Why doesn't Inumaki speak?

He is a descendant of the Inumaki clan and has inherited the clan's cursed speech, which he's developed his own unique speech pattern for in order to avoid cursing others.

Why can t Inumaki speak normally?

Cursed Speech ( 呪 じゅ 言 ごん , Jugon?) is an inherited technique of the Inumaki Family. It reinforces the user's words with cursed energy, which compels the listeners to act or be acted upon based on those words.

Why does Inumaki keep his mouth covered?

To keep himself and everyone around him safe, Inumaki keeps his mouth covered and limits his speech to nice, neutral words like rice ball ingredients that can only ever inflict sudden hunger on anyone who hears him.

Why does Inumaki have cursed speech?

Inumaki's Cursed Speech, Explained

However, he wasn't just a regular student but a powerful one with his Cursed Speech technique. Cursed Speech is an inherited & powerful technique that allows users to channel cursed energy into their speech, allowing them to manipulate their targets' will.

Did Inumaki lose his hands?

Toge has been revealed to have lost his left arm in Sukuna's attack.

Toge Inumaki using his cursed speech technique compilation (Jujutsu Kaisen eps 1 - 19)

Did Itadori cut off Inumaki arm?

Also Inumaki was caught up in Sukuna's domain expansion so Yuta didn't cut off his arm.

How old is Inumaki now?

7/15 Toge Inumaki Is 17 Years Old

Toge Inumaki is a second-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, and he's 17 years old.

Who is shipped with Inumaki?

InuOkko is the slash ship between Yuta Okkotsu and Toge Inumaki from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Why does Toge Inumaki only say food?

Toge chooses not to speak in a conventional manner in order to protect people from his cursed speech. Speaking in rice ball ingredients makes it difficult to understand him, but many of his friends have taken the time to learn how to communicate with him.

What is Toge Inumaki weakness?

Weakness: His Cursed Technique can't be used repeatedly for a long time as it affects his throat badly. He's also forced to communicate with limited and weird dialogues.

Is Inumaki a cat or dog person?

Episode list. Yachiyo Inugami is a dog-like person who loves cats whilst Suzu Nekoyama is a cat-like person who loves dogs. Upon being introduced to each other by their mutual friend, Aki Hiiragi, the two take an instant interest in each other. Later, Yachiyo takes Suzu to her house to see her three pet dogs.

Why does Inumaki hair change?

It's mentioned Under Inumaki Toge, that Inumaki's hair design has been changed from the original Volume 0 based on a rough design drawn by Akutami sensei and he was also redesigned under Gege Akutami's supervision.

Who does Itadori love?

Hence, due to the nature of the show's subject matter, and the innate focus on converging plotlines, Jujutsu Kaisen has completely omitted Itadori's only love interest, Yuko Ozawa.

Who is Gojo shipped with?

GojoHime is the het ship between Satoru Gojo and Utahime Iori from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Who is Gojo most shipped with?

1) Gojo and Utahime

Their polar dynamics portrayed their relationship as cute and filled with potential by a majority of Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

Who is the oldest character in JJK?

3/12 Sukuna

Known as the King of Curses, Sukuna is over 1000 years old and continues to live on in various forms, making him the oldest character in the series.

Who is the strongest character in JJK?

Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru is the strongest of all characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. He himself flexes his powers in the first scene he is introduced declaring, “It'll be fine. I'm the strongest there is, after all”.

Is Mahito a girl?

Mahito (written: 真人) is a masculine Japanese given name.

How many arms did Inumaki lose?

Conversation. Toge Inumaki lost one of his arms. But he has an arm in ED. This may be in December or January, after the Shibuya Incident.

Who executed Itadori?

When he meets with them, Okkotsu is appointed to be Yuji Itadori's executioner. Alongside those orders, the higher-ups also give Pseudo-Geto and Masamichi Yaga death sentences and prohibit anyone from releasing Satoru Gojo.

Who killed Itadori Yuji?

Yuji dies upon regaining control of his body from Sukuna. Yuji quickly reacts and tries to attack it with his cursed weapon, but the spirit easily breaks it and even cuts off Yuji's arm. Yuji tries to get Sukuna to help them but Sukuna refuses and even says that he will kill Yuji's friends.

Who is Nobara in love with?

Nobara also holds a great value of affection for Yuji, telling him that she's got his back mid-battle. The relationship between the two is formed on trust and companionship.

Who is Megumi crush?

Satoshi Isshiki

Like the other 92nd Generation residents, Megumi likes Satoshi, but does not seem to get quite as rowdy by his antics in the dormitory as most of the others do.

Who is Itadori the son of?

Manga Debut

He is the father of Yuji Itadori and son of Wasuke Itadori.

Who is Inumaki best friend?

Toge Inumaki
  • Occupation. Jujutsu Sorcerer. ...
  • Powers/Skills. Cursed Speech.
  • Hobby. Watching YouTube. ...
  • Goals. To win the Sister School Exchange Event (succeeded). ...
  • Family. Unnamed parents.
  • Friends/Allies. Yuta Okkotsu (best friend) Panda (best friend) ...
  • Enemies. Mahito. Pseudo-Geto. ...
  • Type of Hero. Sefless Protector. The Quiet One.
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