What's the most expensive thing in the world?

But what would that be? Research on dozens of sites to find the priciest real estate, artwork, yachts and jewels pinpoints the world's most expensive item right now: the History Supreme Yacht, measuring 100-feet long and costing $4.5 billion.

What is the 2nd most expensive thing in the world?

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is the second most expensive thing in the world at $2.1 billion and is the most expensive of its kind.

What is the most expensive item ever sold?

Top 20 Most Expensive Auction Items Ever Sold as of 2023
  1. Loans against fine assets.
  2. 1) Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi.
  3. 2) Les Femmes d'Alger (Version O) by Pablo Picasso.
  4. 3) The Gigayacht.
  5. 4) Giacometti's Pointing Man.
  6. 5) Rabbit by Jeff Koons.
  7. 6) Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) by David Hockney.

What's the most expensive dog?

Here are the top 10 most expensive dogs and their average prices, according to Reader's Digest:
  • Tibetan mastiff ($3,000 to $5,000)
  • Black Russian terrier ($3,000 to $5,000)
  • Samoyed ($2,500 to $5,000)
  • French bulldog ($2,500 to $4,000)
  • Löwchen ($2,500 to $4,000)
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel ($2,500 to $3,500)

What is the most expensive food?

Truffles, in general, are one of the most expensive foods in the world. White truffles are a particular variety that only grows in their native environment in northern Italy and some parts of southern Europe.

Price Comparison (World Most Expensive Things)

What is the most expensive toy?

1. Astolat Dollhouse Castle – $8.5 Million. The Astolat Dollhouse Castle is the world's most expensive and uncommon toy, valued at $8.5 million.

How much does the earth cost?

While the planet is valuable, it isn't exactly priceless. Or that is what one astrophysicist will have us believe. If humans were to sell the Earth off, Greg Laughlin, an assistant professor from the University of California, estimated the Earth's price to be $5 quadrillion.

What is the single most expensive item?

Research on dozens of sites to find the priciest real estate, artwork, yachts and jewels pinpoints the world's most expensive item right now: the History Supreme Yacht, measuring 100-feet long and costing $4.5 billion.

What car costs $3 million dollars?

28. Koenigsegg Jesko: $3 million. The Jesko is our first hypercar that hits the three million dollar mark. From a performance aspect, this makes sense: the Koenigsegg Jesko is also one of the fastest supercars in the world in 2023 – which definitely goes a long way towards its sticker price.

Who owns the most expensive house in world?

Who has the most expensive house in the world? The most expensive house in the world and the world's biggest house is Buckingham Palace, owned by the King Charles III in right of the United Kingdom Crown with an estimated value of $6.7 billion.

What is the most expensive steal?

But if money is no object, you may want to consider splurging on the most expensive steak in the world: a $1,000 Japanese A5 Wagyu tomahawk called the Papi Steak, served at the restaurant Aragawa in Tokyo, Japan.

How much is the Moon cost?

If you're talking about the colonization of the moon--and some people are--NASA astrobiologist Chris McCay estimates that a small, starter moon base could be had for as little as $10 billion.

How much is Moon worth?

"The mare constitutes around 15% of the lunar surface, making the total value of the moon... $4 quadrillion." Thinking about it another way, that much He-3 could theoretically supply U.S. electricity demand for 80,000 years.

Can I buy the Sun?

The treaty is actually quite clear that no sovereign nation can own celestial bodies like the Moon or Sun.

What is the #1 best selling toy?

It was initially designed as a teaching tool to help his students understand 3D geometry. However, it soon became a global sensation, with people of all ages trying to solve the puzzle. The Rubik's Cube is now recognized as the best-selling toy!

What is the hottest selling toy?

  1. Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Activity Center. ...
  2. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset. ...
  3. Flybar FunPark Racer Bumper Car. ...
  4. CoComelon Boo-Boo JJ Delux Doll. ...
  5. Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse. ...
  6. LeapFrog Clean Sweep Learning Caddy. ...
  7. Little Live Pets Mama Surprise.

What is the oldest toy in the world?

What would you say if I asked you what you think the world's oldest toy is? You're right, it's the spinning top! Believe it or not, the oldest top ever found was dated to be about six thousand years old and there was a wooden top found in King Tut's tomb! The beauty of these toys is in their simplicity.

Who is the real owner of moon?

The Outer Space Treaty means therefore that - no matter whose national flags are planted on the lunar surface - no nation can 'own' the Moon.

How much gold is on the Moon?

Unexpected gold: on the Moon

Satellite imaging has shown that the top 10 centimetres of regolith (moon soil) at the south pole of the moon appear to hold about 100 times more gold than the richest mines on earth.

Can you buy a moon rock?

While it is illegal for private collectors to own Apollo return samples, it is entirely legal to buy lunar meteorites.

How much is a trip to space?

Space Tourism

For a suborbital trip on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and Blue Origin's New Shepard, seats typically cost $250,000 to $500,000. Flights beyond that to actual orbit—a much higher altitude—are far more expensive, fetching more than $50 million per seat.

How much does our sun cost?

Weekday editions of The Sun will cost 70p, with the price of the Saturday edition rising to £1.

How much will it cost to go to Mars?

Elon Musk said that a $100,000 hypothetical price point for a ticket on his shuttles to Mars should be affordable for most people.

What is the cheapest steak?

11 low cost beef cuts for budget friendly meals
  • top round steak (aka london broil) The London Broil is a thick and versatile cut. ...
  • top round roast. ...
  • sirloin tip steak. ...
  • eye of round steak. ...
  • bottom round steak. ...
  • bottom round roast. ...
  • Arm chuck roast. ...
  • top blade steak.

Which car is the easiest to steal?

America's Top 10 Stolen Cars
  • Honda Civic. Stats.
  • Honda Accord. Stats. ...
  • Toyota Camry. Stats. ...
  • Nissan Altima. Stats. ...
  • GMC Full-Size Pickup. Stats. Number of thefts: 13,016. ...
  • Toyota Corolla. Stats. Number of thefts: 12,515. ...
  • Honda CR-V. Stats. Number of thefts: 12,309. ...
  • Dodge Full-Size Pickup. Stats. Number of thefts: 11,991. ...
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