10 Creative Plant Packaging Ideas

plant packaging plant with acrylic painting

Giving a loved one flowers or a potted plant is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts out there – everyone loves to give them just as much they like to receive them. While picking up a growing beauty, a bunch of flowers or potted plant can seem pretty much effortless – a unique presentation is a simple way to add some meaning, style and personal touch to it.

Therefore, if picking up a potted plant or flower is on your gift gifting list this weekend, you don’t have to settle for that regular cellophane, boring brown paper bags or plain-looking plastic pots and if you’re a florist or horticulturist, packaging, when done creatively and correctly, is ultimately what sells your goods – instead take a quick peek at these ten creative and quick ways to wrap up your plant gifts in a way that will add more class to those beauties & make it look worth a thousand bucks.

Find below beautiful creative and inspirational designs for packing your potted plants, garden plants, freshly cut flowers, and boxed flowers:


Asides being inexpensive, Burlap is very easy to work with and makes great potted plant covers. Also know as Hessian is a fabric made from the jute plans or sisal fibres and it’s used to make a lot of different products like nets, ropes and in this case packaging. This handy fabric can be personalized to practically fit any style by adding a fabric bow, tied ribbon or lace. The threads can easily be slightly pulled to create loopholes or ruffles to gather the fabric beautifully round about the pots.
Plant Packaging Idead Burlap Plant Cover with Ribbon

Scrapbooking Paper

Another creative way to wrap plants is by embellishing it using folded squares of decorative scrapbooking paper. It’s pretty easy to find since it is used for card making and similar products and can be found on almost any supply store with an paper aisle.

Plant packaging folded squares or scrapbook paper

Hand-drawn Artworks

Artwork make the best plant wraps ever! And even better if you hand-draw it yourself. You can also get your kid to help – they’re always eager to help anyways! Get your little one to help make hand-drawn artwork. Wrap this around your plants before gifting it out preferably to family members or teachers. It gives the sweetest feeling ever.

Pattern Tea Towels

Hey, have you even thought of wrapping your cute little flower pots with pattern tea towels or scrap printed fabric yet? Try this out and finish up this idea by tying it with a twine.

plant packaging - scrapbook print plant cover


How about socks? Yes – cute colorful socks can make a great plant packaging! Being stretchy makes them perfect pot covers that can cover up a flower pot in a snap. The bold bright colors and fun patterns make it all more alluring. Also, we know everyone is always losing socks every time you do laundry so what better way use that lonely sock.

plant packaging sock plant cover

Plain Brown Bags

Put the plain brown bags from the groceries to good use by turning them into cute paper bag flower basket. It simply requires a couple of snips with a pair of scissors to get the transformation you require. Since a lot of stores are being more conscious about not using plastic you probably will have a few of this brown bags laying around your house.

plant packaging idea - paper bag plant cover

Party Crepe Paper

A roll of party crepe paper can be found for as cheap as $1 and can be beautifully transformed into beautiful plant wraps by simply adding some paint.

plant packaging party crepe paper cover

Unused clothes accessories

Make use of clothing accessories to dress up your potted plants. A decorative belt or beautiful scarf can instantly add some style and color to an inexpensive plastic planter or terra cotta. It can even double as two gifts in one!

plant packaging plant with scarf

Clay Ornaments

Clay Plant Ornaments can also be easily utilized to beautify the package of any plant. This can be achieved by making mini figurines or pennant banner plant accessories customized with personalized greetings. An inexpensive box of oven baked clay costs less than $5 and will go a very long way.
plant packaging plant mushroom ornaments

Acrylic Paints

If you’re gifting a fresh bouquet, you can make a personalized painted wrap using acrylic paints on craft paper. Again, nothing is better than something  made by you specially when it’s a gift.

plant packaging ideas bouquet wrap acrylic painting