What should you avoid Before eyelid surgery?

Preparing for Eyelid Surgery
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve), and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), Vitamin E, herbal supplements or any medications containing these compounds for two weeks before surgery. ...
  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.

Can I drink coffee before eyelid surgery?

Please avoid caffeine drinks 48 hours prior to surgery (coffee, energy drinks). Please have nothing to eat or drink after 12 midnight, the night before your surgery. Please wear comfortable clothes the day or your surgery. We recommend wearing a shirt that buttons up or zippers in the front.

What is the fastest way to recover from eyelid surgery?

5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Eyelid Surgery
  1. Follow postsurgical instructions. ...
  2. Take time off work. ...
  3. Use cold compresses. ...
  4. Keep follow-up appointments. ...
  5. Avoid these activities.

When is the best time to have eyelid surgery?

Winter is often the best season for eyelid surgery for a variety of reasons. Below you will find why it's the most helpful time in regard to your recovery and what to expect if you decide to move forward with the procedure.

How long does it take for eyes to heal after eyelid surgery?

Your eyelid may be swollen and bruised for 1 to 3 weeks after surgery. The appearance of your eye may continue to get better for 1 to 3 months. Most people feel ready to go out in public and back to work in about 10 to 14 days.

How to Avoid Botched Eyelid Surgery

What can you not do after eyelid surgery?

It's important for you to avoid sneezing, coughing, and vomiting (throwing up), as much as you can. These can raise your blood pressure and cause bleeding at your surgical sites. Avoid bending at the waist or lifting items heavier than 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) for 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery.

How painful is blepharoplasty recovery?

According to a study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, pain tends to peak around 4.4 hours after surgery. Likewise, swelling peaks at 17 hours, blurred vision at 8.7 hours, and bruising at 33.6 hours. The pain is typically mild to moderate and can last for up to seven days.

How painful is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is among the least painful cosmetic procedures. Aside from minimal discomfort on the day, you'll have a quick recovery and see the results swiftly. So the procedure isn't very painful, but you may have other questions.

What is the average age for eyelid surgery?

People who get eyelid surgery are usually in their mid-30s at least. This is because the aging process visibly affects the eyelids in most people by this time. However, if you are at least 18 years old and concerned about the appearance of your eyelids, this procedure may be right for you.

What are cons of eyelid surgery?

Cons of eyelid surgery
  • Bruising, bleeding, and swelling.
  • It could take 2-3 months to see full results.
  • Asymmetry of the eyes is possible.
  • Temporary double vision or blindness that often corrects itself within 24 hours.
  • Dry or itchy eyes.

How long do you have to sleep on your back after eyelid surgery?

Sleep in a correct position

After blepharoplasty, we recommend that you sleep on your back with your head elevated for at least 3-4 weeks. This helps reduce eyelid swelling and speeds up recovery.

Can I go for a walk after eyelid surgery?

Walking is one of the best form of exercise after eyelid surgery. Walking in the initial phases of recovery can promote blood circulation, prevent blood clots and lead to a smoother recovery. It will give you a surge of energy as well. Initially, walk at a very slow pace and take breaks as needed.

Can I drink coffee after eyelid surgery?

Reduce caffeine and carbonated drink intake in the first few days. You should abstain from alcohol during the first week following surgery.

What should you not do before blepharoplasty?

Take certain medications or adjust your current medications. Stop smoking. Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding and bruising.

Are you put to sleep during eyelid surgery?

To keep you comfortable during your procedure, you will be given local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia numbs the eyelid and surrounding area, while keeping you sedated but awake during surgery. General anesthesia keeps you asleep throughout the entire procedure.

How do I prepare my skin for eye surgery?

Cleaning the periorbital skin including the eyebrows and eyelids with povidone iodine will reduce the bacterial load. In order to increase contact time, this is done at the time of anaesthesia as well as prior to surgery. Povidone iodine skin preparation (Betadine) should be used as a 5% solution.

Is 70 too old for eyelid surgery?

There is no upper age window for blepharoplasty. Patients in good health can get eyelid surgery even in their 60s, 70s, or 80s.

What is the success rate of eyelid surgery?

(15), who reported the results of blepharoplasty in 47 patients and identified a surgery success rate of 91.5% in terms of symmetry.

Is eyelid surgery worth the money?

The surgery is worth it for people who want to look younger and better rested in and around the eyes. The results are subtle but dramatic, and recovery is minor with little pain reported.

How long are stitches left in after a eyelid surgery?

It takes approximately 7-10 days for the main swelling and bruising to subside after eyelid surgery. Dissolvable stitches will dissolve on their own, while permanent stitches will be removed in 4-7 days.

Will I be able to close my eyes after blepharoplasty?

A rare complication after blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can rob patients of something that most of us take for granted: the ability to fully close the eyes. Unfortunately, this problem, known as lagophthalmos, can make the simplest tasks like sleeping or showering extremely difficult.

What does an eyelid lift look like after surgery?

Your eyelids will probably look puffy after surgery. The incisions will probably look red, too. The swelling and bruising involved with blepharoplasty recovery tend to resemble a black eye. That is all normal.

Are you awake during blepharoplasty?

Are you awake during droopy eyelid surgery? In an Awake Blepharoplasty, patients are completely conscious during the procedure. The local anesthesia is usually paired with a soothing sedative to help the patient stay calm and relaxed.

How long is downtime for blepharoplasty?

Once you undergo eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, you can expect to spend approximately seven to 14 days resting and recovering. Once you reach the two-week point, you can enjoy your new, youthful-looking eye area.

How many years does blepharoplasty take off your face?

Blepharoplasty is a very satisfying surgery. The results are permanent, although your eyes will continue to age. The consensus is that eyelid surgery can take 10 years off a person's facial age.
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