Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging for 2016

A major theme for 2016 is innovative eco-friendly packaging. With a renewed global focus on our planet’s diminishing resources, companies, both large and small, have started to incorporate innovative eco-friendly packaging techniques into their day-to-day operations. The following packaging ideas are exemplary ways to diversify packaging techniques while maintaining a high standard of eco-friendliness. Happy … Read more Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging for 2016

Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

A new trend in packaging puts consumers and the environment first. Consumer products for the home, kitchen and bath have celebrated dispenser designs and its eco-friendly benefits. In efforts to conserve materials and improve buyer’s lives, soaps, cleaning products, foods and even baby bottles can now be dispensed in reusable packaging. Check out these innovative … Read more Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

RE_STORE: Eco-Friendly Packaging

As the general public becomes more aware of its limited resources, so too does the packaging industry. Instead of simply cutting back on resource use, many companies are looking for creative and enticing ways to make eco-friendly packaging. One of these ideas is RE_STORE. RE_STORE is a concept that was designed in 2014 as a … Read more RE_STORE: Eco-Friendly Packaging

TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

Packaging concepts, from design students and professionals, patiently wait for implementation to become packaging trends. Packaging concepts offer creativity and practicality, but rival companies’ traditions and affordability being the togo burger packaging non an exception. Graphic designers universally toy with green packaging, or environmentally friendly packaging, that offers useful take-out packaging for the food industry. … Read more TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

PET Material Transforms to Crystal

Bulgarian bottled water company Devin introduced a redesigned product with the 2014 Crystal Line for mineral, carbonated and spring water. Devin partnered with P.E.T. Engineering to produce a design that appeals to the hotel, restaurant, cafe industries while honoring the environment. The Italian design gives the bottle a luxurious look despite the low-cost medium. The … Read more PET Material Transforms to Crystal

Innovative Egg Packaging

Egg packaging sits within a few common rules – they’re made out of cardboard, they come in dozens and there’s a bit of extra padding in there to avoid the unbearable egg breakage – especially when you specifically bought 12 for something. Otilia Erdelyi redesigned the traditional packaging medium for eggs saying that her goal … Read more Innovative Egg Packaging

Exciting Opportunity: Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

1 Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

Stora Enso has announced their Recreate Packaging Contest for 2014. The contest is to “Recreate Travel Packaging.” Earlier we had written about 2012’s fabulous winner under the title Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men. The contest provides students and professionals with the perfect opportunity to showcase their forward thinking and to dive into the … Read more Exciting Opportunity: Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest