Sugarfina Candy Packaging

We all need a little bit of sweetness in our lives. How we get it though, is left to the candy industry. This candy company is looking to change the way you view sweet treats with its amazing flavors, designs, and marketing campaigns. Check out Sugarfina candy packaging and elevate your sweet tooth the next … Read more Sugarfina Candy Packaging

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Packaging Ideas

Everyone knows that the most important part of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate, and even more so, the way in which you present chocolate to that special person. Going above and beyond on a day like Valentine’s Day never goes unnoticed. Instead of relying on the same old cardboard, store bought packages from your local … Read more Valentine’s Day Chocolate Packaging Ideas

Popsicle Packaging

Let your dessert match the weather as the cold winter begins to set in. The following popsicle packaging and design ideas are colorful, creative, and innovative… a far cry from the standard grocery store packaging you so frequently see. Take a look at these bright ideas to cure the brain freeze that Mother Nature – … Read more Popsicle Packaging

The Spookiest Halloween Packaging

Candy is a staple for Halloween festivities. But as children trick-or-treat door to door, they can often expect their favorite treats to look the same, only smaller (unless you have cool neighbors). Rather than offering “fun” sized candy, brands should take the opportunity to reinvent, stretch, and spookify their Halloween packaging. Luckily, the creatives on … Read more The Spookiest Halloween Packaging

Stunning Candy and Chocolate Packaging

chocolate packaging

Candy and chocolate packaging add to the sweet experience of unwrapping and enjoying a delicious treat. However, candies and chocolates can be eaten in just about any scenario from snacking at a movie theatre to commemorating an anniversary. In this post, we’ve decided to focus on the decadence of candy and chocolate packaging. Those sweet … Read more Stunning Candy and Chocolate Packaging

Sweet Candy Packaging Design

For packaging enthusiasts, a sweet tooth loves the candy and the wrapping. Forget noisy hard candy wrappers and check out these creative chocolate and candy packaging. Salt Water Taffy A classic boardwalk snack gets a mature makeover in Salty Road’s Salt Water Taffy. The clean boxes with a preppy color scheme captures a pristine beach … Read more Sweet Candy Packaging Design

GU Hypnotik Chocolate Packaging

This project was created as a concept project. The designer works with the idea of optical illusion, through the use of geometric patterns, bold graphics and bright colors creating attractive packaging. The project, though conceptual is an idea for a product line for the British chocolate company GU. Disclaimer: this is a project done for … Read more GU Hypnotik Chocolate Packaging

HNINA’s Sustainable Vegan Chocolate Packaging

A gourmet line of vegan chocolates has been launched by HNINA, the packaging is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper produced with wind energy. According to an interview with Packaging Digest, HNINA strive to use ingredients grown in biodiversity and attempt to procure as much locally produced products as possible. They are dedicated … Read more HNINA’s Sustainable Vegan Chocolate Packaging

Bloom Everlasting Chocolate: Biodegradable Plant-growing Packaging!

UK Designer, Connor Davey, showcased a beautiful design for chocolates. It is such a fun and unique take on eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, with a beautiful oomph! He describes Bloom Everlasting Chocolates: Bloom everlasting chocolate, the tasty gift that keeps on giving. Seed-infused chocolate packaging that can be planted to grow the ingredient of the former … Read more Bloom Everlasting Chocolate: Biodegradable Plant-growing Packaging!