What is the monster in Jennifer's Body?

A Succubus is a demonic, female, sexual predator who seduces human males to feed on their flesh, blood, and soul in order to survive and nourish her strength. A Succubus needs to consume human flesh to maintain and restore her health, beauty and powers to their peak.

What is the monster in Jennifers Body?

Jennifer Check is the titular main antagonist of the 2009 horror film Jennifer's Body. Once an ordinary yet popular high-school flag-girl, she turned into a flesh-eating succubus as the result of a satanic ritual went wrong.

What demon is Jennifer's Body?

Instead of dying, she survives, but now harbors a demon within her. Though the demon is not referred to by name, her best friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried), determines through research that Jennifer has been taken over by a succubus: a female demon that seduces and destroys men.

How did Jennifer turn into a monster in Jennifer's Body?

Jennifer explains that Low Shoulder had taken her into the woods after the bar fire and offered her as a virgin sacrifice to Satan in exchange for fame and fortune. Although the sacrifice was a success, Jennifer was not actually a virgin, so she became permanently possessed.

How did the demon get into Jennifer's Body?

And eventually, Jennifer tells us what really happened to her: The band drove her into the woods, tied her up, and sacrificed her to Satan in a bid for fame and fortune. But because Jennifer wasn't a virgin, the sacrifice went wrong, and it ended with her becoming possessed by a demon and craving human flesh.

Jennifer's Body is the craziest movie I've ever seen...

Is Needy a demon now?

As the film wraps, we learn that Needy is in an asylum after killing Jennifer and of course appearing batshit insane to the misunderstanding world. She's also been bitten by best-friend turned demonic boy-stealer Jennifer, and is now herself a demon.

How did Needy get powers?

Needy is sent to an asylum for murdering her friend. It's there that we learn that she was bitten by Jennifer and got some of her powers. She uses those powers to escape the asylum and kill the men who kidnapped Jennifer.

Why did Jennifer kiss Needy?

To Kusama and Cody, one of the most misunderstood moments in the film was the scene in which Needy and Jennifer make out. Cody included the kiss in her script because she wanted it to be clear that Needy is, on some level, in love with Jennifer.

Why did Jennifer become a succubus?

After the band makes the mistake of trying to sacrifice a non-virgin for their ritual, Jennifer becomes a succubus. One of the perks of being a succubus is it keeps Jennifer looking alluring and beautiful (plus, she's virtually invincible). However, this all comes at a cost.

What was the black stuff in Jennifer's Body?

Hershey's chocolate syrup was used for Jennifer Check's 'black vomit' scene along with the use of CGI-animation. Amanda Seyfried admitted in interviews that she really enjoyed her love scene with Megan Fox. She said it was very exciting.

Is Needy possessed in Jennifer's Body?

Needy is an example of this critical thinking. When she kills Jennifer to stop the demon, she is infected by the demonic power and not possessed by it; somewhat similar to an inoculation, her body rejects the control of the invading entity.

What does Jennifer's Body symbolize?

Revival of Jennifer's Body as a Cult Feminist Horror Comedy

Feminist film theory explain that in the male subconscious, female power is inversely proportional to male power, therefore they cannot coexist because of the fear of emasculation. The more power a woman gains, the more she is dehumanized — and then punished.

Why is Needy in a mental hospital?

This is where Needy is sent after killing Jennifer, and being caught by Jennifer's mother.

What really happened in Jennifer's Body?

Needy discovers that Jennifer was sacrificed by the band members in a black magic ritual, but something went wrong because Jennifer was not a virgin and she transformed into a flesh-eating succubus. Needy tries to keep her boyfriend Chip away from Jennifer.

How were Needy and Jennifer connected?

Jennifer and Needy have been best friends since childhood, despite having very little in common. One night, Jennifer takes Needy to a local dive bar to attend a concert by indie rock band Low Shoulder.

Who is the villain in Jennifer's Body?

Nikolai Wolf is the overarching antagonist in the 2009 horror film Jennifer's Body. He is the lead singer of the band "Low Shoulder". He was portrayed by Adam Brody, who also played Justin Gaines in Smallville.

Was Jen in love with Needy?

It is a love story between Needy and Jennifer, and this fact is glaringly obvious not only in terms of subtext, but text as well. Needy and Jennifer are the fulcrum around which the entire film spins – the movie begins with shots of the two of them and the climax is an epic battle between them.

What happened to Needy at the end of Jennifers Body?

Needy tries to drown Jennifer but Jennifer, hovering in the air, attacks her. She is then stabbed by Chip with a pool skimmer.

Why is Needy in jail?

After Needy kills Jennifer, Jennifer's mother comes in and finds Needy with the boxcutter on top of her daughter's body. Soon after, Needy was later arrested and committed to an asylum.

Was Jennifer's Body Based on a true story?

Additionally, armchair detectives have noticed the film bears some surprising similarities to the real-life murder of Elyse Pahler—a case as baffling as it is tragic. Want more true crime?

Will there ever be a Jennifer's Body 2?

Though there was a graphic novel tie-in, Jennifer's Body never got a sequel.

How scary is Jennifer's Body?

As horror movies go, Jennifer's Body is not actually that scary in the traditional sense. There are some jump scares and the aforementioned flesh-eating and black bile, but if you were doing a double feature, it would go better with Mean Girls than it would Paranormal Activity.

Is Needy Lesnicki a final girl?

In some ways, Needy is even more of a remarkable Final Girl for the fact that, in the beginning, she's not in any danger herself at all. It's her worry for the boys in town—and her worry for her best friend—that gets her thrust into the fray.

Is Jennifer in Jennifer's Body a succubus?

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) is a popular girl that is turned into a succubus by a satanic ritual in the 2009 horror-comedy Jennifer's Body. The movie is told through the perspective of Jennifer's best friend, Anita "Needy" Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried).

What is the life span of a demon?

Like Angels, Demons have a nominal lifespan of around 1500 years. In terms of appearance they will tend to have leathery, bat-like wings and usually horns and claws as well. As a rule Demons will tend to have dark-coloured markings.
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