6 Important Factors for Food Packaging Design

Factors for Food Packaging

When we order anything or when we enter into any food store, the one thing which catches our eye-sight the most is packaging design. If food packaging design is just an unattractive mess, the wrong packaging makes a meal less appetizing.

Food is all about what your eye sees, feel and overall emotion. The mouth-watering and appetizing illustrations, photo-shoots are something which can directly influence your purchasing decisions.

It only does the role of protecting food from outside contamination but also ensures that the meal arrives with minimum physical touch and at the right temperature.

Branding and packaging agency plays an important role to create attractive packaging design with correct branding, which further motivates the customer to make impulsive choices and increase brand recall level.

Your brand is essential; hence make sure when it is built all elements taken as are as per the personality and type of product your industry is into. Food is a very vast industry, so make sure below a few points which act as an asset for your food packaging design are made correctly.

Eco-friendly Icon

In food and beverage industry is a market very much driven by trends and customer demand. Looking at present conditions where people prefer to order their food online, and they care about sustainability and the environment.

Around 66% of all people are happy to pay more for products from brands which are committed to the environment, half of which is willing to pay a premium for food sustainable packaging.

Hence the eco-friendly icon on food packaging design brings a lot of goodwill to brand as well as societal benefit.

Important Factors for Food Packaging Design


When we discuss graphics and food packaging design where the images should deliver into reality and breath a life. Illustrations should associate with the function of the product to attract attention, explain concepts, and inform the appearance.

The photos make the food enticing and look appetizing, which will allow consumers to understand which can be created with different techniques easily. Hence the feel and looks should resemble the real thing with standing out.

The different types of images on the packaging can be interpreted in a wide range, and graphic design should correlate with the brand story and the message of product that appears on the packaging.

Food Packaging Design
Factors for Food Packaging

Attractive Fonts

As per the brand personality and target audience of food the font should also flow in that manner, these days lot of modern and urban font styles are preferred over boring and dull types.

The font itself should be enough to communicate your brand story with the audience; the correct font type is mandatory to give a feel and emotion of that particular food.

Text oriented logo are also famous in case of the food industry if you see renowned food chains such as Mac Donalds, KFC, Subway are all creatively talking to you from ages now.

Factors for Food Packaging
Important Factors for Food Packaging Design

Cocoa and Chocolate Badges

Even if it is a folding carton box for chocolate, desserts or any traditional these line drawn badges are perfect for starting point for a unique pattern to gain competitive advantage.

The advantage of cocoa and chocolate badge will help to communicate the unique and beautiful quality ingredient in it with its percentage details, along with a unique icon which represents chocolate made in nuts or pure cocoa.

Ingredient details will also warn people who are allergic to such products with clear communication.

Important Factors for Food Packaging


Finally, the colour deals with emotional responses and sometimes depends on the background experiences of consumers.

For example, in the case of food majorly seen colours are red and yellow because red is known majorly as appetite colour.

The shades such as gold and purple are a technique to lure the consumer into believing that this is royal. Culturally also the meaning of colours have different values attached to them too.

Black represents luxury, while white talks about purity; orange is all about fun, and the green represents itself as sustainable.

Food Packaging
Factors for Food Packaging


The shape is a significant factor of packaging which impact on consumer behaviour. The data suggests it is the ease of use is a factor in purchasing habits. If you have a package that is difficult to open, then it spoils the overall experience with food.

But if you find a packaging material and design that allows for an easy-open seal with zip locks will be appealing to a consumer than a package that cannot be easily re-closed. It’s essential to keep product security in mind as well when designing the shape of your package.

Angular lines and square speak to power for a masculine product while round and curved shapes speak to gentleness for a feminine product.

Factors for Packaging Design
Food Packaging


The role of packaging design is not just restricted to above information they are few from many, which plays an essential role. Food is a beautiful thing, and we all are excited when we order or purchase food, so make sure it’s at best. It is the first point of communication between audience and brand so give the latest impression.

Stay updated with the latest trends in the food packaging industry, which is highly influenced by the need for convenient, intelligent, smart, and sustainable solutions. It is time to adopt new trends and updates for your brands and gain competitive advantage.

Contact Branding Agency in Delhi today we will help your food packaging design stand out which will improve your sales and revenues.