decreasing the amount of consumer waste in the toy industry as well as find creative ways to implement recycled, recyclable, and sustainably sourced materials into many of the beloved Disney … Read more Disney Smart Packaging Initiative

Lush Packaging

Lush cosmetics was one of the first companies to unite makeup and environmental responsibility. All of Lush’s makeup and body products are vegan and made with the environment in mind. Lush packaging is also highly environmentally friendly and the company strives to be a leader in smart packaging initiatives across the globe. Packaging Initiative Lush … Read more Lush Packaging

The FAQs of Organic Food Packaging

Organic food packaging is an important trend that is very quickly catching on in the grocery industry. For years, companies have used unsustainable plastic, foam, and other non-recyclable materials to packaging food products. This created a tremendous amount of waste for food that normally would not and should not produce hardly any. Organic food packaging … Read more The FAQs of Organic Food Packaging

Where to Buy Recyclable Food Packaging

To state the obvious, recycling is important. It helps us reduce our amount of waste while reusing materials more than once. Some industries find this initiative to be more important than others: the restaurant, hospitality, education, and customer service industries, to name a few. Check out these sources of recyclable food packaging to help improve … Read more Where to Buy Recyclable Food Packaging

Biodegradable Planters and Bowls with AgriDust

Green packaging requires both science and innovation to offer consumers sustainable alternatives to disposable products. Freelance product designer Marina Ceccolini created flower pots, cartons and bowls with her new material called AgriDust. Ceccolini chose six select wastes to recycle: coffee grounds, peanut shells, husk tomatoes, bean pods, orange and lemon waste. This waste accounts for an … Read more Biodegradable Planters and Bowls with AgriDust

Original Unpacked- Germany’s packaging free supermarket

Shopping for oneself can be quite difficult. Often prepackaged goods can be way too much for just one person, or perhaps it’s a product you don’t normally use but you may need for a specific recipe. With Original Unpacked (Original Unverpackt) you won’t need to, this is Germany’s answer to sustainable shopping. The concept was … Read more Original Unpacked- Germany’s packaging free supermarket

6AM Simple Egg Cartons

6AM Simple Egg Cartons

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Student Adam Torok of Hungary designed the 6AM egg cartons that are above and below. Unfortunately for us Torok does not go into detail about his project on his Behance page. Though we don’t know much, it is pretty certain that this packaging is more eco-friendly or sustainable than your … Read more 6AM Simple Egg Cartons