Which Straw Hat is the smartest?

Having used his vast knowledge to create lasers, giant robots, and the Thousand Sunny's puzzle like architecutre, Franky has to have the most intelligent mind of all the Straw Hats
Straw Hats
The Straw Hat Pirates, also known as the Mugiwara Pirates, Straw Hat Crew or simply the Straw Hats, are an infamous and powerful pirate crew that originated from the East Blue. They are the main focus and protagonists of the manga and anime One Piece and are led by the main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.
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Who is the highest IQ in One Piece?

One Piece: 10 Smartest Characters In The Series
  • 8/10 Trafalgar Law. ...
  • 7/10 Sanji. ...
  • 6/10 Nami. ...
  • 5/10 Crocodile. ...
  • 4/10 Doflamingo. ...
  • 3/10 Blackbeard. ...
  • 2/10 Vinsmoke Judge. ...
  • 1/10 Vegapunk. Vegapunk is undoubtedly the most intelligent person in the series.

What is Luffy's IQ?

Given the evidence, Luffy's IQ could easily be anywhere between 90 and 130. This would make his intelligence at least average and maybe a little above average, although not quite genius-level. His morality, choices, actions and accomplishments should say as much about him.

What is Sanji's IQ?

Sanji - 120. he s intelligent but not a scientist; Brook - 110.

Who is the most weakest Straw Hat?

Nami is, quite possibly, the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates physically, however, her acquisition of Zeus has made her stronger than before. In Wano, Nami was just as bad as Usopp, however, thanks to the homie, she was able to perform better. She has a bounty of 366 million berries on her head.


Who is the coolest Straw Hat?

One Piece: Every Straw Hat Pirate, Ranked By Their Designs
  • 8/10 Jinbe.
  • 7/10 Brook.
  • 6/10 Nami.
  • 5/10 Roronoa Zoro.
  • 4/10 Sanji.
  • 3/10 Usopp.
  • 2/10 Nico Robin.
  • 1/10 Monkey D. Luffy.

Who is the fastest Straw Hat?

One Piece: Every Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates, Ranked By Speed
  • 8/10 Usopp.
  • 7/10 Jinbe.
  • 6/10 Chopper.
  • 5/10 Nami.
  • 4/10 Brook.
  • 3/10 Roronoa Zoro.
  • 2/10 Monkey D. Luffy.
  • 1/10 Sanji.

Is Zoro intelligent?

Roronoa Zoro

Like his captain, Zoro isn't really intelligent. He's terrible at directions, even getting lost in their own ship, and prefers to just cut his way through. After all, he spent most of his life improving his sword and becoming the strongest swordsman.

Is Nami smartest in One Piece?

8/8 Nami Is A Master Navigator And Great At Charming People

As the chief navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is, naturally, an incredibly intelligent person. Oda admitted that she's the third-smartest person from the East Blue to a fan.

How much IQ does Sakura have?

In the databook Sakura has an IQ of 175. That's higher than most anime characters.

Is 90 a good IQ?

110 - 119 is "superior intelligence", while 90 - 109 is "normal or average intelligence". An IQ between 80 and 89 suggests "dullness", while a score of 70 to 79 is classed as "borderline deficiency".

Is Luffy lifespan short?

In order to save the Straw Hat Pirate from the warden Magellan's venom, Emporio Ivankov used their Devil Fruit powers to alter the hormones in the boy's body to strengthen his immune system. The process was excruciating, lasted for hours, and ultimately took approximately 10 years off of Luffy's life expectancy.

What is average IQ?

IQ tests are made to have an average score of 100. Psychologists revise the test every few years in order to maintain 100 as the average. Most people (about 68 percent) have an IQ between 85 and 115. Only a small fraction of people have a very low IQ (below 70) or a very high IQ (above 130).

Who is the 2nd smartest in One Piece?

2. Ben Beckman - Oda stated that he has the highest IQ in the East Blue, so he is the brains of the red hair pirates. It can be possible why Kizaru stopped when Ben aimed his pistol as Kizaru knows Ben has a plan that he can't guess.

What is the IQ quirk?

IQ ( I アイ Q キュー , Ai Kyū?): Saiko's Quirk grants her the ability to temporarily boost her intellect after drinking tea and closing her eyes.

Who has IQ 200?

People With The Highest IQ Ever
  • William James Sidis (IQ score between 250-300)
  • Terence Tao (IQ score between 225 and 230)
  • Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score of 228)
  • Christopher Hirata (IQ score of 225)
  • Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score of 210)
  • Edith Stern (IQ score of more than 200)

Who is Nami's husband?

Jong-hak Baek: Nami's Husband.

Who has Nami crushed on?

Nami loves treasure, yet she values her companions even more so. Speaking of which, One Piece fans often wonder if she's into anybody. Romance is rarely a focal point in the One Piece series. However, a good portion of the fanbase loves to ship characters with each other.

Who did Nami love?

Nami cares about Luffy deeply and will often hug or hold onto him when she is scared or depressed. Their relationship is consistently presented as positive and affirming, an example of two people with compatible dreams and different temperaments working out conflicts as equals.

Is Zoro a member of D?

In the story, Zoro is the first crewmate to join Monkey D. Luffy's crew after he is saved (by Luffy and Koby) from being executed at the Marine Base by Captain Morgan. He is the crew's combatant, and one of the two swordsmen of the Straw Hat Pirates, the other being Brook.

How old is Luffy?

Age: 7 (debut); 17 (debut); 19 (after timeskip)

Is Zoro eye Blind?

Prior to One Piece's timeskip, Zoro's left eye was fully functioning and completely uninjured. Yet when the Straw Hats reunited after their respective adventures, Zoro's left eye was mysteriously scarred shut. Prior to the timeskip, his left eye had been seen glowing when using certain attacks.

Who is the 2nd strongest Straw Hat?

2) Zoro. Zoro's awakening of Advanced Conqueror's Haki solidified his place above the Straw Hat chef. Zoro has always been the second strongest member of the crew, a worthy title for the ship's vice-captain to hold.

Which Straw Hat can lift the most?

Luffy is the by far the strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. As the Fifth Emperor of the Sea, Luffy is incredibly powerful and is able to hold his own against the Yonko of the One Piece world.

Who is the least loyal Straw Hat?

Out of all the Straw Hats, Usopp is easily the least loyal. Not only did he nearly abandon the heroes amidst their darkest hour at Dressrosa, but he also fought Luffy directly for the rights to the Going Merry.