Who are the 3 A's in Pretty Little Liars?

Big A is the person who stole the game and played it from Season 3 to the first half of Season 6, while Uber A stole the game from the latter half of Season 6 to the end of Season 7. In total, there have been two active "A" users - Mona Vanderwaal and Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Who were the 3 A's in PLL?

In the novel series, the first and original "A" was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. The second "A" is revealed as Alison DiLaurentis and the third "A" as Nick Maxwell. In the television series, the first and original “A” was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal.

Who are all the A's in PLL?

The A-Team, as of "Game Over, Charles", has consisted of Charlotte, Sara, Spencer, Mona, Toby, Lucas, Melissa and Wilden.

Is Ezra part of Team A?

We repeat: Ezra is not "A"— nor has he ever been a member of the A-Team. Instead, Aria discovered (while stuck on a chairlift!) that her dearly-beloved beau has been spying on our foursome since the very beginning of the series. Why, you ask?

Was Toby part of A?

Toby isn't a top “A” like Mona. Instead he was a member of the “A Team,” as revealed in season 3, and helped Mona with her devious plans. Toby claims he only joined “A” as a way to keep Spencer safe.

Pretty Little Liars - Every Reveal Ever (SEASONS 1-6)

Who is A after Charlotte dies?

Alex Drake is the 10th and final "A" to be revealed. She wanted to avenge Charlotte's death and became Uber A.

Why did Aria join the A-team?

The liars, pretending to be A.D., lure Aria to an abandoned playground, and they confront her. Finally! Aria explains she joined the A.D. team to protect Ezra. (Remember, she wrote a fake police report accusing him of sexual assault, which A.D. found and has been using against her all season.)

Is Ezra Fitz evil?

Despite serving as one of the main antagonists of the fourth season, Ezra is an anti-villain, as he was only stalking the girls for his book. Having said that, fans (and even the Liars) suspected that he was A due to his actions in Season 4B, even though he was in no way associated with A.

Why is Spencer in the A team?

In the Season 3 finale "A Dangerous GAme", Spencer comes up with a plan to trap the Red Coat and reveals to the Liars that she is working for the A-Team as a double agent. Toby contacts Spencer, revealing that he is alive. He explains that he joined the A-Team to protect her and the two make up and have sex.

Who did Ezra get pregnant?

Ezra to Maggie about Malcolm in "The Mirror Has Three Faces" You knew I wasn't his father. Ezaggie is the couple and enmity name for Ezra Fitz and Maggie Cutler. Maggie was Ezra's girlfriend during high school. They broke up because after high school graduation, he supposedly got her pregnant, so Mrs.

Why did Mona go by A?

In the books, Mona becomes "A" as revenge for the Liars taking part in the blinding of Jenna Cavanaugh. In the TV show, Mona joins the "A-Team" because she feels that the Liars (possibly including Alison, as she received notes from "A" as well) "took" Hanna away from her.

Was Melissa an A?

Spencer and Mona discover a note from "A" and suspect that Melissa killed Alison because she was jealous of her relationship with Ian. Mona, Spencer and their friends decide to turn Melissa in, but eventually Mona is revealed to be "A" and the girls stop suspecting Melissa.

Why is Mona being A?

Here, it is revealed that "A" is actually Mona herself, who claims that she became "A" because of the Liars taking Hanna away from her and never doing anything to prevent Alison's bullying. She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off.

Who is the 2nd A in PLL?

Mona was unmasked as the original “A” in season two and then sent to Radley Sanitarium. She faked her death in season five, but it was later discovered that she was double-crossed by new “A” Charlotte DiLaurentis and held captive in her dollhouse throughout season six.

Is Lucas an A?

In Season 4, however, Mona reveals that Lucas actually was the "A" who gave Emily a massage.

Was Paige part of A?

Aria, Hanna, and Spencer began to suspect Paige of being an "A" in "Single Fright Female," a belief that angered Emily, putting her in a tough situation with the Liars. In "The Lady Killer," Paige is officially cleared as an "A" despite Mona and Toby's plan to frame her for Maya's murder because of Nate St.

Is Spencer twin sister A?

Alex is Spencer's identical twin sister, whose existence was unknown until the series' final episode. During an interview to Elle, Bellisario disclosed that Marlene King, the show's creator, was planning to introduce Spencer's twin since 2014, when the show's fifth season began airing.

Are Spencer and Alison related?

Alison DiLaurentis

She is Spencer and Charlotte's biological cousin as Alison's aunt, Mary, is Spencer and Charlotte's biological mother.

Was Aria supposed to be A?

Surprisingly, Lucy thought that Aria herself was going to be revealed as “A” when the show wrapped. “Honestly, I thought it was Aria. I thought for the whole eight seasons that they were eventually going to make Aria 'A,'” she told BuzzFeed. “There were so many things that, like, led up to it.

Why is Ali afraid of Ezra?

(alis attempt to get rid of ezra from her life) Ali is afraid of Ezra because he tried to kill her when she refused to get an abortion.

Do Ezra and Aria have A baby?

Two years later, while “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” was airing, the official Twitter account revealed that Ezra and Aria had adopted a daughter and named her Katherine Ella, the middle name being a tribute to Aria's mom.

Does Ezra have A twin?

Adeev and Ezra Potash (pronounced Poe-tash) professionally known as The Potash Twins are American identical twin musicians and television personalities from Omaha, Nebraska. The twins have hosted several TV shows on Food Network, Bravo TV and Travel Channel.

What was Aria's secret?

She is best friends with Alison 'Ali' DiLaurentis along with Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields. Like the other girls, Aria and Alison had a secret between them; they witnessed Aria's father, Byron, cheating on her mother with one of his students, Meredith, and he begs Aria not to tell anyone.

What mental illness does Aria have?

Fandom. Evidence to suggest Aria has a split personality disorder? People say she might have a split personality disorder because a couple of her relatives have had mental health issues. But that doesn't automatically mean Aria will inherit this.

Who is the father of Ali and Emily's baby?

Caption Options. Emily and Alison fell in love after Alison was artificially inseminated by Archer; she was actually carrying babies made with Emily's eggs, and the two got together and eventually got married, raising their twin daughters.