10 Creative Plant Packaging Ideas

plant packaging plant with acrylic painting

Giving a loved one flowers or a potted plant is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts out there – everyone loves to give them just as much they like to receive them. While picking up a growing beauty, a bunch of flowers or potted plant can seem pretty much effortless – a unique presentation … Read more 10 Creative Plant Packaging Ideas

Things every human needs but has never thought to make..

5 Useful Things That People Never Thought to Make It is a fact that necessity is the mother of invention. This is the reason that many amazing inventions have been introduced in the market. However, we are not ready to understand their importance in our lives. Apart from that, many people have amazing ideas in … Read more Things every human needs but has never thought to make..

Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas

wedding favor packaging carriage gift box

Wedding favors are a small token you can give as a couple to appreciate your wedding guests for sharing in your special day. According to tradition, guests would receive a small box or bag containing five sugared almonds signifying Wealth, Health, Happiness, Fertility, and Long Life. But, these days, wedding favors can be anything specifically … Read more Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas

Innovative Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Innovative Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Sunglasses packaging, when done creatively and correctly, is ultimately what sells your product. It attracts, calls for attention, sends a message, and makes appeals to consumers in a certain way. Sleek, fancy, and expensive looking sunglasses package will attract anyone! Whether your intention is to package sunglasses as a gift for loved ones or you … Read more Innovative Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

An office space should not stifle creativity, but encourage it. Office decor can say a lot about a person, whether that they are detail-oriented or free spirited, reserved or daring, classic or unique. So finding office decor for people that work in creative can be a chore. Creatives can have distinct style so typical office … Read more Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

Rocky Road Bakery Designs

Rocky Road Bakery The Viking’s new business plan by Kael Little Plundering and pillaging can be hard work, so the Vikings decided to take another route to financial freedom: Rocky Road Bakery. The cupcakes showcase three of the vikings and explain the full story behind Rocky Road Bakery and how it began. Rocky Road Bakery recently won … Read more Rocky Road Bakery Designs

Top 5 Tea Bag Packaging

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. There’s something about teabags that manages to continuously inspire designers to come up with new ways to package an old favorite. From teabags that evolve in to paper cranes to teabags representing people, there seems to be an endless number of creative teabag designs out there. Here is a list … Read more Top 5 Tea Bag Packaging