Sustainable Natural Delivery Food Packaging


By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Here is a neat little eco-friendly package we found on The Dieline. The package was designed by Grupo imasD S.A.S, Antioquia, Colombia f0r the Natural Delivery Co. The Dieline writes of the design,

An integral packaging design is developed for Natural Delivery, a delivery service of healthy food. The unique structure of the folding box integrates an optimal and safe transport. To limit waste, time and increase ease of use and personal experience, the structure can also be doubled as a plate and a placemat. The materials chosen are low in environmental impact. The box is recyblable, printed with water soluble ink. The plates and cutlery are biodegradable.Each plate has individual portion section deviding each food component, preventing them from running into each other.

Though I can’t test it out for myself it seems that Grupo imasD S.A.S. covered all its the bases. Food to go, when it isn’t pizza, can be tricky! In addition to the potential mess, most to-go containers are huge, bulky, and a complete waste of plastic/aluminum/paper etc. Not to mention they take up near 75% of whatever size trash can they are tossed into.

What I like mostly about this packaging is all the eco-initiatives the designers took! More packages should be designed with that much consideration for the environment!


Eco-friendly_delivery_food_packagingsustainable_delivery_food_packaging naturaldelivery_eco-friendly_packaging