What is the hardest kanji word?

The Most Difficult Japanese Kanji on Record: たいと(Taito)
たいと(taito) is the most difficult Japanese Kanji on the record with a total of 84 strokes. It is formed by combining 3 雲 (くもkumo) with 3 龍 (りゅうRyuu). 雲means cloud and 龍 means dragon in English. たいと is said to be a type of Japanese surname.

What is the longest kanji word?

A funny phrase in japanese is “toragahitowokamoutosurutokinounarinow” 虎が人を噛もうとするときのうなり声。 It is 37 letters long and is comprised of a 17 syllables. It is a very odd phrase, as it is defined as “the growl a tiger makes when it is about to about to bite someone”.

What is the kanji for rare?

珍しい 【めずらしい】 unusual, rare, curious, new, novel, fine (e.g. gift)

What is the kanji for killer?

殺 Kanji Detail - Kanshudo. × 几

What is kanji for Godzilla?

Godzilla's name was written in ateji as Gojira (呉爾羅), where the kanji are used for phonetic value and not meaning.

The hardest kanji to write in the world

What is Wolf kanji?

Kanji. 狼 (“Jinmeiyō” kanji used for names) wolf.

What is lazy kanji?

Then Khatzumoto-sempai came up with something that sounded like just the thing for me, Lazy Kanji, which turns the process of memorizing kanji into something more like repeatedly dialing a telephone number until it's memorized.

What kanji means dark?

From Middle Chinese 闇 (MC ʔʌmH, “dark”).

What is the kanji for fear?

慄 means 'afraid' or 'tremble'

Is there a kanji for 0?

For zero in Japanese, the kanji is 零 (rei). However, it is more common to use and say “zero” the same way we say it in English: ゼロ (zero). Or マル (maru) which translates to “circle” and it's used the same way we say “oh” instead of “zero” in English when reading individual digits of a number.

Is there a yes kanji?

はい hai: yes (polite)

What is pretty kanji?

Pretty in Japanese – 綺麗な

きれいな (kireina), or written in kanji – 綺麗な – means both “clean” and “pretty.” You can use it to describe your room as clean, like: 部屋はきれいです。

What is the easiest kanji?

To get you started, here are our favorite 10 easy Kanji to remember:
  • 森 – the kanji for forest is three trees (木) put together.
  • 父 – imagine a man holding two sticks over his head.
  • 雨 – looks like rain hitting a window.
  • 川 – three lines show the flow of a river.
  • 東 – is made out of two kanji 日 (the sun) and 木 (trees).

How many kanji exist?

The total number of kanji is well over 50,000, though few if any native speakers know anywhere near this number. In modern Japanese, the hiragana and katakana syllabaries each contain 46 basic characters, or 71 including diacritics.

What is the kanji for devil?

The oni (鬼), the Japanese devil or demon, is elusive. It's hard to find images of this supernatural creature at temples or elsewhere in Japan. On the other hand, devils and demons work their way into our lives much more than we might realize. In Japanese, 鬼 references are pervasive.

What is the kanji for cursed?

呪 means 'curse'

What is the kanji for evil spirit?

The Kanji 魔 has the following meanings: witch. demon. evil spirit.

What is the kanji for laugh?

The use of wwww to represent laughing comes from the Japanese wara (笑), “to laugh.” With the rise of text-messaging and the internet in the 1990s–2000s, Japanese users adapted the kanji 笑 to denote laughter, similar to LOL.

Is there a kanji for no?

👎 No. In Japanese, no will translate as いいえ iie in a formal context, while いや iya will be more suitable when talking to a close acquaintance.

What is the kanji for angry?

怒 means 'angry'

Is there a kanji for dog?

犬 means 'dog'

What is the Japanese god?

"Shinto gods" are called kami. They are sacred spirits which take the form of things and concepts important to life, such as wind, rain, mountains, trees, rivers and fertility. Humans become kami after they die and are revered by their families as ancestral kami.

What is the kanji for moon?

月 means 'month' or 'moon'
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