Why does Pony walk home after Johnny dies?

Why does Ponyboy have to walk home after Johnny dies? Dally had taken the car.

Why does Ponyboy wander around after Johnny's death?

After Johnny's death and Dally's departure, Ponyboy wanders through the hospital's halls in a daze. Pony is in denial about Johnny's death, and keeps repeating that he isn't dead. He leaves the hospital and roams the streets until a stranger picks him up and drives him home.

Why does Ponyboy have to walk home?

Why does Ponyboy have to walk home after Johnny dies? Dally took the car, Soda will not pick him up, he wants to be alone. What has Dally done to make the cops chase him in Chapter 10? He held up a grocery store with his empty gun.

What does Johnny say to Pony just before he dies?

Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble: "Useless . . . fighting's no good." He asks to speak to Ponyboy, and, leaning over him, Johnny's last words are "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold."

What do Johnny and Pony do after Bob was killed?

Ponyboy loses consciousness, and upon waking up, he learns that Johnny has killed Bob with a knife to save him. Johnny throws up. After the murder, the two boys head to Buck Merril's house to find their friend, Dallas (Dally), who they believe will help them.

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Who killed Ponyboy?

There they are cornered by a large group of drunk Socs, one of whom, Bob, holds Ponyboy s head underneath the water of a fountain until Johnny is forced to use his switchblade on the attacker, killing him.

Why did Johnny say he killed Bob?

Johnny killed Bob in order to save Ponyboy. From his past experiences with the Socs, he knew that they could be violent, and he had determined he would not stand back and let them victimize someone like they did to him.

What was Johnny's last word?

What do Johnny's last words mean? Right before he dies in the hospital, Johnny says “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” Ponyboy cannot figure out what Johnny means until he reads the note Johnny left. Johnny writes that “stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy shared when they were hiding at the church.

Why did Johnny say stay gold?

Here, Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent. Johnny now senses the uselessness of fighting; he knows that Ponyboy is better than the average hoodlum, and he wants Ponyboy to hold onto the golden qualities that set him apart from his companions.

Why was Johnny's death so difficult for Dally?

Johnny's death was hard for Dally to handle because he was the one person Dally cared about. 3. Why do you think Dally would have wanted to die? Dally doesn't have anyone else in the world that he cares about, and he doesn't want to be alone.

What happens when Ponyboy walks home?

Walking home from a movie, Ponyboy is attacked by a group of Socs, the greasers' rivals, who are upper-class youths from the West Side of town. The Socs, short for Socials, gang up on Ponyboy and threaten to slit his throat. A group of greasers comes and chases the bullies away, saving Ponyboy.

Why can't Ponyboy accept Johnny's death?

Ponyboy can't accept Johnny's death because he was too young. Also because he was still in shock. Ponyboy and Johnny were really close. Johnny was like the leader of the Greasers.

How does Ponyboy get home from the hospital after Johnny dies?

How does Ponyboy get home from the hospital? He wanders for a bit stumbling around and then gets a ride home with a man in his mid-twenties. Why is Dally so upset about Johnny's death? Dally is so upset about Johnny's death because Johnny was the only thing Dally loved.

How is Ponyboy mentally affected by the death of Johnny?

I didn't know what he had do with it then, but I do now." However, even after he recovers from his denial about the events and knows that Johnny killed Bob, Ponyboy remains emotionally shut down and depressed.

Who dies at the end of the outsiders?

After the rest of the Greasers have one final rumble with the Socs, they return to the hospital just before Johnny succumbs to his injuries. Before dying, he tells Ponyboy to "stay gold."

Did they have a funeral for Johnny in the outsiders?

As a sign of their friendship, Ponyboy is asked to speak at both Dally's and Johnny's funeral.

What is the most famous line from The Outsiders?

“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”

What does Johnny's hand tattoo mean?

Johnny Depp's right hand has a tattoo of a crow in flight, symbolizing protection, power and spiritual guidance. He used to have a tattoo of the word "SLIM" on his knuckles, from when he was married to Amber Heard (it was a nickname). He changed it after they got divorced, however. © GettyImages.

Why does Johnny refer to himself as Steve?

How did Johnny Depp get the nickname 'Steve'? His full name is John Christopher Depp II, so the moniker 'Steve' is obviously nothing to do with his given name. Fittingly for a couple who met while working on a film set, the nicknames comes from the 1944 movie To Have and Have Not.

What did Dally do after Johnny's death?

Distraught after Johnny's death, Dally has run off to do something desperate. He has robbed a grocery store and called Darry for help, but the police have surrounded him in the vacant lot while the greasers watch at a distance. Dally pulls out a gun that isn't loaded, but is sure to draw the policemen's fire.

What were Dally's last words?

his last words were "pony".

How did Dally react to Johnny's death?

Dally is in shock and denial that Johnny died. He goes on to believe that Johnny didn't actually die. Dally wages war against the Socs, trying to avenge Johnny's death the only way he knows how: violence.

What does Dally ask two bit for?

Pony and Two-Bit also visit Dally, who is still in the hospital. He is his old self, and resents the fact that he will not be able to take part in the rumble that night. He asks Two-Bit for his black-handled switchblade and, upon receiving it, places it under his pillow.

Did Johnny's parents abuse him?

Johnny's parents are abusive—his mother verbally, and his father physically. They're both neglectful. Johnny refuses to see his mother when she comes to visit him in the hospital, and he takes his parents' treatment of him personally (as would most people).

How did Johnny change after killing Bob?

When he kills Bob, Johnny loses the look of a wild animal caught in a trap and instead he "looked as cool as Darry ever had." By killing Bob, Johnny takes control of his life in the only way that he thinks is possible.