Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

The general mood of consumers regarding ethical purchasing has undergone a dramatic shift over recent years. Gone are the days when flashy, excessive packaging could tempt buyers – today it’s all about utilising minimalist (yet effective) and sustainable choices. Why We Care? It’s not just customers who’re driving this change – governments and business entities … Read more Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

Benefits of Using Biodegradable Compost Bags

Biodegradable Compost Bags

Biodegradable compost bags are made up of natural plant-based materials that naturally decompose when left in nature. When heat, oxygen, and moisture present in the environment come in contact with these biodegradable bags, they lead to the growth of microbes that break down their material easily. The compost that is created after this decomposition is … Read more Benefits of Using Biodegradable Compost Bags

Classy Stand-Up Dress Shirt Packaging Concept

classy dress shirt packaging concept

We have found this really cool concept for classy dress shirt packaging. This concept was brought to us by Jille Natalino and Elizabeth Kelley of Atlanta. Jille describes their “challenge” below. For the short amount of time and high-set goals the team created a fantastic concept. Though she describes the benefits of the design below … Read more Classy Stand-Up Dress Shirt Packaging Concept

10 Eco-Friendly Package Designs for Green

In a world increasingly attentive to taking care of the environment, corporate companies are keen to show they are playing their part in preserving the planet and its natural resources implementing some eco-friendly packaging on their products. We have shown you before some companies whom are still not picking up the trend and continue carrying … Read more 10 Eco-Friendly Package Designs for Green

A Guide to Eco-friendly Void-fill

Void fill is the term that describes materials used to fill empty spaces and cushion the goods in a box, protecting them from damage during freight. Since most eCommerce freight is shipped in corrugated cardboard cartons, void-fill is an essential material. If your products are fragile, they will need to be padded with void-fill and … Read more A Guide to Eco-friendly Void-fill

Creative Meat Packaging Campaigns

Whether you are a carnivore or not, we can all appreciate a good design campaign. These meat packaging design campaigns combine creativity with delectability. Awaken your inner carnivore as you scroll through these top meat packaging design ideas. CORELLA Based out of Barcelona, Spain, CORELLA looks to simplify meat packaging while still emphasizing the beauty … Read more Creative Meat Packaging Campaigns

Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

A new trend in packaging puts consumers and the environment first. Consumer products for the home, kitchen and bath have celebrated dispenser designs and its eco-friendly benefits. In efforts to conserve materials and improve buyer’s lives, soaps, cleaning products, foods and even baby bottles can now be dispensed in reusable packaging. Check out these innovative … Read more Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

Unexpected Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Eco friendly packaging design- Kit

Eco friendly packaging design has made an impression on businesses and consumers as a superior packaging trend. Eco friendly packaging designs may reduce the amount of supplies used, come from reusable materials, or be made from renewable sources. While establishing environmentally practices, brands and students look to apply these principles. However, successful eco friendly packaging … Read more Unexpected Eco Friendly Packaging Design

TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

Packaging concepts, from design students and professionals, patiently wait for implementation to become packaging trends. Packaging concepts offer creativity and practicality, but rival companies’ traditions and affordability being the togo burger packaging non an exception. Graphic designers universally toy with green packaging, or environmentally friendly packaging, that offers useful take-out packaging for the food industry. … Read more TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

Saltverk packaging for sustainable salt

With this beautiful packaging designed by Bessermachen DesignStudio in Copenhagen Denmark, ​Saltverk´s Icelandic Flake salt is the world’s only artisan salt produced with 100% geothermal energy, even manufacturing black lava salt. Not only is it deliciously original, it’s wrapped up in some gorgeous packaging making this the most creative choice for foodies looking for excellent … Read more Saltverk packaging for sustainable salt