What's the longest hole-in-one?

A condor was scored without cutting over a dogleg by Mike Crean at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, Colorado, in 2002, when he holed his drive at the 517 yard par-5 9th. This is the longest hole-in-one on record.

What is the longest hole-in-one ever hit?

The longest recorded straight drive hole-in-one is believed to be 517 yards or 473 metres, on the par-5 No. 9 hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver in 2002, aided by the thin air due to the high altitude.

Has anyone ever hole-in-one a par 5?

But has there ever been a hole in one on a par 5? Believe it or not, yes. According to liveabout.com, it has occurred five times, with three of them coming on sever doglegs or horseshoe-shaped holes where the listed yardage could be mitigated by going at the green as the crow flies.

How many hole in ones does Tiger Woods have?

Woods has hit a hole-in-one 20 times in the course of his lifetime, his first at the age of six. Three have come in PGA Tour competitions - at the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open, 1997 Phoenix Open, and 1998 Sprint International. Woods is the only professional golfer to win four majors in a row.

Has anyone ever had 2 hole in ones in one round?

There are only three players in the history of the PGA Tour to record two holes-in-one in the same round: Bill Whedon at the 1955 Insurance City Open, Yusaku Miyazato at the 2006 Reno-Tahoe Open and Brian Harman at the 2015 The Barclays.

CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

Is there a par 6 in golf?

The United States Golf Association defines a par 6 as any hole longer than 670 yards for men and 570 for women, although we all know that par is a very arbitrary number. Some championship courses are happy to keep holes longer than 700 yards as par 5s from the tips.

Who is the youngest person to get a hole-in-one?

In that instance, the youngest player to ever record an ace was 3-year-old Jack Paine of Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. who aced the 66-yard sixth hole at an executive course, the Lake Forest (Calif.) Golf and Practice Center.

Has anyone ever hole-in-one a par 4?

There has been one hole-in-one on a par 4 in PGA Tour history. That famously came at the 2001 Phoenix Open, when Andrew Magee's tee shot on the 332-yard 17th at TPC Scottsdale fortuitously bounded off Tom Byrum's putter and into the hole for an ace.

What pro golfer has never had a hole-in-one?

I once moaned to Mickelson about my rotten luck in never having made a hole-in-one, and he offered some sage advice: “Try hitting it closer to the hole.” Thanks, dude, but Ben Hogan might be the most precise iron player of all-time and he is reputed, in his lifetime, to have never enjoyed an ace during competition.

How many hole in ones does Phil Mickelson have?

Who Has the Most Hole in Ones in the PGA? The record for most holes in one on the PGA tour is 10, which is shared by Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton. Phil Mickelson has recorded five hole in ones. Kathy Whitworth holds the record for the most holes in one with 11 on the LPGA tour.

What is the rarest shot in golf?

First of all, have you even heard of a condor? We're not talking about the bird (a vulture), but the absolute rarest shot in golf. It's a "1" on a par 5, which believe it or not, has actually happened a handful of times. As of late, there have been 5 recorded condors in history.

Is there a par 7 hole?

The par-7 stretches the length of this particular nine to 3,469 yards and consists of three par-5s, five par-4s and the monstrous par-7. And yes, it's the No. 1 handicap hole.

What is the most sudden death holes in golf?

In 1976, the Pepsi-Wilson Tournament on the Japan Golf Tour, set a record for the longest sudden-death playoff on any men's professional tour. It took Peter Thomson 14 holes to defeat Graham Marsh, Brian Jones and Shozo Miyamoto. This record still stands today.

Has Tiger Woods ever hit a hole-in-one?

Tiger Woods announced his arrival to the PGA tour with a bang, sinking a hole-in-one at his very first pro event. Now, that ball he struck with the fateful 6-iron can be yours.

Can you walk 18 holes in 3 hours?

How long does 18 holes take when you're playing alone? If you are walking alone, without any groups holding you back, anything over four hours is slow. If you're in a golf cart, over three and a half is too long. Three hours is great.

Is 18 or 1 the hardest hole?

If you look at a golf course scorecard, you will notice that each hole has a hole handicap rating of 1 through 18, from most difficult (1) to least difficult (18).

Who has hole-in-one Augusta?

'Only person to do it': The day Warne hit his only hole-in-one ... at Augusta. Shane Warne was cricket's “greatest”, according to former England skipper Nasser Hussain. But it was not just with the ball that he holds some history. The former Australian leg-spinner was also handy on the golf course.

What is the best golf tip ever?

Let's get on to the list!
  • #1 – Take Your Time. It is easy to rush in the golf swing. ...
  • #2 – Pick Out a Specific Target. ...
  • #3 – Relax Your Grip. ...
  • #4 – Quiet Hands in the Takeaway. ...
  • #5 – Play to Your Strengths. ...
  • #6 – See the Club Hit the Ball. ...
  • #7 – Stay Perfectly Still While Putting. ...
  • #8 – Don't Slide.

Has Rory McIlroy ever had a hole-in-one?

Video Unavailable. Watch Rory McIlroy hit his first hole in one as a professional during the second round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. You can see live coverage of the tournament on Sky Sports 4 throughout the weekend.

What is a par 5 hole-in-one called?

A condor is also known as a double albatross, or a triple eagle. This is the lowest individual hole score ever made, relative to par. A condor would be a hole-in-one on a par-five (typically by cutting over a dogleg corner), a two on a par-six, or a three on a par-seven (which is not known to have been achieved).

Is there a par 6 hole anywhere?

Do par-6 holes exist on golf courses around the world? Yes, but they are not common. How long does a hole have to be to be called a par-6? Nearly 700 yards for men, nearly 600 yards for women — but there are other factors besides length that determine what the par rating of a golf hole is.

Are there any par 6 holes in the US?

But there's only one place in the world where you'll find a Par 6 hole so long that golfers tee off in one state and putt in another. Farmstead Golf Links in Calabash is one of several popular courses along the Brunswick Islands, a noted golf area at the southern tip of North Carolina's coast.

Who hit the first hole in one?

The First Ace

The first recorded hole in one came in 1868, struck by "Young" Tom Morris in the British Open.

How many people are at 16 holes?

The par-3 16th hole is known as the loudest hole in golf, with grandstands circling the hole that fit up to 17,000 fans. Many have likened it to a coliseum, not only in stature but also because of the crowd's roars when a good shot is hit.

Has there ever been a hole in one on 12?

There hasn't been a hole in one at number 12 for 34 years but three players have achieved the feat.