Downsizing From a House to an Apartment

moving house to apartment

Sometimes the disadvantages of living in a house outweigh the benefits, or you just want a change. Deciding to move into an apartment requires preparation and a significant adjustment. As you tally up the stuff you own, the thought of having less space can overwhelm you. Downsizing from a house to an apartment makes life simpler — but it can be stressful. 

Downsizing is a lifestyle change people make to reduce clutter or save money. Your home may be too big for you with too much space. It makes sense to move into an apartment if you only use a portion of the house. Utility bills go down, and repairs and property maintenance go away when you downsize. Clutter also makes homes inefficient, and you may want to live with less. 

It may seem like downsizing is near impossible, but we’re here to help. Here are some best practices to follow when moving from a house to an apartment.

Measure Your Apartment

It goes without saying, but an apartment will obviously be much smaller than a house. Plan ahead by looking at new places to rent that meet your needs. Decide how many bedrooms you want and see if any amenities are offered.

It’s important to look at layouts and measure out the apartments you’re considering. You need to get an idea of the interior of the living space to see if it’s right for you. If you have any questions, reach out to the property manager.

Failing to measure your apartment can lead to difficulties moving in large furniture. Roughly design the interior of your new space by printing out the layout. You can create a plan so you’ll know what to move and where to put it.

Make sure the apartment size fits your lifestyle before you sign a lease. Not only do the number of rooms matter, but you need to be mindful of other necessities. For example, a nearby parking spot and convenient trash pickup make life easier.

Part With Old Clothes and Furniture

packing clothes

You can start decluttering your house to save on space, so you’re ready to downsize. Start with getting rid of all items you don’t need or use. The move into your new apartment will become much easier and less stressful.

 Sell or donate any clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year. Don’t forget to part with old accessories you no longer use. Belts, backpacks, handbags, or luggage take up space, which you won’t have in your apartment.

Any furniture that isn’t a family heirloom can be sold or donated as well. Any oversized items you rarely use that are over two years old can go. Some non-profits will pick up pieces of large furniture at no charge. You can also sell on a local online marketplace where buyers can pick up the items.

Buy New Furniture

After selling your old furniture, you can use the money to buy brand new pieces. You’ll also have extra cash from the sale of your home. You can use these funds to start fresh and furnish your apartment.

Make sure that you don’t go overboard on buying new furniture because you’ll be limited on space. Make a list of only what you need in the apartment, and don’t go on a spending spree. You’ll feel uncomfortable and cramped up if you buy too much. According to these Plano movers, you should hire a moving company if you need help with your furniture.

Stick to purchasing smaller furniture to maximize the space in the apartment. Take the measurements of the rooms with you when shopping. A piece of furniture may look small, but be a few inches too long.

Find a Storage Solution

storage unit

Storage is limited in apartment buildings, so you’ll need to get creative. Come up with solutions to organize your essential belongings. When you shop for furniture, see if any items offer storage. Coffee table ottomans and benches can give you extra space to tuck stuff away. 

Purchase storage containers and other items to utilize in the apartment. You can easily find closet organizers, hangers, hooks, and under-the-bed totes online. Make sure that you only store necessities and label them if they aren’t transparent.

If containers aren’t enough after moving, look into hiring a storage company. You can rent out a local unit that is easy to access. Check to make sure the company has security measures to keep your belongings safe. Your apartment building may offer storage solutions as well. 

Enjoy Your New Lifestyle

Downsizing from a house to an apartment may start out frustrating, but it pays off in the end. The burden of not being a homeowner will be lifted. You’ll spend less money on utilities and won’t have to pay property taxes. The longer you live in a house, the more things you need to replace over time. You won’t have to use emergency funds to buy a new appliance in an apartment. Another financial benefit of downsizing is that renter’s insurance costs less than homeowners.

You save not only money but also time living in a smaller space. There are fewer rooms to keep clean in an apartment. Also, you don’t have to worry about yard work, which can be very tedious. You’ll quickly grow to enjoy your new lifestyle and embrace having less. You also get a sense of relief from bearing the responsibility of homeownership. With more time and money, you can participate in activities you love. A humble new beginning will give you a sense of appreciation for what matters in life.