Funny Packaging that Defines Creativity

Packaging can help to set the tone for a product. While some products prefer to sleek, modern, and serious, other products take on the role of being playful, creative, and inviting to a broad audience. These funny packaging designs define creativity through their personifications of the product through packaging, bright colors, and lighthearted marketing campaigns.

Flavour Safari

Flavour Safari is a design concept for Jungle Food Company ltd., an Irish company that supplies foreign spices and foods imported primarily from Africa. The funny packaging used for the glass spice containers is meant to look like animal skin or fur, with the spices in the jar being the main color component of the skin. Prints of cheetah, zebra, giraffe, and jaguar are all painted either in white or black on the spice bottles, and then filled in thanks to the spices within. This funny packaging will transport you from your kitchen to the safari-lands of Africa.

Bee Sweet, Honey

Bee Sweet, Honey is an original design concept for honey that combines funny packaging and creativity. The cylindrical bottles filled with the golden amber of honey serve as the yellow color of a bee. The bottle itself features a black bottom with black stripes along the middle of the bottle to simulate the black striping of a bumblebee. The top is perhaps the best part of this funny packaging, as the black plastic is capped off with a pointed tip to emulate the stinger of a bee.


Taking a turn away from culinary funny packaging to personal hygiene funny packaging, Brushman is a design concept to make shaving a bit more fun for men. These shaving brushes, used to brush away itchy tidbits of beard left on the skin, are elevated to an innovative level thanks to the images of men on the handles of the brushes. The bristles of the brushes act as “hair” for the portraits of the men featured on the handles of the brushes, giving each man the electrifying look of having his hair stand straight up. The handles show a variety of men, from young to old, bearded to not bearded. This funny packaging brings shaving to a whole new level.

Dog Bites – Dental Stix

This funny packaging epitomizes creativity. Dental sticks for dogs are usually packaged in highly generic packaging with a computer-generated dog on the cover. This design concept uses quirky cartoon dogs as the poster-dogs for this product. The box is meant to serve as the dog’s body, with the top two folds acting as the dogs face and mouth. The face and mouth size change according to which size dogs the dental sticks are made for. The cartoon aspect and innovative use of packaging as simple as a box earns this product a spot on this funny packaging compilation.