Top 10 Ideas of Custom Box and Containers for Packaging Business

Ideas of Custom Box and Containers for Packaging Business

Gone were the days when containers and boxes were just used to keep the product inside safe. Over the years the boxes and containers are being customized with custom box and cardboard design software and have become a storyboard where brands use it to communicate their messages, vision and other such integral information. Apart from that, the boxes are also used as Brand identity and recognition collaterals.

There also are trends in the market where your container design and your box material determine your vision as an organization. For instance, in a recent survey, it was found that 67% of customers are influenced by the packaging of a product and that they choose a product based on the materials that the brand has used to pack the product. (Source)

One other trend that makes it essential to have a unique and custom packaging design is the influencer trend of unboxing things. With social media being an integral part of your customers, having a unique box packaging that they can talk about on social media has become an essential part of brand positioning. So, now that you know how integral the design of the boxes and containers is; don’t you want unique ideas that you can use to make the best out of your product box?

Before going into top 10 ideas, check how top custom packaging companies observing multiple growths in the USA and find out what makes them a top custom packaging supplier. Now, let’s go into a list of 10 ideas that you must consider while designing the custom box and containers for your business. Check how to make this article relevant for all, the ideas are presented with the general notion and are more like guidelines that one can follow while designing their custom boxes.

Top 10 Ideas of Custom Box and Containers Your Packaging Business

1. Never compromise function for style

The most important thing to start with is to understand the function of your box and to make sure that it is not lost in designing your product. The boxes that you design are to protect the product that is inside and that must not be compromised for the sake of style. Because no matter how attractive the box is, if the product delivered inside it is not well protected, the customers are bound to be unsatisfied.

Custom Box Style

2. Make it informative

Whether you wish to put product information or the ways to use the gadget, whether you use it to communicate the brand vision or what you commit as a brand to your customers, include some good information on your packaging design to ensure that it helps you put out your desired message to your customers. This simple tactic will help you create a strong brand impact on the minds of your customers. So, when you use the custom box and cardboard design software, create a design space for the information.

3. Box Colour ideas

Have you ever noticed why the majority of corporate brands use blue color for their logos? Well, this is no coincidence because it is believed that the color blue creates a sense of security while showing loyalty and professionalism. Thus, it is essential to choose a color that resonates with your brand idea, your message and your brand logo. Make it uniform across all sections but also ensure that it is unique. Because the more unique the color, the easier it is for your customers to identify your brand.

4. Container shape makes a huge difference

Just like color, the shape and design of the product boxes can also be a part of the brand identity. This trend is highly adapted in the cosmetics and food industry where boxes are designed in a unique shape and that is done for two purposes. One is to highlight their product and the second is to create a unique brand element that plays an integral part in brand recall. But, while designing the box shape also make sure 2 things that the box shape complies with the box design software that you use and the second is that it does not compromise the function of the box.

5. Design Typography is essential

Typography and content layout are an integral part of the box design. The purpose is to put the right words in the right place to ensure that customers do not miss the important information. Also, typography is an essential part of the box appearance so ensure that it compliments your brand and the color of the box that you choose. A tip for good typography is to ensure that you don’t overdo words and font styles. More information confuses the users and using different styles leads to uncomfortable reads.

6. Make optimum space utilization

What good are blank spaces for your brand? Plan your box design effectively and make sure that you use the optimum space in it. To make sure that you can do that, make sure that the online box design tool that you use for designing your product empowers you to define the design areas and have optimum customization capabilities.

7. Minimalism is the best approach

Since all you have is limited space to put it all out, minimalism is the best approach. Make sure that the design elements, design and the copy that you use in the packaging are created using the minimalistic approach and that you use it wittily to create a strong impact on the minds of your customers.

8. Sustainability and reusability purposes

To put it in a statement, people want to reuse that box and your box must fulfill that promise. Also with the rising demand for the sustainable packaging approach, the brands are not only switching to sustainable materials and designs, but they are also encouraging customers to reuse their boxes for climate protection.

9. Consider all the essential elements

When you have custom box design software, you would see that there are a lot of customization options such as images, icons, fonts, clip art, photos and others. Keeping in mind the industry and the product that you are offering to your customers, you must include various other elements in your design as a part of your story and your packaging.

10. Use it for better customer engagement

People are using custom boxes not only for branding but also for selling! For instance, many brands are not integrating QR codes to encourage customers to scan them and better engage with the brand. The QR code can be used to redirect customers towards the web platform or the social media handles to ensure that your customers can engage with your brand and that you can connect with them on all the available channels.

To idea is to think from the branding perspective

Irrespective of the industry that you belong to if you wish to make the best custom box design just make sure that you think of it as brand collateral. Apart from its basic function of protecting the product inside, consider using all the available space, color and shape of the box as a part of your branding message board and design it accordingly.