Biodegradable Planters and Bowls with AgriDust

Green packaging requires both science and innovation to offer consumers sustainable alternatives to disposable products. Freelance product designer Marina Ceccolini created flower pots, cartons and bowls with her new material called AgriDust. Ceccolini chose six select wastes to recycle: coffee grounds, peanut shells, husk tomatoes, bean pods, orange and lemon waste. This waste accounts for an astonishing 64.5 percent of AgriDust. The remaining 35.5 percent material comes from a potato starch binder pictured below.

Her picture examples showcase the coffee bean version of AgriDust.

Other recycled wastes give the AgriDust different color options.

Finally AgriDust can be molded and transformed to serve its sustainable purpose.

AgriDust offers a rich texture and pure color, which can replace the utilitarian purpose of a plastic packaging without compromising aesthetics. The provided prototypes may interest green florists, gardeners or farmers. However, it can serve technological functions too. Ceccolini is also applying the product to work with 3D printers to reduce their environmental footprint.