Fun Liquor Bottles for the Manly-Man

Cheers Fun liquor bottles

“Drinking liquor is boring,” said no one ever. Calling all bold drinkers, risk takers and “manly men” everywhere! It’s time to experiment in the adult beverage department and expand your horizon when it comes to:

Super macho and fun liquor bottles!


I’m all about ladies first, but this time, let’s talk liquor with the gents. First up, we have none other than the admired rum brand, Captain Morgan. The brand has introduced a new product entitled Cannon Blast. Might I say that the masculine, dark, and cannonball shaped bottle certainly fits the name. This bottle is a great addition to any poker night, bro-trip, or bachelor party adventure. Captain Morgan describes the taste as “intensely delicious,” with a sweet citrus taste, followed by a warming, but not overwhelming sensation to finish. Although the design makes the bottle perfect for pouring shots, do you dare to drink out of a cannon ball?

Fun liquor bottles CannonBlast1-compressor


Anyone a fan of less is more? I certainly am. Take a look at this thin, simple, and classy Milagro Tequila bottle, Único II. The name sounds quite similar to the word “unique,” and it’s fitting.Anyway, contained in this sleek physique of a bottle is a combination of Milagro’s un-aged silver tequila, rare barrel-aged reposado and añejo reserves. This fun liquor bottle has even won an award, The Único II was given a double gold in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Cheers to that, stay classy my friends.

Fun liquor bottles milagro-unico-tequila-compressor



The names bottle…liquor bottle. Not funny I know, but really, do you have what it takes to drink the official champagne of James Bond? Bollinger Champagne, makers of 007 certainly think so. Check out this James Bond inspired champagne bottle, which makers say is, “ a great champagne whose elegance is reminiscent of the famous secret agent.” I do not believe you inherit any James Bond-like skills by drinking it, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Do not attempt to repeat any stunts please! Hey ladies out there, if your like me, and have a man in your life who has a bit of an obsession with 007 himself, this unique champagne bottle would make an excellent gift.

Fun liquor bottles bollinger-spectre-007-limited-edition-2009-compressor




Because I feel that it goes along with our underlying macho-man theme, I will leave you with one last unique bottle design that I am sure will leave you on the edge of your seat. Winner of the 2013 World Whiskies Design Awards we have, The Glenrothes Single Cask 1970, an eye catching, hand grenade shaped inspired bottle. The unique egg-like shape and general simplicity gives the bottle a refined classical look that shines. This bottle is sure to impress a crowd, if they are willing to touch it that is.

Fun liquor bottles Glenrothes-Extraordinary-Cask-thumb-1024x734-47505-compressor


So, there you have it, four liquor bottles that are sure to spice up your liquor cabinet, and to that, we raise a glass!


Have you purchased any of these fun liquor bottles, do they taste as good as the bottle looks? Comment below!