Report: Consumer demand for renewable packaging could be tipping point for adoption

Dive Brief: Though more manufacturers and consumers are aware of the potential benefits and value of renewable packaging materials, four factors may still impact industrywide adoption: communication, complexity, cost and consumer demand, according to a new Tetra Pak report. Consumer awareness of resource scarcity remains relatively low. When consumers are educated, they are more willing to … Read more Report: Consumer demand for renewable packaging could be tipping point for adoption

Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Are you an independent seller? If the answer’s yes, we know there so many things for you to manage to be successful. However, this is not easy to do; you need tips to help guide you, especially if you’re working alone. One of the most crucial things often overlooked by independent operators is packaging. In … Read more Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

A new trend in packaging puts consumers and the environment first. Consumer products for the home, kitchen and bath have celebrated dispenser designs and its eco-friendly benefits. In efforts to conserve materials and improve buyer’s lives, soaps, cleaning products, foods and even baby bottles can now be dispensed in reusable packaging. Check out these innovative … Read more Eco Packaging: Dispenser Trend Watch

Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

An office space should not stifle creativity, but encourage it. Office decor can say a lot about a person, whether that they are detail-oriented or free spirited, reserved or daring, classic or unique. So finding office decor for people that work in creative can be a chore. Creatives can have distinct style so typical office … Read more Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

Unexpected Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Eco friendly packaging design- Kit

Eco friendly packaging design has made an impression on businesses and consumers as a superior packaging trend. Eco friendly packaging designs may reduce the amount of supplies used, come from reusable materials, or be made from renewable sources. While establishing environmentally practices, brands and students look to apply these principles. However, successful eco friendly packaging … Read more Unexpected Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Karün Eyewear

Karün Eyewear

“The brief delivered was to create a pack for wooden sunglasses with the Mapuche heritage bearing in mind their relationship with nature, where they are a part and not owners. Conveying their knowledge and spirit in the pack as a way of adding value to the product. The box is made out of cardboard one … Read more Karün Eyewear

Willie’s Cacao


“Willie’s Cacao, the only premium chocolate maker in the UK making chocolate from ‘bean to bar’, has launched a range of three indulgent desserts set to reframe the chilled dessert category. The brand design has been created by long-term agency partner, BrandOpus. The man behind the brand, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, has travelled the world on a … Read more Willie’s Cacao

Twist Cupcake Packaging

UK Based designer Elroy Chong has put a certain, err, “twist” on the conventional (single) cupcake box packaging. We’ll let you be the judge on allure of this design. We certainly understand the importance of a product’s packaging, but there may be too much “hoopla” on this cupcake box. In reality, a pretty printed box, a laser … Read more Twist Cupcake Packaging

The Packaging Insider –

“Santa Fe Spirits was introducing a gin that incorporated local SW botanicals.  George Wheeler was a prominent figure in early New Mexico geographical history, so we took inspiration (and name) from him. The design incorporates a matte black label with silver foil and emboss. At the center of an ornate design is a compass rose … Read more The Packaging Insider –

Creative Bakery Packaging for CAKEBREAK


Creative bakery packaging for CakeBreak done by the art direction team at Tomski&Polanski whose work features colorful, and abstract like characters/shapes and beautifully creative, yet uniquely bold illustrations. They are responsible for the limited edition packaging created for Cakebreak’s discerning customer. Chocolate to symbolize gratitude may seem like an ancient practice – but never out of style with … Read more Creative Bakery Packaging for CAKEBREAK