Brands With Creative Watch Packaging

Wrist watch packaging can be powerful, like any product packaging, because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different.

Every year, 95 percent of new products fail. One major factor for this fail rate is that consumers don’t have the time or the energy to weigh advantages or disadvantages of products. They, instead, use product packaging to determine whether they should commit to purchase.

A watch is one of those luxury items, yet a necessity for many people. Consumers of this product might only buy one new watch every few years. This means they’re going to spend more to get a quality product and more than likely to become brand ambassadors.

Watches is one of the easiest and most popular gifts that can be given to men and always welcomed by most woman, and since gifting something starts from picking a perfect packaging it’s really important for watch companies to invest on having a great package to put their products in.

Product packaging (and unboxing) is a customer experience. In an industry that relies on customer satisfaction and influence, wrist watch manufacturers have a unique opportunity to create distinct and memorable packaging.

Below are a few companies that have excelled with their watch packaging designs.


This company refers to their watches as “machines that tell the time” and judging by their packaging we believe this is exactly what you will get, it’s not a simple watch, it’s more than that. Like in their Naval Destroyer series, their packaging for this time machine is on point.

Timemachinist Watch Packaging

The Ish Watch

The Ish Watch by Hyphen shows not only the ingenuity of package design, but the ingenuity of product design matched with the packaging. Here we see a simplistic box design, and printed on the box is the meaning behind the product’s invention.

Ish Watch packaging

The audience instantly connected with the watch and the product design, as it reminded them of the times they had been either the victim or culprit of tardiness.

And here’s a video of the ish watch packaging unboxing:


The large Spanish watch group Festina has recently started putting water-filled clear plastic bags on shelves with the newest versions of their Profudno dive watches in the bag making it one certainly unique watch packaging.

Festiva Creative Watch Packaging


Together with the Cookoo Watch Team and ConnecteDevice, ENVARY created a retail packaging that draws eyes and ears.

Cookoo Watch Packaging

Cuervo y Sobrinos

A manufacturer company, Cuervo y Sobrinos was founded in 1882 dedicated to create watches with a design that provoke desire and appreciation to it’s consumers and any one who stumble upon with any of their products. They have successfully achieve it and it’s fair to day that their attention to an elegant watch packaging has been also a reason for positive results.

Cuervo y Sobrinos watches


The Scottish artisan watch brand, Instrmnt, designed packaging that’s minimalistic and memorable. The watch comes in separate parts and is assembled by the consumer using the small tool provided in the kit. This packaging, paired with the brands mission and product, has proved successful for the startup.

creative watch packaging


The watch company Oris mostly know for their perfectly designed sporty watches also has gained lots of attention for the tools they include in their packaging box. Because some watch aficionados don’t always want other people getting their hands on their precious possessions it’s good to know that a company gives you the tools to fix common problems yourself.

cool watch packaging


The fuseproject x Issey Miyake VUE watch came in very a distinctive watch package. Continuing with the idea of discovery found in the design of the watch, the timepiece was be hidden inside of a recycled paper note pad.

Vue creative watch packaging