Who has won 3 grand slams a year?

In the modern era, there have been three women and one man to win three consecutive Grand Slam events in a single calendar year. These players include Martina Navratilova (1984), Steffi Graf (1993, 1995, 1996), Serena Williams (2002) and Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal
Nadal (Catalan: [nəˈðal], Occitan: [naˈdal, naˈðal], Venetian: [naˈdal]) is a surname of Catalan, Occitan, and Venetian origin. It stems from the Latin word for birthday, natalis. Notable people with the surname include: Augustin Nadal (1659 – 1741), French playwright.
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Who has won all 4 Grand Slams in one calendar year?

Calendar Year Grand Slam (four majors in one calendar year)
  • Don Budge ( 1938)
  • Rod Laver ( 1962 • 1969) Note: Laver is the only player ever to achieve this twice.

How many tennis players have won 3 Grand Slams?

In this new modern era, only one player (Djokovic) has won all four majors in a row. Only two players have achieved the new term, a "Surface Slam", winning three consecutive majors on three distinct surfaces, that being Rafael Nadal in 2010 and Novak Djokovic in 2021.

Has any male tennis player won all 4 Grand Slams in a year?

In 1938, Don Budge became the first tennis player to win the four major championships in one year and, thus, capture the Grand Slam.

Who has won all Grand Slams thrice?

It's extremely rare for a player to win all four tournaments, "the Grand Slam", in one calendar year. This was only achieved three times since 1888 by Maureen Connolly, Margaret Court, and Steffi Graf, the latter of whom stands alone in winning the "Golden Slam".

Men’s Tennis Most Grand Slam Titles - 2022 Update

Has Djokovic won all 4 Grand Slams in one year?

Djokovic is the only male player to hold all four Grand Slams on three different surfaces (hard, clay, and grass) at once (2015 Wimbledon to 2016 French Open), and became the only male player to win 30 consecutive Grand Slam matches (2015 Wimbledon – 2016 Wimbledon).

Has a team ever hit 3 grand slams in one game?

The feat has only been accomplished on three other occasions, most recently in August 2011, when the Yankees accounted for all three grand slams in a win over the Oakland Athletics.

Who won 5 Grand Slams in a year?

#1 Steffi Graf, 1988

Graf won five major consecutive titles in 1988-89 and four more in 1993-94, making her the only women's singles player to win four consecutive titles in a career – twice.

Who holds the record for most Grand Slams in one year?

Mattingly sets slam record

Perhaps the most fascinating part about Mattingly's six-slam 1987 campaign is that he did not hit another one in any other season of his excellent 14-year career. Prior to '87, Mattingly had hit . 250 with just one extra-base hit in 52 career at-bats with the bases loaded.

Has Rafael Nadal won all 4 Grand Slams in a year?

PARIS — Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have won and done so much in nearly 20 years of hoarding the loot in men's tennis. But there is one gap in each member of the Big Three's story line. None has managed to complete the Grand Slam by winning all four major tournaments in the same calendar year.

Has Serena Williams won all four Grand Slams in one year?

She won eight out of thirteen singles majors, including all four in a row from 2014–15 to achieve a second "Serena Slam".

Who has won a non calendar Grand Slam?

Paris: Novak Djokovic captured a first French Open at the 12th time of asking on Sunday, becoming just the third man in history to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time.

Who hit 6 grand slams in a season?

The single-season leaders with 6 grand slams each are Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees in 1987 and Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians in 2006. The National League record of 5 grand slams is shared by Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs in 1955 and Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2009.

Which Grand Slam is the hardest to win?

Between the devilish surface and having to beat the greatest of all time, the French Open is by far the hardest grand slam to win.

Who has won 24 grand slams in tennis?

1 tennis player and a Christian minister. Considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, her 24 major singles titles and total of 64 major titles (including 19 Grand Slam women's doubles and 21 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles) are the most in tennis history. Court was born in Albury, New South Wales.

Who has won most No of grand slams?

Serena Williams has won the most Grand Slam titles of all time during her career, with a total of 23 Grand Slam tournament victories.

Which is the best Grand Slam?

Most people would agree that Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament. Of the four grand slam tournaments in professional tennis (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open), Wimbledon always seems to attract the most attention.

Has anyone hit 2 grand slams in one game?

Only once before had the Cardinals hit two grand slams in one game - Jim Bottomley and Chick Hafey did it in 1929. No Cardinal had ever hit two homers in one inning although one St. Louis Browns player, Kenny Williams, had two in an inning in 1922.

Who hit 2 grand slams in the same inning?

Chan Ho Park and the Los Angeles Dodgers found themselves on the wrong end of MLB history on April 23, 1999, when St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Fernando Tatis slugged two grand slams in the same inning. Before that point and in the time since, Tatis stands alone in accomplishing such a feat.

Who has won all 4 Grand Slams at least twice?

The only player to achieve this feat at another Grand Slam in the Open Era was Dominic Thiem, who did it at the US Open final last year. With the latest silverware in the cabinet, Djokovic has become the first man in the Open Era to win all four majors twice.

Has any wildcard won Grand Slam?

Two months shy of his 30th birthday, Ivanišević became the lowest-ranked player and the first wildcard entry to win Wimbledon. To date, he is the only male entrant to have won a Grand Slam singles title as a wildcard.

What is a golden slam?

A career Golden Slam occurs when an athlete wins each of the four Grand Slams and a Paralympic or Olympic gold medal over the course of their career. Andre Agassi, from the United States, and Spain's Rafael Nadal have won career Golden Slams in men's singles.

What is it called if you win all 4 Grand Slams?

Calendar & Career Golden Slam

There also is the non-calendar year Golden Slam (also sometimes called Career Golden Slam). To get this Golden Slam, a player needs to win Olympic gold plus all four major championships at any point in their career.