Why did Eddie fight the bats?

Eddie's job is not to fight the bats to the death. It is simply to distract them long enough for Nancy, Steve, and Robin to reach and kill Vecna.

Why did Eddie run back to the bats?

Dustin made it back through the gate, but Eddie had a change of heart. Realising a flaw in their very woolly plan, Eddie doubled back, running deeper into the Upside Down to ensure the bats didn't make it out of the gate and that Dustin would be safe.

Could Eddie have survived?

Stranger Things Creators Admit That Eddie Was Doomed Even If He Had Survived. Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers say that Joseph Quinn's Eddie Munson was a "doomed character" regardless of his season 4 fate.

Why did Eddie sacrifice himself?

Eddie heroically sacrificed himself in the Upside Down to save Dustin and the others, fulfilling his arc by facing danger head-on instead of running away, as he said he had always done.

Why did Eddie and Dustin have to distract the bats?

Talking about packing heat. The plan also sees Dustin and Eddie playing decoys and occupying the Upside Down's bats so that they don't catch on to what the trio are doing in the Creel House.

Eddie in Upside Down Fight Scene [4K] (Part-1/2) | Stranger Things 4

What mental illness does Dustin have?

It's called cleidocranial dysplasia,” Dustin says. If you're not a fan of the cult sensation, chances are you might not have heard that term before.

Did they leave Eddie's body in the upside down?

Though Eddie manages to occupy the Demobats until the battle is over, he succumbs to his wounds. He dies in Dustin's arms in the Upside Down, and his body is never recovered.

Was EDdies death necessary?

Eddie's death in Stranger Things 4 is neither noble nor necessary. Instead, it falls into the harmful tradition of ultimately punishing Othered characters for their Otherness and denying them the life and catharsis they deserve. In media, Othered characters are often disposable.

Was Eddie's death pointless?

Fans loved season 4, but they still can't forgive the loss of Eddie Munson. If you ask a Stranger Things fan what was the most frustrating moment of season 4, chances are high they will say "Eddie's death".

Is Eddie a demon?

Using his army, Eddie is able to defeat Doviculus's monster and then faces Doviculus himself in the final battle. Doviculus stated that Eddie was a demon raised improperly by humans.

Do Venom care about Eddie?

It doesn't help that Venom isn't exactly friendly at first, threatening to eat Eddie. By the end of the first Venom movie, Eddie has stopped being frightened and disgusted by the symbiote. Venom has saved Eddie's life on more than one occasion, showing that, in his own way, he cares about Eddie.

Why did no one mourn Eddie?

Without a scene showing the impact Eddie's death had on his new friends who he just helped save makes his death seem less impactful. Eddie undeniably is a hero of Hawkins, but his friends could have done more to prove that to the entire town.

Will there be a Pennywise 3?

There could even be a new novel set in the IT universe, although Stephen King has stated that he has no intentions of bringing Pennywise back.

Is Eddie in a wheelchair forever?

The A Million Little Things premiere answers that question (yes), but his and wife Katherine (Grace Park) and son Theo's (Tristan Byon) lives will never be the same, as executive producer DJ Nash has said since the finale. Eddie is paralyzed, with less than a 10 percent chance of walking again.

Why did Eddie curse his father?

After the death of Eddie's father, he secretly cursed him, for how he had treated Eddie and how Eddie was forced to take over his job at the pier.

Why was Eddie playing the guitar?

In the season finale, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) slams out Master of Puppets by Metallica on his guitar to distract the Upside Down's demobats from attacking his friends.

Was Eddie's death meaningless?

Stranger Things Season 4 Finale: Eddie's Death Was "Predictable and Pointless" People feared for Eddie's life from the very beginning, and they turned out to be right. That's exactly why they are mad now.

What is Eddie's fatal flaw?

The hero of a Greek tragedy is usually likeable but has one fatal flaw, or serious failing. Eddie represents this character, and his fatal flaw is his obsession with Catherine. He races towards his death and it is all of his own making. Nobody else can help or stop him.

What were Eddie's last words to Richie?

"Richie"he whispered. "What" Richie was on his hands and knees staring at him desperately. "Don't call me Ed's" he said and smiled.

What was Eddie's fifth lesson?

Fifth Lesson: Purpose

Everyone has a purpose and this is a reality that Tala made Eddie realize. As the last person that Eddie encountered in the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tala opened his eyes to the important purpose of his life.

Who was Eddie's first person?

Joseph Corvelzchik, The Blue Man: Joseph is the first man Eddie meets in Heaven. His skin had been turned blue when he was a boy because of the repeated ingestion of silver nitrate, thought to be an effective medication at the time.

Is Eddie's life a penance?

Eddie's life was a penance up to when he lost his life, he live all his life thinking about all the mistakes he had made. The significance of Tale pulling Eddie to safety after he dies is the accomplishment o what he had tried to do for her. It is his chance to gain what he failed in doing.

Why does Nancy blame herself for Barb's death?

Using past traumas to break down his victims, Vecna brought Nancy to the pool where Barb was killed by the Demogorgon and revealed her mangled corpse. Vecna then taunted Nancy with her own feelings of guilt - that she was responsible for Barb's death and had forgotten about her.

What are Eddie's last words?

The scene was gut-wrenching enough and fans cannot forget it, whether they want to or not. The kicker of it all? Eddie's final words to Dustin: "I love you, man." If those words weren't already bringing on the waterworks, Dustin tearfully replies "I love you, too." And then Eddie is gone.

What was Eddie's father's last words?

His father's last words to him were “get a job.” He tells Ruby that she didn't even know his father. But Ruby knows something that Eddie doesn't know. With the tip of her parasol, Ruby draws a circle in the snow. Eddie looks down into the circle as though his eyes are falling through a hole.