Which Enneagram is the most sensitive?

Enneagram Type Fours are self-aware, sensitive and reserved, and they may be the hardest type to understand. They are deeply in touch with their own emotions, as well as empathetic and understanding of others' feelings.

What is the nicest Enneagram type?

Bringing everyone to the table and letting others be heard is the superpower of Type 9s, which makes them the most powerful type in the Enneagram.

What is the hardest Enneagram to get along with?

Enneagram Type 9s might be the hardest to type in the Enneagram personality type system, but they're valuable personalities who sacrifice their own needs to help others feel comfortable.

Which Enneagram has anger issues?

Now, the core emotion of type 1 is anger and resentment. Their core belief is that they know the right way to do things, and feel it's their duty to fix things that are not being done correctly. They get mad when they mess up and when other people aren't doing things the right way.

Which Enneagram has the most empathy?

Among personality types, type 2 had the highest empathy scores in this study. This finding can be explained by type 2's essence. According to the Enneagram theory, type 2's essential quality is unconditional love [19]. These individuals search for intimate relationships, and they are caring and loving.

Enneagram: How Each Type Is Sensitive

What Enneagram is the least emotional?

Fives are the least emotional type in general, experiencing low levels of each of the emotions. While Fives disconnect from feelings, they are actually more adept at avoiding situations where they know they would experience fear, or other strong emotions.

Which Enneagram is emotional?

Enneagram Type Fours swim in a deep sea of emotion. They are in the Heart Triad and on a daily basis their fast emotions, the ones that crash over them moment by moment, are waves—truer, more authentic emotions are the ocean itself.

Which Enneagram type hates conflict?

People with an Enneagram Type 9 personality tend to be accepting, optimistic, and adaptive in their behavior. They like peace and tend to avoid conflict.

Which Enneagram fears most rejection?

Specific to the Enneagram Type 4's fear of being flawed is their fear of rejection. Rejection tends to make Type 4s feel utterly worthless. If someone rejects them, it can make them hurt for the longest time.

Which Enneagram is the most controlling?

Fives exert the most control by setting absolute boundaries around themselves and not letting others in.

What is the calmest Enneagram type?

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type Nines are often described as easygoing or humble. They are often receptive, reassuring, agreeable, or can be complacent.

What is the most misunderstood Enneagram type?

Enneagram Eights are one of the most misunderstood Enneagram types. They don't like to be controlled; one of their biggest fears is vulnerability or weakness.

Which Enneagram is the most romantic?

Despite being sometimes known as “The Romantic” Enneagram type, Fours don't typically have long relationships and often report more happiness while single. The Four is a truly fascinating case, according to our data.

Which Enneagram is the most loyal?

Type Six Overview. We have named personality type Six The Loyalist because, of all the personality types, Sixes are the most loyal to their friends and to their beliefs. They will “go down with the ship” and hang on to relationships of all kinds far longer than most other types.

Which Enneagram is the Overthinker?

THE OVER-THINKERS: Types 5, 6, & 7

Types 5, 6, and 7 compose the head center which is focused on thinking. These types are OVER-THINKERS and need to have security, but they go about meeting this need in very different ways. Their actions are on a continuum.

Which Enneagram takes things personally?

Type Four Overview. We have named this type The Individualist because Fours maintain their identity by seeing themselves as fundamentally different from others.

Which Enneagram fears being alone?

Deepest Fear: Twos fear being alone and unloved, and cope with this fear by taking care of others and making themselves central to other people's lives. Core Motivation: Enneagram Twos want to feel loved and appreciated, which motivates them to express love toward others in their words and actions.

Which Enneagram wants respect?

Enneagram Two

You want to feel accepted, appreciated, and affirmed. You worry that without giving yourself away you somehow are worthless.

What is the most intimidating Enneagram type?

The Enneagram 8

Known as “The Challenger,” Eights are the type most likely to be called intimidating by others. Assertive and hard-working, they are determined to be in charge of their own fate.

Which Enneagram is fearful?

Type 6s: Fear chaos

Loyalists or Guardians deeply engage with others and their environments to ensure that all is well. They have a strong sense of responsibility and respond to their inner distrust and doubt by being vigilant, supportive of others and controlling.

Which Enneagram type is vengeful?

This 9th blog in the series Enneagram the Fixations (Habits of Mind) focuses on Vengeance, the fixation normally associated with Enneagram style Eight. In Eights (really in all of us), Vengeance refers to the mental process of rebalancing wrongs through thoughts related to anger, blame, and intimidation.

Which Enneagram type is lazy?

The emotional drive of type 9 is called sloth which refers to a sense of inertia or laziness particularly with regard to yourself and your priorities or agenda.

Which Enneagram is least self aware?

Of all the personality types, Nines have the most difficulty identifying which type they are because their sense of self is undefined.

Which personality type hides emotions?

INTJs often hide their vulnerable or emotional side behind a mask of stoicism. They are the types to let their behavior speak for them, rather than put their feelings into words.

Which personality type is the unhappiest?

Sadly, INFPs ranked the lowest for happiness as well as the lowest for life-satisfaction. According to the third edition of the MBTI® Manual, these types also ranked second highest in dissatisfaction with their marriages and intimate relationships.