What is Xiao's name?

10/12 Xiao's True Name Is Atalus
His true name is Alatus, but he will likely not admit this to many of the humans around him. Since Alatus is his adepti name, it's safe to assume that Ganyu, Cloud Retainer, Mountain Shaper, and Moon Carver are all aware of his real name.

What is Xiao's adeptus name?

Xiao (Chinese: 魈 Xiāo) is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. He is an adeptus, under the name Alatus, and the sole surviving member of the five foremost Yakshas dispatched by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue.

Why is Xiao also called Alatus?

Xiao was originally a Yaksha by the name of Alatus, who were originally assembled to combat the dying curses created by the many deceased gods of the Archon War. A long time ago, he was enslaved by an unnamed God and forced to slaughter countless innocent people before devouring their dreams, all against his own will.

What does Xiao's name mean Genshin?

obscure word that means mountain demon. apparently the specific demon is of slight and pretty particular stature. xiao is known as the 'guardian yaksha' or 护法夜叉大将 (hufa yecha dajiang), lit.

Did Zhongli give Xiao his name?

He was finally given his current name, Xiao, by Morax as a means to protect his identity. In order to show his gratitude to the god who freed him, Xiao shouldered the burden of protecting Liyue during the following years.

Who is XIAO? - Character Profile & Backstory | Genshin Impact

Who is Xiao in love with?

1/12 Xiao Loves Zhongli

This was shown when he protected Liyue from Osial, despite the fact that he believed the Geo Archon to be dead.

Who is Zhongli's wife?

Guizhong allied herself with Zhongli and tried to defend her people, but she was slain in battle and died amongst the Glaze Lilies in Guili Plains. After this, Zhongli and her people moved south and Liyue Harbor was established.

Is Xiao a first or last name?

Xiao (/ʃaʊ/; Chinese: 蕭) is a Chinese-language surname.

What is Xiao's true form?

XIAO TRUE FORM IS A VERMILLION BIRD. look closely on how similar the tattoo to a vermillion bird, a Chinese mythical creature that represents the south.

Who is Xiao's mom Genshin?

Xiao's mother was the wife of Emperor Kang Zi, the biological mother of Xiao, and adoptive mother of Shi Long. Not much is known about her history or status.

Who is Aether shipped with?

Xiaother is the slash ship between Xiao and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.

What is Xiao gender?

Xiao is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin and has several meanings, but the most notable translations are “dawn”, “little”, and “reverent of the elderly.” Xiao's connotation with the morning will make natural early-risers fall in love with this precious moniker.

Why Xiao is a bird?

xiao's yaksha name 'alatus' meaning wings in Latin. so he is surely related to bird mythical Chinese creatures and the closest to the tattoo on his shoulder is a vermillion bird.

How old is Xiao in human years?

Xiao, the only remaining Yaksha, is more than 2000 years, but physically looks younger, which is one of the very few exceptions. Similarly, Venti and Zhongli may seem like a teenager and a young person in their human form, but they are thousands of years old thanks to their Archon form.

Why is Xiao called Xiao?

The god's bloodthirsty path came to an end at Morax's hand during the Archon War; Xiao was freed and Morax bestowed him with the name "Xiao" for his own protection.

Why does Xiao have a diamond on his forehead?

The eye in the center of the forehead represents omniscience and the flame motifs make it all the more imposing, the intent being to cause all onlookers to cower in fear. Xiao's release coincides with the ancient festival of Lantern Rite.

Is Xiao's original form a bird?

XIAO TRUE FORM IS A VERMILLION BIRD. look closely on how similar the tattoo to a vermillion bird, a Chinese mythical creature that represents the south. (isn't liyue located at the south of teyvat.

Does Venti know Xiao?

Even though they are connected to different regions, Venti and Xiao share a very sweet connection. Xiao almost died one night due to his negative karma but was saved by the sound of Venti playing his flute.

Why does Xiao have karma?

Alatus, also known as Xiao, was the only Yaksha to survive the Archon War. What happened to the Yakshas? - Yakshas accumulated “karmic debt” for endlessly killing enemies. It's never explained what “karmic debt” really is, but it seems to be a kind of dark energy that consumes the user as they take lives.

What does xiǎo mean?

Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary

Search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters. 小 xiǎo. small tiny few young.

Is Xiao a unisex name?

Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including 'dawn, morning', 'little' or 'respectful, reverent'. It can also be used in with a person's last name to call younger generation eg with a surname Chan, anyone that is older will call the younger person Xiao Chan.

Who is Zhonglis past lover?

This song will likely be used again if Zhongli ever gets a story mission that delves into his past relationship with Guizhong.

Who is Hu Tao shipped with?

ZhongTao is the het ship between Zhongli and Hu Tao from the Genshin Impact fandom.
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