“Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

Greiner, was awarded the “Staatspreis Smart Packaging” (National Award for Smart Packaging) back in 2018 for their innovative idea of the “fresh-clip” which allows you to reseal any carton box after it has been opened. The Austrian packaging innovation company received the award from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in cooperation with … Read more “Fresh Clip” For Carton Boxes

10 Out of the Box Thinking Packaging Designs

We all love receiving boxes. Here are some fresh and creative out of the box packaging designs that would definitely catch your eyes. In today’s world, with “exclusive FMCG products” popping up in every nook and corner of the city, it is imperative for brands to attack a whole new perspective. Thus, entered the experience … Read more 10 Out of the Box Thinking Packaging Designs

Healthy Chocolate + Awesome Packaging

Do we have your attention? If you’re anything like this humble TPI reporter, we had you at chocolate. But rest assured, the packaging is something pretty special too. I mean, it’s got an amazing color palette, natural cardboard boxes with awesome typography, plus the guiltless pleasure that comes along with this organic (a.k.a. healthy) chocolate … Read more Healthy Chocolate + Awesome Packaging

Like Box vs. Like Button

Like = Tip now. There are our views on the Like Box vs. Like Button Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s “little” idea – which by no means defines his invention (controversy aside) that has revolutionized  the communications era: how we stay-in touch, stay informed, stay connected to everything and everyone, it now also means how we … Read more Like Box vs. Like Button