Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

The general mood of consumers regarding ethical purchasing has undergone a dramatic shift over recent years. Gone are the days when flashy, excessive packaging could tempt buyers – today it’s all about utilising minimalist (yet effective) and sustainable choices. Why We Care? It’s not just customers who’re driving this change – governments and business entities … Read more Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging

Biodegradable Planters and Bowls with AgriDust

Green packaging requires both science and innovation to offer consumers sustainable alternatives to disposable products. Freelance product designer Marina Ceccolini created flower pots, cartons and bowls with her new material called AgriDust. Ceccolini chose six select wastes to recycle: coffee grounds, peanut shells, husk tomatoes, bean pods, orange and lemon waste. This waste accounts for an … Read more Biodegradable Planters and Bowls with AgriDust