How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience [Infographic]

As of June 2018, there were 79.9 million search results on YouTube for “Unboxing” i.e. videos featuring the process of opening up a new product. The popularity of unboxing videos tells us that the box in which product arrives is just as much a part of the overall customer experience as the product itself. Branded … Read more How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience [Infographic]

Perfect Real-World Packaging: Absolut Vodka


Though all of the packages we discuss here are amazing, most are only proposals. And proposals aren’t bound by the restraints and realities of the real-world like cost, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Thus we decided to take a break from fantasy to discuss an awesome package that we’ve been able to see with our very own … Read more Perfect Real-World Packaging: Absolut Vodka

Concept: Super Mario Bros “Pixel Collection” for Redbull

Super Mario Bros is one of the most famous video games (if not the most) ever created. The Mario brand is recognized everywhere in the world so it’s not surprising companies want to have them in their marketing campaigns. Unfortunately for them, Nintendo, or in this case, working together to promote other business is not … Read more Concept: Super Mario Bros “Pixel Collection” for Redbull

100% recycled packaging by The Iconic

The Australian brand The Iconic has launched 100% recycled delivery satchels which will replace their known black packaging. The new white “Iconic” satchels are made from completely recycled plastic material and licensed under the GECA’s (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Products Standard. This new satchels will start being delivered to their customers from 26 May … Read more 100% recycled packaging by The Iconic

Gender Neutral Packaging

The goal of many popular retailers today is to be rid of previously constricting gender stereotyping in the toy, clothing, and food industries. In the past, colors like blue and pink were associated with boys and girls, respectively. Young boys would wear jeans and t-shirts while girls were often put into cute dresses with glittery … Read more Gender Neutral Packaging

Sugarfina Candy Packaging

We all need a little bit of sweetness in our lives. How we get it though, is left to the candy industry. This candy company is looking to change the way you view sweet treats with its amazing flavors, designs, and marketing campaigns. Check out Sugarfina candy packaging and elevate your sweet tooth the next … Read more Sugarfina Candy Packaging

Top 10 Worst Packaging Mistakes

As much as we all love our favorite brands, most of them have made some pretty big packaging faux paus at some point in the brands’ lifetimes. Whether the errors were religious, sexist, or just downright rude, some packaging ideas took things a bit too far. Here, we have compiled the top 10 worst packaging … Read more Top 10 Worst Packaging Mistakes

The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

We can all use a drink now and then, but when you consider your next liquor of choice, think about all that it entails: the flavor, the brand, and the packaging. Because as we all know, cool-looking liquor immediately gives us way more street cred than liquor in plastic bottles. Right? Right. Check out these … Read more The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

Worst Branding Remakes

Advertising is everything for a company. Whether you are in the entertainment market or the non-profit sector, branding and promoting are key components to seeing your organization succeed. While it is important to evolve your brand as times change and company goals change, some companies were unable to transition from their old brands to their … Read more Worst Branding Remakes

All-time Favorite Oktoberfest Packaging

Oktoberfest is one of the best times of the year if you are a beer-lover. Oktoberfest finds its origins in Munich, Germany, where each October, brewers and townspeople come together to eat, drink and be merry. Although Germany still holds the title of the best Oktoberfest beer, these other companies have created some great Oktoberfest … Read more All-time Favorite Oktoberfest Packaging