Why is Tala in eddies heaven?

The fifth person Eddie meets in Heaven is a young girl name Tala. Eddie accidentally caused her death during the war. Tala, the fifth person Eddie meets in Heaven, helps him make peace with himself and his life.

Who was Tala to Eddie in The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

The fifth person Eddie meets in heaven. Tala was the little girl who Eddie saw crawling into the burning fort during the war. Although he lived most of his life in denial, he finds out in heaven that he did kill her in the fire.

What was Tala lesson in the five people you meet in heaven?

As the last person that Eddie encountered in the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tala opened his eyes to the important purpose of his life. Although he felt that he didn't accomplish anything, Tala made him realize that he served his purpose by doing his job and keeping the children at the pier safe.

What does the Tala reveal to Eddie?

Tala tells Eddie that he killed her in a fire and he immediately knows that she was the innocent child trapped in the hut.

How do Tala's actions reveal that she has forgiven Eddie?

When Eddie meets Tala in heaven, she explains to him that by spending his life protecting the children on the rides at Ruby Pier, Eddie earned Tala's forgiveness. Tala shows her forgiveness by choosing to be the person who brings Eddie to heaven.

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What lesson did Eddie learn from his wife?

In The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Eddie, through his wife, learns that love doesn't die even when a person passes away. Love is an infinite emotion, and can't easily be wiped away because the person leaves physically.

Who is the last person Eddie meet in Heaven?

The last person Eddie meets in Heaven was Tala the little girl from the burning tent fire in the Philippines. How does Eddie help to make Tala whole again? Eddie helps make Tala whole again by washing her with a stone, so the wounds disappear.

Who was tala in Eddie's life?

Tala reveals that she was the little girl from the hut that Eddie set on fire. Distraught, Eddie breaks down both cursing and asking God "why?" Tala hands him a stone and asks him to "wash" her like the other children in the river are doing to one another.

Who is the first person Eddie meets in heaven?

Blue Man - The Blue Man is the first person Eddie meets in heaven. Eddie did not know the Blue Man when he was a child but his actions were responsible for the Blue Man's death. When Eddie was a child, he and Joe were playing ball outside. The ball bounced into the street and Eddie ran after it.

Who is the 4th person Eddie meets in heaven?

The fourth person Eddie meets in Heaven is his wife, Marguerite. She is one of the few people he meets whom he knew in his life.

What does Tala say to Eddie to let him know that she was the shadowy figure inside the hut?

What does Tala say to Eddie to let him know that she was the shadowy figure inside the hut? "Washing, like our inas used to do."

Why is Ruby the third person Eddie meets in heaven?

Her husband Emile was the other patient in the room. Ruby felt connected to Eddie's family because of their connection with Ruby Pier. She thought that the park had cursed their lives, and her wish that Ruby Pier had never been built followed her all the way to heaven. That's why Ruby's heaven is a diner.

How old is Eddie when he meets Tala?

A burst of wind picks him up and places him down right in front of the little girl. * Eddie is 51. It's his first birthday since losing Marguerite. She would always insist Eddie celebrate his birthday with taffy, friends, and cake.

What did Ruby teach Eddie?

Ruby tells Eddie that he should learn from this story that holding onto anger is poisonous. You may think anger will act as a weapon toward others, but it only hurts you.

What word did Eddie hear from God?

He feels a sense of peace as he floats above the boardwalk. He then comes to the big Ferris wheel, where Marguerite is sitting and waiting for him. Eddie hears the voice of God say: “Home.”

Why Eddie met the five people in the heaven?

In the book, Eddie dies in an accident and is transported to an afterlife where he meets five people who each teach him something about his life and his death.

Who is Eddie waiting for in heaven?

All through heaven, Eddie asks everyone if he succeeding in saving her. After Eddie's journey through heaven, he waits in heaven to become one of the five people who will one day teach “Amy or Annie” a lesson about her life.

Who caused eddies death?

The Captain explains how his sacrifice probably saved the other three soldiers in the car; if he had never went to inspect the grounds, all four of them may have driven over the landmine and been killed. The Captain explains that by shooting Eddie he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and giving Eddie his life.

Who is the second person Eddie meets in heaven?

The second person Eddie meets in heaven is his former commanding officer from the army. Eddie would call him "Captain." Eddie and Captain were both prisoners of the war along with their friend, Rabozzo. Eddie knew being at the war would bring him into manhood and Captain would teach him more important things.

What does the water symbolize in the five people you meet in heaven?

Throughout the novel, the ocean represents both destruction and new beginnings. Powerfully beautiful and yet dangerous, it is a constant at Ruby Pier.

What is the main message in the five people you meet in heaven?

Redemption and Forgiveness

Throughout the novel, Eddie's encounters with the five people he meets in heaven teach him about the surprising ways in which life and death offer opportunities for redemption.

What does Eddie learn in heaven?

The Blue Man smiles and reassures him that he is only here to learn. He says that all five people that Eddie will come across in heaven have one lesson to teach him: that all lives are connected and nothing is completely random.

What causes the blue man to become blue?

As a small child, his parents forced him to work in a sweatshop out of economic desperation. He was then given silver nitrate for his nerves, which turned his skin the color blue.

How is Ruby connected to Eddie?

Eddie never met Ruby during his life, as she was much older and they weren't directly related, but the amusement park where Eddie works all his life, Ruby Pier, was built for Ruby by her husband. Ruby feels connected to Eddie, as she was present in the shared hospital room when Eddie's father died.

What does Marguerite teach Eddie in heaven?

In heaven Marguerite teaches Eddie about the power and endurance of love. Marguerite tells Eddie that even after she died, her love for him did not disappear; she had always loved him and would continue to forever.