Why couldn t Eleven find Max?

The reason that Eleven couldn't find Max is actually pretty simple -- Max had already died. That means her soul had already been absorbed into Vecna's consciousness. So, while Eleven restarted Max's heart and brought her body back to life, she was trapped inside of Vecna's hive mind.

Did Eleven bring Max back to life?

The fan-favorite character ended the season in a coma with her bones broken and eyes blinded at the hands of Vecna. Max technically died for one whole minute before Eleven revived her friend, but Eleven's powers weren't enough to bring Max fully back to life.

How did 11 save Max?

Eleven's Life-Saving Decision

Refusing to allow Max to die after their battle with Vecna, Eleven pulls out the stops to save her life. As Lucas begs Max to stay alive, cradling her in his arms, Eleven uses just enough power to get Max's heart beating again.

Does 11 find Max?

Eleven uses her powers to search for Max's consciousness by entering her mind, but she doesn't find anything. So, even though Max's body survived the whole ordeal, the trauma from the entire experience sent her into a coma.

Is Max Brain dead?

But unfortunately, Max's conscious self didn't return. In the finale, she lay in a coma in the hospital. “She's brain-dead, but, yeah, she's alive,” Stranger Things creators and showrunners Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer confirmed in a chat with Josh Horowitz for his Happy Sad Confused podcast.

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Ending Theories | The Hidden Twist Explained And Season 5 Predictions

Is Max gonna be permanently blind?

The Duffers later confirmed that by the end of season 4, Max's status is: “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.” But time will tell if her state worsens in the episodes to come.

Does Max have any powers?

Theories about Will developing powers have been floating around the fandom for years, and for a moment, it looked like Max was about to join that conversation. But it's soon revealed that no, Max does not have powers in Stranger Things 4.

Is Max dead or in a coma?

Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also confirmed that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet "brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken." The big mystery is where the redhead is mentally.

Is 11 losing her powers?

However, after the big fight sequence between her and the Mind Flayer in the Starcourt Mall, she realized she could not use her powers. It was only during the epilogue section of season three, when we see her pack for Lenora Hills, that it becomes clear that her powers had gone for good.

Will Max and Eleven be friends?

5) Max and Eleven

Max and Eleven's blossoming friendship was one of the highlights of Stranger Things season 3. Though El initially disliked Max after thinking she was flirting with Mike in season 2, she later reached out to Max when she was going through a rough patch with Mike.

Will Max ever wake up?

Just at the last moment, Eleven breaks free and manages to defeat Vecna, while Steve, Nancy and Robin simultaneously manage to badly wound his physical form. A now-blinded Max wakes up but seemingly dies in Lucas's arms.

Is Vecna more powerful than Eleven?

So, in Season 4, Stranger Things brought back the flesh and blood monsters by introducing the very-pratical Vecna, who was not only terrifying, but he was also more powerful than Eleven, hence why Dr. Brenner was so afraid of him.

Does 11 not like Max?

However, there is a degree of affection between the two of them. Eleven shows quite a bit of disregard for Max's relationship with her brother after learning he might be putting the town in danger. Tact is not Eleven's strong suit. She did not think to soften revelations about Billy's actions when talking to Max.

Why couldn t Eleven find Max in her mind?

The reason that Eleven couldn't find Max is actually pretty simple -- Max had already died. That means her soul had already been absorbed into Vecna's consciousness. So, while Eleven restarted Max's heart and brought her body back to life, she was trapped inside of Vecna's hive mind.

What age was Eleven when she escaped?

When Eleven, an 11-year-old girl with "011" tattooed on her wrist, escaped the HNL in 1983, she encountered a group of boys who were looking for their friend Will, a fellow preteen who had been taken into an alternate dimension known as the Upside Down.

Did Eleven create the upside down?

There's been debate as to whether or not this scene implies that Eleven created the Upside Down or merely opened the first gate to it. But according to Millie Bobby Brown, the Upside Down existed before El ever meddled with it. “I don't think that she created the Upside Down,” Brown told Variety in June.

How did El bring Max back to life?

She physically dies, but Eleven's still there, and won't let her go. She uses her powers to pull back her BFF's consciousness so Max comes back to life (though in a coma, with all her bones broken).

How many powers does 11 have?

Eleven has psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, and is considered the breakout character of Stranger Things.

Is Max possessed by Vecna?

Max is possessed by Vecna, however, Lucas is unable to bring her back as he is forced into a fight with basketball captain Jason who unfortunately ends up breaking Max's walkman.

What happened to Max in the end?

Is Max actually dead? Max attempts to hold on, telling Lucas that she's "not ready to die" but she succumbs to her injuries and ends up dying in Lucas's arms. Max's death allows Vecna to open the fourth gate, and rip a huge hole in the middle of Hawkins.

How did Max escape Vecna?

How did Max escape Vecna? Midway through the season, Vecna made his move and tried to make Max his fourth victim. Luckily, Lucas was able to save her by playing Kate Bush's "Running Up that Hill." Going into Volume 2, Max was alive, but she was still marked by Vecna.

Does Max ever become a villain?

Portrayed by

Maximus "Max" Octavius Thunderman is one of the main protagonists of the original series The Thundermans. He is a superhero whose superpowers include Telekinesis, Heat Breath, and Freeze Breath. After years of aspiring to become a super-villain, he eventually chose to become a superhero.

Who is Max villain?

Max labeled The Super Villain is a supporting antagonist of the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama, serving as the secondary antagonist of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He is a short purple-haired boy who is openly evil and takes pride in it.

Does Max turn evil?

Max has wanted to be evil for almost all his life, until he chose to become good and train as a superhero. Phoebe did not necessarily want to be evil, as she did not know what Dark Mayhem's powers would do to her.
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