Top 10 Cosmetic Packaging Design Brands

best cosmetic packaging design

Everyone loves cosmetics, but especially we love it more when it’s beautifully packaged! The appearance of it truly makes a difference. It draws you into the product and distinguishes it from others that could very well serve the same purpose.

Rather than being hidden away in a bathroom cabinet or stuffed in a drawer, these pretty products should be showcased on your dressing table. We’ve scoured the internet for the very best cosmetic packaging designs and came up with a list of the best 10 we could find. Some brands with more simple designs and some others with more of a luxury cosmetic packaging design. Check out our list of companies and their designs!


Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime : Fairy Garden Collection Makeup Bundle

The vegan and cruelty free makeup brand Lime Crime Cosmetics is been known for their unique and colourful products which also is represented most times in their packaging too. The company is certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny as vegan and crueltry-free manufacturer.

As promoted in their website, their colorful products are for “unicorns” so you know when you get anything from them it will be eccentric and distinctive to say the least and will come cutely packaged in true unicorn fashion.

Check out their website for more.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui cosmetic packaging

Anna Sui’s beauty collection is known for its quirky and identifiable packaging, broad colour range and long-lasting results. When you pull out an Anna Sui lipstick, everyone looks at it! Not to mention, Sui claims she has the best mascara in the world.

In her cosmetic line, she stuck to the brand image and features products in bold colors with intricate black packaging. One of her key designs was roses everywhere, as seen in her cosmetic bags, nail polish bottles and nail files. Sui likes to group her products by complimenting them with the same family of colors. She also has a Minnie Mouse line, which was inspired by her collected figurines and features mouse-shaped lipsticks. Sui’s products are all inspired by her fashion world. When Sui opened her first store she brought all the vintage furniture from a flea market and painted it all black.

She loved the idea of the rococo shapes and roses of the future – this has carried through the makeup packaging design. Other shapes that are included in the packaging is from Sui’s jewelry that she has designed. Her product packaging is considered as collector’s items because they are all so elegant – something that you don’t want to throw away once you have finished with them.


Revitalash Cosmetic’s Packaging Design

Revitalash cosmetic

Revitalash is always been known for having clean and simple packaging yet elegant and appealing design. The usually present their cosmetic’s packaging in white or black boxes, but every know and then they will have some colored boxes but always with their clean and characteristic design. This is just one of those brands that never disappoints on the first time you see their packaging and it’s always pleasant to our eyes. For simple and sophisticated you can’t never go wrong with them.

Check out their website for more.



Nasomatto packaging design

On the complete opposite spectrum of design. we’ve got some funky mini perfume bottle designs. This cosmetic line likes to think outside of the box while keeping their design simple at the same time. Have you ever seen a cork cap design on a perfume bottle? Didn’t think so.

You can find this adorable design at places such as Anthropologie. The Nasomatto Project, created by Alessandro Gualtieri (who has created scents for Valentino, Versace and Helmut Lang) is about sharing his personal passion for perfumes in which he blends unique fragrances that make strong statements; so much so that he’s named each blend to suit. But it’s not just the heavenly scents; it’s the packaging, which has an organic feel to it. The small bottles are topped off with a variety of wooden caps which make them look as good as they smell.


Happ & Stahns

best cosmetic packaging designs

Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Alba Eau de Parfum comes complete with a pincushion and Victorian pins as a bottle top. Their packaging design was inspired by The Grand Tour; a traditional trip to Europe wealthy ladies took when finishing their education in the 19th century. And if the bottle doesn’t look darling enough, the Alberta floral notes are said to be redolent of rose gardens. This cosmetic line is truly unique and a must-have on your dresser table.


Paul & Joe

cosmetic packaging design

Even if you are not a cat person, you should still be able to appreciate the feline-shaped lipsticks from French brand Paul & Joe, who teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create this. All of their lipsticks feature these silly designs on the end and are in tubes that remind us of ’70s-style wallpaper. It also has a special edition Alice and Wonderland collection.

This beauty brand has reached acclaimed cult status around the world because of their charming packaging and stylish seasonal collections that speaks to determined and strong women who love the fun and creativity makeup can bring. By incorporating the prints on their packaging to correlate with the current season’s Paul & Joe clothing line makes it a brand that is a true fashion and beauty hybrid.



Topshop cosmetic packaging

The British brand Topshop used a hand drawn design on all of their cosmetic products, which makes it even more impressive looking.

This brand offers products with elaborate and colorful cosmetic packaging design that pops out at you and makes you itching to buy it and stay in the loop with the beauty trends! Sarah Thorne, head of the in-house graphic design team at Topshop oversaw the design of the packaging, which incorporates spots, stripes and smudges, which are drawn using the kohl eyeliner and adorn the ultra-matte, pale grey primary plastic packs.

Each item is packed in a secondary black carton which features a roughly drawn illustration of the product inside. Make-up artist Hannah Murray, who recently worked with the retailer on its advertising campaigns and catwalk collection, created the range of cosmetics. It’s edgy, it’s different and it’s definitely a cosmetic line you need to check out for one of the top cosmetic packaging designs!


Benefit Cosmetic’s

Benefit cosmetic packaging design

Not only does Benefit come up with cheeky names for their products, the packaging is just as witty. When you buy one of their many sets, you will not be disappointed by the clever packaging. The brand was established in San Francisco, California, in 1976 by the two sisters Jean and Jane Ford.

Ever since, Benefit has playfully shown that laughter is the best cosmetic. The sisters made this brand global, not only because of the make-up itself but mostly because of the brand image this brand has established due to the very feminine/retro brand identity.

The relevance and effectiveness of its creative packaging has enabled the House to win over a community of women for whom taking care of themselves goes hand in hand with good humor.



KJÆR WEIS cosmetic

KJÆR WEIS is a forward-thinking cosmetics brand created by Danish-born, New York-based make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, which not only uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients but packages them in gorgeous contemporary designs.

The whole range is lust-worthy but we particularly love the cream blusher which makes you glow; it brightens the eyes and gives a youthful, sun-kissed look. And if that wasn’t enough all of the compacts are also refillable too.The makeup line from Kjaer Weis not only features their sleek embossed logo, but the compacts are also all refillable.



MOR packaging design

The packaging for all of cosmetic brand MOR’s products will make you think you went to a patisserie. The sweet macaroon-inspired lip balms look delightfully delectable. We are really taken with the Cassis Noir, the black casing is very chic and the salve itself is packed full of Vitamin E meaning this nourishing confection also creates deliciously sweet lips.

The packaging for all of cosmetic brand MOR’s product will make you think you went to a patisserie. The sweet macaron inspired lip balms and candy lip glosses all look delightfully delectable.