What motivates an Enneagram 7?

Enneagram Sevens have the motivational need to experience life to the fullest and avoid pain. Sevens value a sense of freedom and focus on optimism, being inspired and taking opportunities as they present themselves. Sevens approach life as an adventure and appreciate being playful and spontaneous.

How do you motivate Enneagram Type 7?

To support their growth: Encourage their sobriety or constancy. Help them to get more "down and in." Support them in staying grounded, balancing their good ideas with common sense. Stress the importance of feedback. Be there for them when they begin to feel their pain.

What motivates 7s?

Enneagram 7's are called The Enthusiast. They are motivated by a desire to be happy. Sevens like to plan enjoyable activities, contribute to the world, and avoid suffering or uncomfortable feelings. Type sevens enjoy introducing others to new experiences and adventures.

What makes Enneagram 7 happy?

Type 7s love to have a full schedule highlighted by fun activities and a lot of their mental energy is spent planning a positive future. We have a sense that happiness is right around the corner and scheduling and planning this brighter day gives us a sense of calm.

What are Enneagram 7s attracted to?

They are most attracted to a partner who can give them room to be themselves, but who also wants to help bring balance to their sometimes chaotic life. Stagnancy can quickly become draining for the type 7, as they need to feel like they constantly have things to be excited about in life.

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Who should 7s marry?

The Type Seven and Type Nine couple understands the need for both rest and fun. This pairing is one of the most fun and playful combos, as the Type Nine helps relieve the Type Seven's anxiety and resolves to stay with them through it, so long as the Seven can logically move forward.

What drains an Enneagram 7?

Enneagram 7s feel drained at work when...

They are stuck or bored in their position. Their boss gives them small, repetitive assignments. Their peers are distant and reserved. Their direct reports lack energy and optimism.

What does an Enneagram 7 want to hear?

Enneagram Seven – “It's okay to depend on others” Also: “You will be taken care of.”

What do Enneagram 7s struggle with?

Sevens are often very imaginative and creative. They excel in coming up with new ideas and initiating experiences. However, they can struggle with focus and self-discipline.

What is Enneagram 7s love language?

They don't need a ton of verbal affirmation or quality time to be content, but they do need to feel like they can maintain their independence in the relationship. Sevens have an insatiable craving for novelty and excitement, so physical touch — especially in new forms and when they least expect it — goes a long way.

What do 7s go to in stress?

Sevens are the most likely type to want to be social when under stress. This corresponds with the type's desire to avoid negative emotions by engaging in more exciting activities. Sevens cope with stress by working out, distracting themselves, and listening to music.

What do 7s need in a relationship?

Sevens value freedom of expression and excitement in a relationship. Sevens don't ever want to feel trapped, but they do need to feel grounded; thus, a good relationship can offer a Seven the ability to feel present without being stifled.

Are type 7s emotional?

Type Seven is busy, extraverted, playful, and high-spirited. They are known as The Enthusiast. According to the Enneagram, the basic fear of Type Seven is feeling too much emotional pain and not having fun. This type wants to be happy and believes that life is all about having a good time.

Do Enneagram 7s have commitment issues?

A false narrative about Sevens is that they don't or can't commit to relationships, and this is not true. Like everyone else, Sevens can have great, committed relationships that are real.

What is the Enneagram 7 weakness?

The greatest weakness of Enneagram type 7 is his pleasure-seeking. He rarely fully commits to a task, believing that a better opportunity is already waiting around the next corner.

Are Enneagram 7s narcissists?

However, average Sevens are not really narcissistic; they may be selfish, self-centered, greedy, insensitive, and so forth, but they do not have an inflated sense of self-worth. Instead, Sevens inflate their desires, appetites, plans, and the glut of their possessions.

What type should 7s date?

Type Sevens commonly pair well with Nines.

In a Seven-Nine partnership, the free-spirited Sevens and agreeable Nines are an upbeat couple with a sunny, positive disposition. Energetic Sevens can add dynamism to the relationship, while Nines can help the Sevens slow down and enjoy the present moment.

What is the most intimidating Enneagram type?

The Enneagram 8

Known as “The Challenger,” Eights are the type most likely to be called intimidating by others. Assertive and hard-working, they are determined to be in charge of their own fate.

What is the spirit animal of Enneagram 7?

Enneagram Seven – The Otter

In Native American culture, otters are symbolic of playfulness, friendliness, and joy.

What is the hardest Enneagram to get along with?

Enneagram Type 9s might be the hardest to type in the Enneagram personality type system, but they're valuable personalities who sacrifice their own needs to help others feel comfortable.

What is the most misunderstood Enneagram type?

Enneagram Eights are one of the most misunderstood Enneagram types. They don't like to be controlled; one of their biggest fears is vulnerability or weakness.

What does a healthy 7 look like?

They are introspective, examining themselves and their own motivations and desires. Healthy sevens are of course still fun, but they are more philosophical and intellectual. They seek out information and understanding on the things that interest them.

Where do Enneagram 7s go in growth?

Enneagram 7 In Growth

In growth, the enneagram 7 takes on the positive traits of the enneagram 5, The Investigator. The social and energetic type 7 embraces silence, rationality, and balance. An enneagram 7 in growth learns to enjoy being alone and in their mind.

What's the hardest year of marriage?

According to relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW, as it turns out, the first year really is the hardest—even if you've already lived together. In fact, it often doesn't matter if you've been together for multiple years, the start of married life is still tricky.

Do 6s and 7s get along?

Working Together

Sixes bring attention to detail and loyalty to a workplace. Sixes can help Sevens commit to long-term goals and plans. Sevens offer creative solutions and optimism to a work environment; they can help Sixes stay positive and calm in stressful situations.