Brands That Have Increased Their Sales By Making Changes In Packaging

Brands That have Increased Their Sales by Making Changes in Packaging

The FMOT (First Moment Of Truth) on your product is the real game-changer in the realm of business growth and sales. The first few seconds that can either BREAK or MAKE your brand! 

Keeping the importance of FMOT into account, the brands have started thinking out of the box to figure out how they can strike unforgettable impressions on the customers’ minds — to witness crazy falls in the sales funnel and an incredible sizeable audience. 

And guess what they did come up with? — An idea of changing the way they appear on the shelves of the stores and in the hands of the consumers. Which simply means “Changing Product’s Packaging.” 

The perks linked with this change typically revolve around the successful capture of a large market share. After all, a business’s backbone is nothing but a sustainable clientele. But before unveiling why and how the packaging garners customer’s attention, let’s pull the curtain off the brands that made a breakthrough through their dramatic packaging change. 

So without further ado, let’s spill the beans. 

KIND – The King In The Snack Bar Market

What would you consider stepping in? An ancient, broken, pale building or a lavishly designed apartment? You don’t need to tell as we have already read your mind. 

The same goes for the products. If the wrapper is lousy, how would people even think of purchasing it? No matter whether or not your product is delicious, full of nutrients, and healthy, but if it is not going in the hands of the customers, there would be none going in your pocket. 

And KIND understood it and invested a due share of attention in its product packaging. Today, it is known as one of the key players in the snack bar industry due to its uber-attractive packing style. Die Cut Mailer Boxes can also serve as the best packaging options to secure sales and enhance brand recognition. 

How Did the KIND Raise The Bar?

They segregated their packaging into two parts. The first one depicts the brand with its colorful but elementary Logo. The second is the transparent part of the wrapper, giving a sneak peek at the inside product. 

These tactics have helped the brand surpass the others. 

Chobani — The Most Experimental Yogurt Brand 

Chobani has been famous for incorporating functionality and innovation in its packaging style. It has always practiced experimentation when it comes to rebranding itself. And the recent rebranding proved to be the record-breaker that nailed all the previous records. 

Their Flip Cups are rebranding examples that helped the brand reach the summit of success and secure insane sales. If you want to know how to integrate functionality in the packing style, these cups will answer you! 

Impeccable User Experience Is What Helped Them Outshine! 

Their flip cups packaging enables the user to effortlessly pop the toppings onto the curd while still preserving the shape of the cup. Though it’s a quirky little idea, this innovation has helped them become the American yogurt market share leader. 

Oxford Pennant – Offer Deliveries Like Nowhere Else!

Deliveries were never so much fun unless Oxford Pennant offered its delivery services. 

On-time delivery of exactly what you order has always remained a wish of the customers. And seeing your order finally arriving at your doorstep triggers the dopamine release in your brain — obviously, it is not really happening, but, undeniably, witnessing such a situation is like a dream coming true. 

Oxford Pennants, the brand famous for its design and manufacturing of vintage cotton and wool pennants, introduced an orthodox method of package delivery. 

They capitalize on their love for delivery by featuring photos and videos of the customers in the pennants packaging. Not only that, but they also add hand-written notes in the delivery to let their customers feel loved and appreciated. 

What a fantastic way to silently communicate to customers while engraving your brand’s name in their hearts. 

RxBar – From Nowhere To Everywhere! 

This wellness bar brand would never be a part of our list if they didn’t upsurge their sales — as if being sponsored by some Genie! Well, obviously, there was no supernatural power that brought the brand from decline to incline stage; it was their decision to change their packaging style. 

There was a time when the brand was so desperate to boost its sales and increase its partnerships with retailers. But in 2017, when the company overhauled its brand, it became a bit hit with its targeted industry. 

A Change In Wrapper Brought A Change In The Company’s Fate! 

The wrapper that was once noisy is now sharp, clean, and to the point, having the ingredients listed front and center. 

Can you guess how much they made in just a span of three years from 2014 to 2017? —$122 Million. Quite astonishing. Isn’t it? The bottom line of just $6 million crossing $130 million did prove that miracles happen in the same world. 

Where Were They Lacking?

If you are a health-promoting brand, your packaging must entail the same. If the packaging is noisy and unpleasant to the eyes, your business is surely running on some odd path. And this was the same point where the brand was lacking! 

Carlsberg Breweries – Promoter Of Sustainability To The Packaging

In 2018, this brand made highlights in the news by introducing a six-pack packaging that doesn’t use plastic wrapping but glue to stick the cans together. 

According to Carlsberg Breweries, this nifty packaging style helps in reducing multi-pack plastic consumption by up to 76%. 

Expectedly, this idea grabbed a lot of attention and applause from the public. Today, it is considered a pioneer in sustainable beer companies across the globe. 

Coca-Cola – Now And Then Changer Of Packaging 

How can we forget to include this brand in our list? The company that introduces campaign-based packaging every other day. 

Coca-Cola never misses leaving an inspirational message for the customers through its creative branding. The messages that are nostalgic, youthful, and funky! 

Can you recall any famous campaign-based branding of Coca-Cola? Wait, did the campaign “Share a Coke” come to your mind? This is what is called the power of powerful branding. Your familiarity with the brand is a sign of how successful they are in their marketing and branding tactics. 

This company never takes a sigh of relief and is always busy bringing innovation to the ways they market and pack their bottles. Their recent branding tactic is to add song lyrics to their packaging. 

Not to mention, they have gone so far in their branding that they are now in collaboration with Pantone. That helped this brand come up with their own custom color, called “Coke Red.” 

Long story short, suitable product packaging is what helps the brand reach the summit of success. Just as we have already talked about the top brands that witnessed crazy sales due to their packaging changes, we will now explore the importance of the right branding in more detail.                                                                                                                           

Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Products of the same category generally reside on the same shelves. As a customer, a visitor will only pick those products that steal their sight. Undoubtedly, human beings are always inclined towards things that are visually appealing, catchy, and tempting. 

This is where custom boxes come into play. Through effective custom packaging, you can beat your competitors who use stock packaging. 

Makes An Ever-Lasting First Impression 

No one is unfamiliar with the phrase “First Impression Is The Last Impression.” And honestly, the first few seconds of the meetup leave such an impression that doesn’t fade away with time. 

You have only a first few milliseconds to play your card right. To inspire the purchase of your brand, your product must be packaged in a way that mirrors the customers’ preferences and choices. It is necessary to tap the targeted audience’s needs to take them in confidence. And only the right packaging can do this favor for you. 

Packaging that beautifully unveils what’s inside and is not lousy will help the brand create exceptional visibility. 

Protects Your Product 

None of the brands will ever want to deliver its products damaged, broken, or missing. When a customer receives a broken or damaged product, he eventually loses confidence in your brand and never makes another purchase from your brand. 

A dissatisfied customer is not only a subtract of a single count from the customer base; it impacts the total tally. We know what the role word of mouth plays. If a customer receives something out of his expectations, he loves to inform others as well. The end result is nothing but a bad reputation of the company. 

What can come as an ultimate savior is the right packaging tool, i.e., custom boxes. These boxes not only save your product but also the company’s reputation. 


The lousy packaging, crabbed texts, faded images, and vulnerable robustness of the packs — all doom the brand’s existence. If you are a brand and want to leave unforgettable footprints, let your packaging pave the path for customers on which they can walk with confidence — and, eventually, shop your products.