Who ends up with Ted?

In the final episode of the series, "Last Forever", it is revealed that Ted finally meets his wife, whose name is shown to be Tracy McConnell
Tracy McConnell
She is played by Cristin Milioti. The story of how Ted met The Mother is the framing device behind the series; many facts about her are revealed throughout the series, including that Ted once unwittingly owned her umbrella before accidentally leaving it behind in her apartment.
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, at a train station as he is about to leave for Chicago. They hit it off immediately, and date for a year before getting engaged.

Do Ted and Robin end up together?

The sitcom came to an end in 2014, with the reveal that Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) got married only to later get divorced, while Robin ended up once again dating Ted (Josh Radnor) after his children's mother died from cancer.

Does Ted end up with Robin or Tracy?

"You are the love of my life," he tells the infant. "Everything I have and everything I am is yours forever." Ted and Tracy get married after a long engagement and the kids, but she gets sick and dies, a development that many fans speculated upon in recent weeks because of a foreshadowing in an earlier episode.

Who ends up together in How I Met Your Mother?

A lot of the criticism of the finale, however, seems to take this idea of "the one" at face value, that because Ted ends up with Robin at the end, that must mean that Robin was "the one" and Tracy wasn't.

What happens to Ted in the end?

The finale's climactic scene shows Ted standing outside Robin's window with the blue french horn, the symbol of their romantic relationship. And of course, the two get back together, proving it was their love story all along.

How I Met Your Mother - Final scene - Last Forever 9x24

Who Robin ends up with?

There were several choices that people had issues with, but the major one was the fact that Robin ended up with Ted. Some viewers would've preferred her to stay with Barney, whom she married in the episode before the two-part finale.

Who turns out to be Ted's wife?

Cristin Milioti

After seasons and seasons of suspense, Tracy McConnell, played by Milioti, was revealed to be Ted Mosby's wife and mother to their two children.

What happens to Barney in the end?

And that's literally what happened. The controversial series finale, which angered some of the show's dedicated fans, saw recently married Barney and Robin get divorced, Ted's wife – the Mother of the title – die and Ted and Robin get back together.

Who is Ted Mosby's son?

David Clayton Henrie is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He is noted for playing Ted Mosby's future son Luke Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, Justin Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place, Larry on That's So Raven, London Busbee in Little Boy, and Rudy Ising in Walt Before Mickey.

Does Ted cheat on Robin?

Upset that Ted, who hates clubs, would go dancing with another woman, Robin tries to call him to apologize. When Ted does not answer his phone, Robin calls Marshall, who tells her that Ted is at work. Shocked that Marshall lied to her, Robin realizes that Ted is cheating on her.

Why did Tracy leave Ted?

In the series finale, it is revealed that six years prior to Ted telling the story to his children, Tracy died in 2024 from an undisclosed illness. In the finale, the characters do not directly state that the Mother is dead. Ted says that she "became sick" and his children said that she has been "gone" for six years.

Who was Ted's true love?

Tracy was Ted's soulmate and Robin is the love of his life. Neither of them are 'the one' because Ted was never meant to be with one or the other. For no matter how long, or how short a time, Ted's destiny was to end up with both of them. The blue French horn led to the yellow umbrella.

Why do Barney and Robin get divorced?

In The End of the Aisle Barney vows to Robin that he will always be honest to her. She kisses him and they get married. In Last Forever - Part One Barney and Robin reveal that they got divorced in 2016 because they couldn't spend any time together due to Robin's hectic work schedule.

Do Barney and Robin get divorced?

Five years and a second child later, they finally tie the knot. Robin and Barney get divorced after three years of marriage, as Robin's hectic travel schedule as a now-hotshot TV reporter leads to friction with Barney.

Why did Ted not marry Robin?

Ted's parents also give Ted a speech about how they believed they would be perfect for each other but later found out they had too many differences to stay together. Not to mention that their reasons for their eventual divorce line up directly with Ted and Robin's problems-- Ted's mom didn't want kids but his dad did.

Does Ted marry Stella?

Stella Zinman

They get engaged after Ted has a near-death experience and realizes he loves her. He proposes to her in an arcade to which she says yes, although they have a few struggles in the process. On their wedding day, however, Stella leaves Ted at the altar for her ex-boyfriend Tony, the father of her daughter.

Who is Barney's kid?

Ellie is Barney Stinson's daughter. She was born in 2020 as shown in the Last Forever - Part Two. She is the result of the hook up between Barney and the last girl of his Perfect Month.

Why did Ted and Robin break up?

As Marshall and Lily leave on the honeymoon, Ted and Robin then reveal that after they had sex that night, they realized that their relationship was not heading in a direction either of them wanted to follow, and that they could no longer pretend that these issues did not matter to them.

Does Robin cheat on Barney?

However, in 'Disaster Averted' and 'Tick Tick Tick', their feelings for each other come out, and they end up cheating on their partners with each other. Barney then breaks up with Nora in order to get back together with Robin, but Robin stays with Kevin, and Barney is heartbroken.

Who married Ted Mosby?

In the emotional, time-jumping series finale, viewers finally saw Ted meet the Mother, Tracy McConnell. They had two children, got married, and shared a beautiful life filled with love... for a little while.

What episode do Barney and Robin get divorced?

The series finale, "Last Forever", reveals that, three years after their wedding, they get divorced because Robin's hectic travel schedule prevents them from spending any time together.

Do Ted and Robin have babies?

Robin narrates an episode to her children much like Ted's episodes usually start off and the audience wonders, did she adopt? Was there a mistake? Nope, just a plot twist to show us that Robin is never going to have kids and she's okay with that. And so the fake children fade away.

Who did Robin Scherbatsky marry?

Barney and Robin's wedding is the day Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky get married. It is also the day when Ted finally meets Tracy McConnell. The day is referred to as "The most important day in all their lives." The identity of the bride and groom was a long-running mystery slowly revealed over three seasons.