Who auditioned for Bella Swan?

6. Some soon-to-be-major actresses (including some who would become faces of their own respective franchises) that auditioned for Bella Swan included Emily Browning (Meyer's early first choice), Michelle Trachtenberg, Lily Collins and Jennifer Lawrence.

Who was originally supposed to be Bella Swan?

Some actors and actresses have opened up about auditioning for roles they didn't end up getting. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Bella Swan in "Twilight," but Kristen Stewart was cast instead.

Who else was considered for the role of Edward Cullen?

Along with Robert Pattinson there were other three actors who were the finalists for the role of Edward: Ben Barnes, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jackson Rathbone.

Who Turned Down Twilight?

The “You Belong With Me” singer asked “Twilight: New Moon” director Chris Weitz to appear in the 2009 film as an extra. Weitz, however, turned her down, saying that Swift's superstar presence would be distracting in the franchise installment starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Who was originally supposed to play Edward?

Stephenie Meyer originally wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward Cullen but the role ultimately went to Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s WILD ‘Twilight’ Audition Revealed!

Who turned down the role of Edward in Twilight?

Kellan Lutz has said that he turned down the role of Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga.

Who turned down the role of Edward Cullen?

Henry Cavill

Cavill best known for his role of Superman was badly considered for the role of Edward by the author Stephanie Meyer. However, he was too old to portray a teenage role. Hence, they dropped the idea of casting him.

Who turned the first Cullen?

Edward Cullen

As stated in the first and second novels, he was born on June 20, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, and was frozen in his 17-year-old body while dying of the Spanish influenza, when he was changed into a vampire by Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

Who was the last Cullen to be turned?

Once a vampire, Bella becomes the most recent addition to the Cullen clan and is the only one changed during the Twilight series.

Why was Twilight toxic?

In fact, many have rightfully criticized "Twilight" for its heavily anti-feminist sentiment and sexism. Like the many romance films marketed toward young women, "Twilight" is yet another stale, predominantly white film in which the “weak” female protagonist needs a “strong” and powerful man to be her “savior.”

Who almost got cast in Twilight?

Case in point: Taylor Swift almost having a cameo in one of the films. As noted by Buzzfeed, Taylor was considered for a role in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the second film in the franchise, which premiered in 2009, before eventually being turned down.

Why was Victoria replaced in Twilight?

However, just as Eclipse began filming, Lefevre was let go from the role of Victoria and the folks at Summit Entertainment cast Howard in her place. The reason for the change was revealed in late 2009, with representatives of Summit attributing Lefevre's dismissal from Eclipse to scheduling conflicts.

Why is Jasper not a Cullen?

Given that he (in the books, at least) was physically similar to Rosalie, it was decided that they could pass as twins, and so Jasper changed his surname to Hale instead of Cullen, which helped the coven pass as a family of adopted children.

Why didn t Edward want to change Bella?

Edward believes all vampires are damned. He doesn't want to change Bella because he's concerned for her soul. He refrains from having premarital sex with her in case there's some way she will still have a shot at heaven.

Why did Bella Swan wear a wig?

The actress wore a wig during the filming of Eclipse to play Bella Swan because she had cut her hair short to star as Joan Jett in The Runaways. Speaking to George Lopez on his late-night chatshow, Stewart explained that she will not use a hairpiece to film the next Twilight movie.

How did Kristen Stewart get chosen for Twilight?

While they were filming, in Pittsburgh, Catherine Hardwicke, the director who had been hired to adapt “Twilight,” flew there to audition Stewart for the role of Bella Swan, the girl who falls in love with a tortured vampire named Edward Cullen.

Who turned Rosalie into a vampire?

In 1933, Rosalie was turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen after being gang raped and mutilated to the brink of death by her fiancé and his friends.

Who is the youngest vampire in Twilight?

Jasper is the youngest vampire in the Cullen pack so he has the hardest time resisting human blood.

Who is the oldest Cullen vampire?

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) is the oldest vampire in the Cullen family (or the Olympic Coven, as the Twilight wiki calls them) and the sire of several of the others. He was born in London in the 1640s, the son of an Anglican pastor and a mother who died in childbirth.

Is Edward Cullen asexual?

Except that Edward is not asexual or aromantic. In the context of the Twilight franchise, he's basically just waiting for the right seventeen year old girl to magically appear so he can groom her into his vampire bride. The language Meyer chooses is 100% grooming language.

Who is the oldest werewolf in Twilight?

Taha Aki, the first shape-shifter in the Quileute tribe.

Who is the youngest werewolf in Twilight?

  • He was the youngest member of the pack before Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea.
  • According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Seth was born in 1992 and phased in 2006, which means that he was around 14 years old when he phased, not 15 like the series depicted.

Who almost played Jacob in Twilight?

This included werewolf hunk Jacob Black, a character that would go on to be played by Taylor Lautner. When the Twilight movies were first getting off the ground, though, Meyer thought Jacob Black needed to be portrayed by Steven Strait.

Does Edward Cullen have sperm?

Sperm are living cells. Edward is dead - his cells have been burned and crystallized by venom, as described by Stephenie Meyer herself. Therefore his sex cells (sperm) are also dead. Dead cells aren't functional.

Who has a crush on Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen

Tanya was very interested in Edward upon their first encounter, mostly because he showed no interest in her advances despite the fact that he had no partner. Her relentlessly lighthearted pursuit of Edward was one of the reasons the Cullens did not settle in Alaska with the Denalis.