Impressive Sandwich Packaging Ideas

BVD sandwich packaging

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a satisfying sandwich. From the artisan bread to the delectable deli meat, sandwiches are one of the tastiest meals you can treat yourself to for lunch or for dinner. These impressive sandwich packaging ideas will elevate a traditional sandwich to a whole new level. We … Read more Impressive Sandwich Packaging Ideas

4 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

What are the best alternatives to substitude plastic packaging? For so long, much of the industrialized world has relied on some form of plastic packaging in order to ship and promote products. However, plastic is hard to get rid of. Although recycling programs are now in place for many areas, far too much plastic still … Read more 4 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

“Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

Greiner, was awarded the “Staatspreis Smart Packaging” (National Award for Smart Packaging) back in 2018 for their innovative idea of the “fresh-clip” which allows you to reseal any carton box after it has been opened. The Austrian packaging innovation company received the award from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in cooperation with … Read more “Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

The FAQs of Organic Food Packaging

Organic food packaging is an important trend that is very quickly catching on in the grocery industry. For years, companies have used unsustainable plastic, foam, and other non-recyclable materials to packaging food products. This created a tremendous amount of waste for food that normally would not and should not produce hardly any. Organic food packaging … Read more The FAQs of Organic Food Packaging

Creative Uses of Glass Packaging

Glass packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, for all different uses and projects. Although plastic is quickly the favorite of companies when it comes to packaging preferences, glass packaging can provide a rustic, artisan, elegant look to nearly any product. Take a look at these creative uses of glass packaging to get your creative … Read more Creative Uses of Glass Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging

We live in an instant-gratification world. With that comes lots of consumer purchasing, and with that, comes lots and lots of waste via packaging components. The newest trend in the packaging market is biodegradable packaging – packaging that will decompose naturally after it has been discarded. These designs are at the forefront of biodegradable packaging … Read more Biodegradable Packaging

Where to get cheap packaging supplies

Packing and moving can be stressful. There are so many things to account for, things that you may not even think of until the last second. One of these things is often where to get cheap packaging supplies in an easy way that will allow you to pack your things without breaking your budget. Here, … Read more Where to get cheap packaging supplies

Packaging Expos 2014: Help and Materials for your Packaging Design

Packaging Expos and Packaging Trends 2014

We get a lot of e-mails asking us where to find certain containers or pre-package design packages, or how to create your product’s package. Unfortunately we are not the experts in this as we only write about the packaging design and environmental aspects of other people’s creations. HOWEVER we compiled for you a list of … Read more Packaging Expos 2014: Help and Materials for your Packaging Design