Who kidnapped Oliver's son?

A day before his father's funeral, William is kidnapped by John Byrne as revenge against Oliver
Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen (May 16, 1985 – December 10, 2019; December 10, 2019 – the dawn of time) was a billionaire and former playboy, turned archer superhero of Star City, and the leader of Team Arrow, who later died as savior of the multiverse.
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for sending him to prison 7 years earlier.

Does Felicity find out about Oliver's son?

After Darhk lays out the terms for William's release, Felicity asks the obvious question — and Oliver at long last spills his secret, that he has a son.

What episode does Felicity find out about Oliver's son?

"The Odyssey" (Season 1, Episode 14)

Smoak. Oliver reveals his identity to Felicity and asks her to bring him to his hideout. Once there, Diggle (David Ramsey) helps bring Oliver downstairs, where they work together to save Oliver.

Who is the guy who tortured Oliver in Arrow?

"Kapiushon" is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of Arrow. The episode features Oliver Queen being tortured by main villain Adrian Chase after being captured in the previous episode.

Who did Oliver Queen get pregnant in Arrow?

Samantha Clayton (died May 17, 2390) was the ex-lover of Oliver Queen and the mother of William Clayton. Oliver ultimately got her pregnant, though she was paid $1 million by Moira Queen, Oliver's mother, to pretend she had had a miscarriage and move back to Central City, though she never cashed the check.

Oliver tells Samantha his secret | 4x15

What episode is Felicity pregnant on Arrow?

Arrow Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: Felicity Tells Oliver She's Pregnant - TV Guide.

What episode does Felicity become pregnant?

'Arrow' Recap Season 7 Episode 14 — Felicity Pregnant, Emiko Secret | TVLine.

Who betrayed Oliver to the FBI?

In "Irreconcilable Differences," the midseason finale of Arrow Season 6, Rene Ramirez revealed that he was the one who confessed to the FBI's Special Agent Amanda Watson that Oliver Queen is, indeed, the Green Arrow. Oliver learned the news during his wedding reception.

What is Oliver's secret?

It's a secret that Oliver is unable to tell even those closest to him, and it's become the reason that everyone's lives are pretty much as messed up as they are. The dark secret that Oliver finally comes to term to is that he enjoys murder.

Why did Evelyn betray Oliver?

However, upon learning that Oliver was also "The Hood", whom she had previously considered a serial killer, Evelyn came to resent Oliver and believed him a false hero. Following this revelation, she betrayed Team Arrow and allied with Adrian Chase/Prometheus, determined to take down Oliver and eventually watch him die.

What episode does Ben cheat on Felicity?

The death of a friend sinks Felicity into a depression, and when she finds out Ben has been cheating on her she reevaluates the choices she has made.

What happens with Oliver's son?

Soon after being rescued by his father, an explosion occurred on Lian Yu where his mother, who had also been captured, was killed. This resulted in William having to move in with Oliver. However, in early 2019, he moved back to Central City, going to live with his maternal grandparents.

Does William ever forgive Oliver?

William also refused to talk to Oliver about his problems in school, he eventually forgives Oliver for what happened to him and Samantha, knowing that his father did his best to protect them from the person who is truly responsible for his mother's death.

How many kids do Oliver Queen have?

Later Oliver learns that he has a son named William Clayton with Samantha Clayton.

Why is Felicity not in season 8 of Arrow?

Felicity, Oliver's wife and one of the show's most important main characters, was absent for the crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" because Felicity's actor Rickards left Arrow after season 7.

Who is Oliver's half sister?

Emiko is the paternal half-sister of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow who is the illegitimate daughter of his father Robert Queen and the assassin Shado. Kept secret from the Queen family by her mother, as an infant Emiko was kidnapped by Simon Lacroix/Komodo, Robert's former associate.

Is Blackstar Oliver's daughter?

Monday's new episode of Arrow, “Star City Slayer,” dropped a bombshell in the show's future timeline to reveal that the bad*ss cage fighter Blackstar is actually Mia Smoak – the daughter of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen.

What is Oliver's darkest secret?

At long last, Prometheus got just what he wanted from Oliver Queen. In "Kapiushon," the latest episode of "Arrow," Adrian Chase tortured Oliver until Oliver finally admitted his deepest, darkest secret: he enjoys killing.

Why does Oliver Queen go to jail?

The title refers to Oliver volunteering to serve life in prison at the Slabside Maximum Security Prison for his vigilantism as the Green Arrow as part of a deal he made with the FBI in order to protect the team's identities the moment he outed himself to the public.

Who is the main villain in Arrow season 5?

Oliver tries to balance vigilantism with his new role as mayor, yet is threatened by the mysterious and deadly Prometheus (Josh Segarra), who has a connection to Oliver's past.

Does Oliver get brainwashed?

In season three, Oliver shortly stopped being himself and adopted the name Al Sah-him serving as a member of the League of Assassins. The supposedly brainwashed Oliver went after Nyssa who had left the League and has been spending time with Team Arrow.

Who did Felicity marry?

A love story between Oliver and Felicity took shape starting in Arrow season 2, culminating in a wedding in season 6.

Who is Felicity dating in season 5?

'Arrow' Recap: Season 5 Episode 5 — Oliver Learns Felicity Is Dating Billy | TVLine.

What episode do Felicity and Ben sleep together?

Surprise is the 5th episode of Season 3 of Felicity.