Why do we say not on your Nelly?

not on your ˈnelly
(old-fashioned, British English, informal) definitely not: You want to borrow my new car? Not on your nelly! Nelly was short for Nelly Duff, which was rhyming slang for puff, an informal word for your life.

What does it mean when you say not on your Nelly?

[British, old-fashioned] said to mean that there is no chance at all of something happening.

Where did the saying not on your Nelly originate from?

This expression, modelled on the phrase not on your life , originated as not on your Nelly Duff , which is British rhyming slang for 'puff', meaning 'breath of life'.

What does it mean when someone calls you a Nellie?

(often lowercase)Slang. Offensive. a fussily effeminate male. Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a gay man.

Why do people say oh Nelly?

An exclamation of surprise. The phrase is generally thought to have originated as a command to slow down a horse (wherein "Nelly" is the horse's name). They're engaged already? Whoa, Nelly!

Not on your nelly Meaning

Who is famous for saying whoa Nellie?

Keith Jackson, Voice Of College Football, Dies At 89 : The Two-Way Until he retired for good in 2006, Keith Jackson's baritone voice could be heard most Saturdays when called college football games. 'Whoa Nellie' was one of his signature phrases.

What's the meaning of Oh jeez?

What does jeez mean? Jeez is an informal way to express surprise, disappointment, frustration, annoyance, or exasperation. Jeez can also be spelled geez.

What does calling someone Mimi mean?

Mimi is a word French people use to say that something is (really) adorable. To be mimi is to be more than cute, it's small-fluffy-kitten cute.

What is Nellie short for for a girl?

Nelly and Nellie are female given names, also used as nicknames, which are derived from the names Helen, Ellen, Petronella, Danielle, Cornelia, Eleanor, Janelle, Chanelle, Penelope or Noelia.

What is an Abigail slang?

Pronounced /ˈæbɪɡeɪl/ By 1771, when Tobias Smollett wrote in The Expedition of Humphry Clinker about “An antiquated Abigail, dressed in her lady's cast clothes”, the term had been around for about a century. It means a lady's maid.

Where does the term Nellie come from?

Nellie is an adorable appellation that stems from the Latin name Cornelia and may also be related to the Greek names Eleanor and Helen. This feminine title means “horn” or “sun ray” and certainly has a whimsically divine vibe. Nellie exudes nostalgic charm and is a beloved member of the Vintage Nickname Club.

Who Said Not On Your Nellie?

Not On Your Nellie – 1974

Hilda Baker had said in an interview around the time that 'Not On Your Nellie' was a planned spin off from Nearest and Dearest. However the creators maintained that it was based on stage play that they had written for Baker in the frame of the Nellie Pledge character.

Where did the term Nervous Nellie come from?

A person who worries unduly or is foolishly fearful. The term apparently originated in the late 1920s and referred to Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg, who served from 1925 to 1929. It soon was picked up and used for any individual, male or female, who showed such qualities.

Is the phrase negative Nelly?

Negative Nelly is a person who is often or overly pessimistic, or discouraged. A negative nelly is a person who is often or overly pessimistic, or discouraged. Although “Nelly”, is a feminine name, the term can also be applied to men. Be positive!

What does the phrase not on your life mean?

used as a very forceful way of saying "no" or "never" Do the government's policies really help the average worker? Not on your life.

What does dont harp on mean?

phrasal verb. harp on (about something) | harp on something. ​(informal, disapproving) to keep talking about something in a boring or annoying way. Don't keep harping on about my age!

What is Bebe short for?

Bebe is an alternate spelling and pronunciation of baby, usually used playfully or affectionately.

Is Molly short for anything?

Molly (also spelled Molli or Mollie) is a diminutive of the feminine name Mary. It may less commonly be used as a diminutive for feminine names that begin with M, such as Margaret, Martha, Martina or Melinda.

What is Polly short for?

Polly is a given name, most often feminine, which originated as a variant of Molly (a diminutive of Mary). Polly may also be a short form of names such as Polina, Polona, Paula or Paulina.

What does mi mi mi mean?

mimimi m (plural mimimis) (Brazil, colloquial, derogatory) a repetitive and/or annoying speech, especially of complaints synonym ▲ Synonym: nhanhanhã

What does nini mean in text?

Interjection. nini. (colloquial) lo!, look!

What does mi mi mean in Chinese?

秘密 mì mì secret CL:個|个[ge4] Example Usage.

What is the short form of Jesus?

Jeez is short for ' Jesus'.

Why do people say oh my gawd?

What does oh my god mean? Oh my god is an exclamation variously expressing disbelief, frustration, excitement, or anger. Its abbreviation, OMG, is widely used in digital communication.

Why do people say jeez Louise?

something you can say to show surprise, shock, etc. Geez louise, look at this mess!