“Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

Greiner, was awarded the “Staatspreis Smart Packaging” (National Award for Smart Packaging) back in 2018 for their innovative idea of the “fresh-clip” which allows you to reseal any carton box after it has been opened. The Austrian packaging innovation company received the award from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in cooperation with … Read more “Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

Flower Packaging Boxes

Flowers make a great gift and decoration for the home or office. From the bright colors to the delightful scents, flowers are nature’s gift to us. The flower packaging boxes associated with these bright bouquets is just as important as the beautiful flowers inside. Flower packaging boxes should reflect the earthy, natural beauty associated with … Read more Flower Packaging Boxes

Vintage Packaging

Check out some examples of Vintage packaging after the jump. Documentarian photographer Christian Montone has a stellar collection of a variety of vintage packaging, from crayon boxes and beverages to game packaging. It’s easy to get lost in your own nostalgia whilst browsing through his Flickr sets. -via designworklife

Reducing Packaging Costs in Ecommerce Era

Bubble Wrap

It’s no secret that online retailers are gaining serious market share of U.S. consumer spending across the majority of major U.S. industries. Yesterday, Best Buy announced that their revenue decreased over 90% from one year ago (I certainly do not attribute this huge decrease to slowed consumer spending…)   But how can a “big box” store … Read more Reducing Packaging Costs in Ecommerce Era