Cool Sneaker Packaging: Innovative Design, Must-Have Kicks

Sneaker fever has been in the spotlight a few years now! For example in 2015 there was a Sneaker Convention  in the NYC Javits Center over a weekend and the Brooklyn Museum featuring the rise of sneaker culture, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at some cool sneaker packaging that … Read more Cool Sneaker Packaging: Innovative Design, Must-Have Kicks

Gender Neutral Packaging

The goal of many popular retailers today is to be rid of previously constricting gender stereotyping in the toy, clothing, and food industries. In the past, colors like blue and pink were associated with boys and girls, respectively. Young boys would wear jeans and t-shirts while girls were often put into cute dresses with glittery … Read more Gender Neutral Packaging

Funny Packaging that Defines Creativity

Packaging can help to set the tone for a product. While some products prefer to sleek, modern, and serious, other products take on the role of being playful, creative, and inviting to a broad audience. These funny packaging designs define creativity through their personifications of the product through packaging, bright colors, and lighthearted marketing campaigns. … Read more Funny Packaging that Defines Creativity

Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging for 2016

A major theme for 2016 is innovative eco-friendly packaging. With a renewed global focus on our planet’s diminishing resources, companies, both large and small, have started to incorporate innovative eco-friendly packaging techniques into their day-to-day operations. The following packaging ideas are exemplary ways to diversify packaging techniques while maintaining a high standard of eco-friendliness. Happy … Read more Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging for 2016

Jewelry Packaging Design

Pretty jewelry is a dime a dozen these days. It is easy to find unique, artistic pieces thanks to websites like Etsy, Amazon, and Pinterest. What is not so simple to find are interesting and enticing jewelry packaging design. Check out these jewelry packaging design ideas to either try at home or seek out from … Read more Jewelry Packaging Design

Popsicle Packaging

Let your dessert match the weather as the cold winter begins to set in. The following popsicle packaging and design ideas are colorful, creative, and innovative… a far cry from the standard grocery store packaging you so frequently see. Take a look at these bright ideas to cure the brain freeze that Mother Nature – … Read more Popsicle Packaging

Innovative Perfume Packaging

Arguablely, Chanel No 5 perfume is one of the most famous early perfumes to hit the mass market. Since 1921, the scent has been associated with class and sophistication. The bottle is also an icon in its own right: the strong square shape with a rectangular cap can immediately be identified. These days, however, the … Read more Innovative Perfume Packaging

“The Paper Skin”: Minimal and Sleek Technology Packaging

When a company admits their product is boring, you know it’s bad… unless they have creative minds at work. You’ve probably seen sample paper books, at a Kinko’s or a local shop, all of which follow a similar, straightforward format. But Fedrigoni showcased their packaging paper products in a new format and partnership. Fedrigoni worked with German … Read more “The Paper Skin”: Minimal and Sleek Technology Packaging

Packaging for a Classical Music Collection

Inside this beautiful box designed by Valentin Leonida is the whimsical world on crystal sticks technology. The flowers and the angels paint a picture of classical elegance which resonates very well with the product itself. It’s an absolutely gorgeous adaptation and encapsulation of famous classical musicians bringing them to life. It’s a great gift for … Read more Packaging for a Classical Music Collection

Cream. Milk & Butter- invitingly adorable packaging

Check out these adorable illustrations that were created by Brenda’s Creative Studio for Novosibirsk Dairy Company. It’s mascot, the cow is positioned on each product and it’s blue packaging evokes a warm and inviting feel. The design and form are simple and communicate a friendly brand presence. The beautifully simple packaging also invites the feeling … Read more Cream. Milk & Butter- invitingly adorable packaging