Why couldn t doma regenerate his head?

The only reason Doma couldn't regenerate his head was because he took in poison that would kill a demon 700 times over. And the fact that he got poisoned before doesn't mean he was weaker during the fight, especially since he showed no sign of it and he has regenerative abilities.

Why can akaza regenerate his head?

He pushed his regeneration to evolve to the point where he could regrow his head, all because he simply refused to allow himself to lose. Even before he became a demon, he would relentlessly take blows from opponents way bigger than him and receive countless beatings all because of his goal to heal his sick father.

Why can't DOMA feel emotions?

It is later revealed that Doma is clinically apathetic, being completely emotionless and unable to experience proper emotions. Doma himself admitted that the concept of emotion was completely foreign to him, even as a human.

Who turned DOMA into a demon?

When he became 20 he met Muzan Kibutsuji who transformed him into a Demon. As a Demon, Doma becomes stronger by feasting on many, many female humans who, according to Doma, better to eat because they have many nutrients inside them that are used to nurture babies.

Who is Douma to Inosuke?

Although Inosuke refuses to acknowledge that he has met him before, Doma explores his memories and reveals that he met Inosuke when he was a child, and was responsible for killing his mother, causing Inosuke to fill with hatred and engage in combat with the Demon.

How the akaza vs rengoku fight should have went down

Who is doma in love with?

Who is DOMA in love with? Doma met Kotoha when she was roughly 18 years old, on a cold snowy night. She came to him while carrying her baby, and pleaded for him to save them from her abusive husband and mother-in-law. As a result, Doma killed her pursuers, and accepted Kotoha and her baby into his temple.

How many Hashira has akaza killed?

However, when Keizo and Koyuki eventually got killed, Akaza went berserk and ended up killing more than 60 people just with his bare hands.

Who is DOMA wife?

DOMA Spouse means a Spouse who is a person of the opposite gender to whom a Participant is legally married under the laws of a U.S. state or foreign nation (including common law marriages if recognized by the laws of the U.S. state in which the Participant resides).

Was DOMA ever a human?

As a Human

Over a century ago, Doma was born a child with extraordinary features. His rainbow-colored eyes and pale hair led people to consider him special and believed he could communicate with the gods.

What was Doumas human name?

However, Douma, who holds the rank of Upper Moon 2, is one of the most relevant demons in the story, yet his real name is never disclosed. Even in the Kimetsu Acadmeny chapter extras, is stated that his AU version's real name is unknown.

Why does DOMA have a crush on Shinobu?

Douma said that he had never felt emotions before, but his heart felt like it was beating now. He started doubting his belief that heaven and hell didn't exist and started blushing at Shinobu, quickly developing a crush on her.

Does DOMA have a crush on Shinobu?

Doma also displayed what arguably is his first true emotion, love, when he proclaimed his love for Shinobu after finding her cute.

How did Muzan make Akaza bleed?

Akaza appears before Muzan and reports to him that he could not find the Blue Spider Lily, instead, he took down one of the Hashira. Muzan retorts it was only one Hashira and declaring his desire is for all to be dead. Angered at his failure, Muzan takes control of Akaza's cells and causes him to bleed heavily.

Which Hashira can defeat Akaza?

Muichiro can defeat Akaza easily with his petite body that leverages his speed. Moreover, his ability of Transparent World can aid him in landing a fatal blow on Akaza's weak spot.

Who turned Akaza into a demon?

He is a demon serving directly under Muzan Kibutsuji, and currently holds the position of Upper Rank Three of the Twelve Kizuki. Over a century ago, Akaza was a human by the name of Hakuji before being turned into a Demon personally by Muzan.

Why does doma have rainbow eyes?

History. Doma was born with beautiful and rare rainbow colored eyes. Because of this unusual trait, his parents thought that he was able to hear the voices of God and was groomed to be the religious leader of the Eternal Paradise Cult, a position that he held until his death.

What does akaza think of daki?

Daki: frequently tries to get close to him to no avail. Gyutaro: considers him a snob jerk who thinks he knows better than everyone but knows better than to defy him so he usually just accepts his nagging. Akaza: sees him as a rival, whom he'll one day hopes to surpass.

Who did Dom have a kid with?

One of the biggest surprises from "F8" was the revelation that Dom had a son with Elena (Elsa Pataky). He found out about the baby when the film's villain, a cyber terrorist named Cipher (Charlize Theron), used Dom's son as leverage so he could work for her.

Who is the oldest Upper moon demon?

The first Upper Moon Demon to appear is Upper Moon Three Akaza, who is worlds apart in strength and easily kills the Fire Pillar Kyojuro Rengoku.

Who is the 1st demon?

The Demon King Muzan was the first ever demon to have come into existence. He's the reason other demons exist as he was able to turn humans into demons. This demon has been living for over 1000 years in an attempt to find Blue Spider Lily, which would grant him immunity from the sun.

Who is the oldest Hashira?

13/13 Gyomei Himejima Is The Oldest Hashira (26)

Gyomei is not only the oldest—26 years old, to be exact—but the tallest out of the Hashira and the main cast. His appearance may be intimidating, but he's a lot gentler than people think.

Why is Akaza Muzan's favorite?

Akaza was also one of Muzan's favorite demons out of all his subordinates. The reason behind this is Akaza's extreme loyalty to his master. The Upper Rank Three demon was always sent away on special missions, something the Upper Rank 1 and 2 were often denied of.

What demon killed 7 Hashira?

Overall Abilities: As the secondary holder of Upper Rank Six, Daki was a very powerful demon. It had been noted that Daki was able to kill and eat seven Hashira in the past, further exemplifying her strength.

Why are the Hashira so weak?

With that said, all Hashira in Demon Slayer have one glaring flaw: they're only human. As such, they're not infallible and are certainly not tougher than their demon enemies. This results in some rather lopsided matches and emotionally-charged oversights on their part.