Why was Rosalie so protective of Bella when she was pregnant?

Rosalie wanted to have a child and had those chances stolen from her she was turned into a vampire. Rosalie cared for Bella because she cared for the child.

Why is Rosalie so protective of Renesmee?

because of Renesmee. She has always wanted children, because vampires can't have children, so she was very protective of this baby. Plus, even though she would hate to admit it, Bella is family, and Rosalie loves her. Jordan wrote: "Rosalie is very caring to Bella because of Renesmee.

Why can't Rosalie and Emmett have a baby?

Rosalie can't have children because once a vampire is created, their body can not progress, hence why the Cullen family all still appear the ages that they were turned at.

What did Bella say to Rosalie on the phone in Breaking Dawn?

"Rosalie, I need your help. I found out that today, i am pregnant. Edward wants to kill our baby. But i want to keep it.

Was Rosalie jealous of Bella?

Rosalie was jealous and hurt, and she was faced with the reminder of all that she ever wanted but could not have. Finally, Rosalie resented that Bella wanted to become a vampire so badly — mostly because Rosalie never had the choice herself.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Version - Jacob throws a bowl at Rosalie's head

Why does Rosalie want Bella's baby?

In New Moon, Rosalie explains to Bella that, when she was a human, her one wish in this world was to have a baby, which is why she's against Bella foregoing her ability to have children in order to become a vampire.

Did Rosalie crush on Edward?

In "Midnight Sun," we learn Rosalie's jealousy runs a bit deeper. According to Edward, she was annoyed years ago when, unlike every other person and vampire, Edward wasn't attracted to her. Rosalie wasn't interested in Edward, but nonetheless, it bothered her that he didn't find her desirable.

Why did Bella choose Rosalie?

The reason Bella called Rosalie was because she knew that Rosalie had always wanted a child and would never spare the life of her child even when the others wanted to.

What did Alice's secret note say to Bella?

The note is ripped out of a page from one of Bella's books, The Merchant of Venice. In it, Alice explains that she and Jasper will send any friends they can find, but that they won't return and that the Cullens should not look for them. "It's the only way for us. We love you" (29.35).

Did Rosalie love Renesmee?

Rosalie is very protective of Renesmee and loves her as if she were her own daughter, and learns to accept Bella as a sister because she knows that she was willing to give up her life for her baby, the same choice she would have made.

Why do Jasper and Rosalie not have the last name Cullen?

Given that he (in the books, at least) was physically similar to Rosalie, it was decided that they could pass as twins, and so Jasper changed his surname to Hale instead of Cullen, which helped the coven pass as a family of adopted children.

Who turned Alice into a vampire?

Alice was transformed by an old vampire who worked at the asylum to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her. After some research, Alice found her grave and discovered that the date on her tombstone matches the date of her admission to the asylum.

How old was Rosalie when she was turned?

Rosalie was born in 1915 and was turned into a vampire in 1933 at the age of 18, so she was 90 years old when the saga began.

What was Rosalie's special power?

Rosalie's gift is incredible beauty, which even surpasses a regular vampire. She is said to be the most attractive vampire in the world. Heidi's incredible beauty is comparable to Rosalie's, supported by her gift to attract people, human or vampire.

Why is Bella not immune to Jasper?

Bella is a shield which means she is unaffected by any mental powers like mind reading or Jane's pain powers. Jane doesn't actually hurt the body she only produces an illusion of pain so Bella is immune. Bella's body is susceptible to physical powers like Jasper's and Alice.

Why didn t Edward want to sleep with Bella?

Why does Edward not want to sleep with Bella? Breaking Dawn links sex and danger, at least initially. Before Bella becomes a vampire, sex with Edward poses a serious threat to her. Edward is afraid that he'll accidentally kill Bella, and she does indeed wake up covered in bruises after they first have sex.

Why couldn't Edward read Bella's thoughts when she was human?

Bella's gift is her very powerful shield – one that has been growing and working without her knowing since she was born. Because of her shield, she is protected from powers of the mind – that means that Edward (and Aro) can't read her thoughts, Kate can't shock her, and Jane can't cause her pain.

Why couldn't Edward read Bella's mind when she was human?

Bella's mind shield is able to block any vampire power that affects her brain. That's why Edward and Aro couldn't read her mind, Jane couldn't make her feel pain (it was only creating the illusion of pain), and Zafrina couldn't make her see visual projections she was able to make everyone else see.

What was a problem for Alice during Bella's pregnancy?

Although she has become Bella's confidante, Alice is not very involved in the events surrounding Bella's pregnancy, because the fetus incapacitates her mental gifts and gives her a headache.

Why was Jessica so jealous of Bella?

She always acts nice toward Bella, but in truth she really disliked her and was upset when both Edward Cullen and Mike Newton showed interest in Bella instead of her. She was jealous of her the whole time and was known to be a fake friend, but never did anything hurtful.

Why does Rosalie wear gloves?

¦ Even though breakaway glass is used for the salad bowl, Rosalie cuts her finger and bleeds on the glass. This is why she's wearing gloves in the re-shoot.

Does Rosalie want a baby?

Rosalie wanted to have a child and had those chances stolen from her she was turned into a vampire. Rosalie cared for Bella because she cared for the child.

Do Emmett and Rosalie love each other?

Carlisle had felt guilty for turning Rosalie without her consent, so this became his way of mending their relationship. Throughout the process of Emmett's painful transformation, Rosalie watched over him, and Emmett refused to remove his sight from her—he was already in love with her.

Why did Bella's baby bite her?

Renesmee even though she was a infant she was very smart a knew that her mother "Bella" was dying, & needed Edward's venom, she bit Bella"her mom" to snap her out of the moment of seeing her newborn 'Renesmee " so she could get the much needed venom from Edward, so she'd have a fighting chance of living.

Why can't Rosalie have kids?

Rosalie can't have children because once a vampire is created, their body can not progress, hence why the Cullen family all still appear the ages that they were turned at. So, in short, Edward can only have a baby because Bella (a human) was the bearer of Renesme.
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