Impressive Sandwich Packaging Ideas

BVD sandwich packaging

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a satisfying sandwich. From the artisan bread to the delectable deli meat, sandwiches are one of the tastiest meals you can treat yourself to for lunch or for dinner. These impressive sandwich packaging ideas will elevate a traditional sandwich to a whole new level.

We believe if you are packaging any kind of food, even a “simple” sandwich, it should be eye catching and fit exactly to it. As we always say in this blog, a good packaging design will make your costumers remember you. So regardless if you are a big company or a small local catering business, looking into how to improve your sandwich packaging should be one of the first goals for your brand and if you don’t know exactly where or how to do it, there is always design agencies who will guide you in the right direction.

In the meantime you can check out this brands who have done a great job with their sandwich packaging.

M&S’s sandwich packaging

M&S’s is one of the biggest food retailers in the UK which has being known for the great quality of their products and also for keeping a high standard on their production with sustainable processes and packaging’s committing themselves to have a zero waste to landfill in all their operations.  Following their values, they came up with this really cool sandwich box design in their packaging.

M&S sandwich packaging

BCP Packaging

Created by Huhtamaki BCP Ltd., these sandwich packaging ideas are designed to allow consumers to take a hot or cold sandwich on the go without risking damage to the flavors of the sandwich. For hot sandwiches, fluted, insulated cardboard packaging helps to trap heat, preserving the sandwich. The cardboard is even microwave safe! Cold sandwiches are packaged in flexible cardboard without flutes. The packaging features tear strips to open the package easily and also allow the consumer to eat right from the packaging. The large open space of cardboard also allows the packages to be easily branded.

sandwich packaging desing

Quadrante Design

Brazilian design agency, Quadrante Design, featured these kid-friendly sandwich packaging ideas as part of a design competition. The boxes are triangular so that a sandwich cut diagonally can be packaged with its halves pressed together. The cardboard box features monster teeth and hands with the clear window being the monster’s mouth. These fun sandwich packaging ideas can encourage kids to eat a healthy sandwich for lunch while enjoying the creative packaging!

sandwich packaging ideas


BVD, a European design company, was granted the opportunity to help rebrand 7-Eleven’s sandwich packaging ideas a few years ago. In an effort to maintain the clean yet enticing packaging designs that are signature of BVD, BD designed these simple and minimalistic sandwich packaging ideas for 7-Eleven. The company aimed to use the text as the main feature of the otherwise neutrally colored sandwich packaging ideas. The different colored, clean wording allows consumers to quickly understand what kind of sandwich it is and not waste their time decoding any cluttering packaging.

BVD sandwich packaging

Carfaro and Fanecco

Created by designers Alberto Carlo Carfaro and Giorgio Fanecco, these sandwich packaging ideas play off of using a foldable sheet of cardboard to give consumers a simple, hand-held sandwich packaging tool. Using a single sheet of cardboard (which can be made of recycled material as well as recycled itself), the interior of these sandwich packaging ideas shows consumers exactly what is on the sandwich and on what layer. Likewise, the folding flaps of the cardboard packaging give consumers an easy, mess-free way to eat their sandwiches on the go!

sandwich packaging ideas

Sandwiches are a crowd pleaser no matter what time of the year it is. Hot, cold, toasted, or reheated, we all have a favorite combo artfully packed between two comforting slices of grain.

If you want to see more impressive sandwich packaging designs you can check our the gallery we made specially for them. Do you have favorite sandwich packaging ideas?