Creative Valentine’s Day Packaging

Valentine’s Day, you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of whether or not you have a partner to spend it with, everyone can appreciate some of the cute Valentine’s Day packaging that goes along with the holiday. Everything from chocolate to makeup gets a design for this special day of the year. Here … Read more Creative Valentine’s Day Packaging

5 Tips To Create A Great Custom Box Design

Create A Custom Box Design

One of the most critical elements of marketing is the product package design. Having a captivating packaging design must involve a psychological connection. Keep in mind that a custom box design is a way that consumers identify the product. A product package design should provide what the customer wants. It is vital to avoid packaging … Read more 5 Tips To Create A Great Custom Box Design

Classy Stand-Up Dress Shirt Packaging Concept

classy dress shirt packaging concept

We have found this really cool concept for classy dress shirt packaging. This concept was brought to us by Jille Natalino and Elizabeth Kelley of Atlanta. Jille describes their “challenge” below. For the short amount of time and high-set goals the team created a fantastic concept. Though she describes the benefits of the design below … Read more Classy Stand-Up Dress Shirt Packaging Concept

Funny Packaging that Defines Creativity

Packaging can help to set the tone for a product. While some products prefer to sleek, modern, and serious, other products take on the role of being playful, creative, and inviting to a broad audience. These funny packaging designs define creativity through their personifications of the product through packaging, bright colors, and lighthearted marketing campaigns. … Read more Funny Packaging that Defines Creativity

Floral Packaging

There is a certain elegance, grace, and attractiveness associated with floral packaging. The fact that floral packaging can be used for so many different industries only further proves that it is a consumer favorite. From brightly colored flowers to more sophisticated and subtle designs, these floral packaging designs are a treat for the eye of … Read more Floral Packaging

Flower Packaging Boxes

Flowers make a great gift and decoration for the home or office. From the bright colors to the delightful scents, flowers are nature’s gift to us. The flower packaging boxes associated with these bright bouquets is just as important as the beautiful flowers inside. Flower packaging boxes should reflect the earthy, natural beauty associated with … Read more Flower Packaging Boxes

Creative Water Bottle Packaging

Water. The most thirst-quenching drink in the world. Nothing beats an ice cold bottle of water, especially when the water bottle packaging adds to the experience. These water bottle packaging designs seek to elevate your experience while drinking up Mother Nature’s finest offering, pleasing the eyes as much as the water works to replenish your … Read more Creative Water Bottle Packaging

Biscuit Packaging Ideas

We all love a good tasting biscuit. From its buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth textures to the sweet and sugary flavors, biscuits have been a fan favorite for generations. Like with most foods, packaging is just as important as the delectable themselves. These creative minds have put together some of the best biscuit packaging ideas to help … Read more Biscuit Packaging Ideas

Popsicle Packaging

Let your dessert match the weather as the cold winter begins to set in. The following popsicle packaging and design ideas are colorful, creative, and innovative… a far cry from the standard grocery store packaging you so frequently see. Take a look at these bright ideas to cure the brain freeze that Mother Nature – … Read more Popsicle Packaging