What is the Perfect Packaging for Your eCommerce Business

best ecommerce packaging

In the world of shipping, packaging products is a fine art. Mastering this aspect of your company is an ever-evolving pursuit, thanks in part to the relentless march of technological innovation, shifting customer expectations, and of course, the concept of branding. 

The best packaging does far more than simply hold the products in place; it tells a story, represents a brand, and emanates quality from every angle. 

It can be expensive and time-consuming to find the right packaging, however, so it is worth thinking about how what your business stands for and what you want to achieve the packaging design. 

The Aesthetic

While the standard corrugated cardboard box is a classic, gets the job done, and is entirely recyclable, it tends to look somewhat cheap without any bells and whistles attached. 

In fact, it is so common that sending your products in one might not do your brand any favors in terms of individuality, even if the product itself is totally unique

In this regard, the aesthetic is vitally important to your customer’s perception of your company. Even if you simply print them a message on the box, anything you can do to stand out can make all the difference. 

How it Travels

Depending on the nature of your product, you might need to develop a custom packaging solution. This could happen if the product is an unusual shape or made out of a fragile material.

ecommerce packaging

This is worth bearing in mind when it comes to the prospect of actually shipping the product. For example, if your customer lives in another country, you will likely want to package your product using sturdier materials. 

If you were worried about your product in transit, you could always specify your transportation needs on a load board, as this is a great way to find a courier service that fits your needs perfectly. Shiply provides a great load board at https://www.shiply.com/us/load-board for a good example of what to expect. 

The Importance of a Personal Touch

In today’s digital landscape of one-click purchases and online activity, the importance of a personal touch should be considered by any business selling products.

Although online shopping is wonderfully convenient, the experience of being inside an actual shop is lacking, so in many ways, great packaging can capture this physical feeling. 

Well-made packaging can make the product feel more authentic; just think about Apple, Sony, Mighty Nuts, or even Coca-Cola with their name campaign

Not every company can afford to pull off a feat like this, but a great alternative might be to go back to basics and write your customer a thank you note.

ecommerce bussines packaging

Offer Bespoke Options

In an effort to give some agency back to the customer, you could always consider offering them the option to customize their packaging. 

In doing so, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the customer has chosen a design that truly fits them best, which could be the perfect option. 

You do not have to go too far out of your way to offer a huge range of variety, but as long as the option is there, you can increase the level of engagement between your brand and your customers, all through the joys of packaging.