What is the BTS rule?

The so-called “BTS Law'' allows K-pop stars who have been awarded South Korea's Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit to apply to postpone their military service until the age of 30.

Is BTS in the military right now?

On October 17, 2022, BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment announced that the oldest member Jin will enlist in the military via the fan platform Weverse and their official social media platforms. The statement said, “The members of BTS are currently moving forward with plans to fulfill their military service.

What is BTS military?

The biggest boy band in the world is joining the military. Members of K-pop phenomenon BTS will be enlisting in the South Korean military through a policy known as conscription, which requires all able-bodied men to serve at least 18 months.

How long will BTS be in the military?

The seven band members were all born between 1993 and 1997 and will be back in 2025, all having completed their mandatory service, according to Big Hit Records, which manages the group.

Does BTS need military?

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The members of K-pop band BTS will serve their mandatory military duties under South Korean law, their management company said Monday, effectively ending a debate on whether they should be granted exemptions because of their artistic accomplishments.

10 Strict Rules BTS Must Follow On Tour

Why are army not allowed to shout on BTS?

BANDWAGON TV. Yes, in compliance with COVID-19 safety measures, ARMYs attending the live concerts will not be allowed to scream and cheer. Instead, BIGHIT Music will be giving fans a clapper that they can use to emulate the noise of the crowd.

What are the rules of BTS army?

Do not visit sets, locations or activities that are not listed as official on the Big Hit Entertainment schedule page or announced via Weverse. Do not visit private spaces such as company offices, practice rooms, living spaces or nearby areas, and any other locations that BTS has visited or are related to them.

How big BTS ARMY is?

A few sources claim that the group has over 90 million fans worldwide, based on their social media accounts.

Will BTS come back after disband?

The group plan to disband briefly while its members serve their mandatory time in the South Korean military, BTS' management company announced Monday. The group will reunite sometime around 2025, after all seven members have had a chance to serve.

Will BTS still be together after military?

BTS attends the 2022 Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. The members of BTS are officially “moving forward with plans to fulfill their military service,” the band's record label announced Monday.

Who called ARMY BTS?

The band's fans are perhaps as famous as the boyband themselves. The term ARMY was called by BTS themselves, and it stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”. The meaning of a military army is also implied, which ties in with the concept of BTS as a bulletproof armour.

Why BTS ARMY is famous?

After numerous hits, sold-out shows and millions of albums distributed, BTS' fans — known collectively as ARMY, helped BTS win the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards, breaking Justin Bieber's six-year streak. We would effectively be here for hours if every single one of BTS' achievements were listed.

What is the power of BTS ARMY?

The power that they have gained from creating influentially positive and affirmative music has gained them an ARMY. ARMY is fandom powerful enough to troll right-winged politicians to matching the one million dollar donation made by BTS and their agency to the Black Lives Matter Movement in just 24 hours.

Is BTS on a break?

BTS members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook announced in June that they would be taking a hiatus to pursue solo projects outside of the group.

How long is Korean military service?

How long does South Korea's military service last? Those who are required to serve in the military must do so for at least 18 months, although the length of service can vary by branch. Conscripts serve for 18 months in the army and the marines, 20 months in the navy, and 21 months in the air force.

How much has BTS made for Korea?

As per Vanek Smith, the total contribution of BTS to South Korea's economy is an estimated USD 5 billion per year or “around half a percent of the country's entire economy.”

Is BTS breaking up in 2027?

BTS singer Jungkook has opened up about reports of disbanding. Jungkook took to VLive on Wednesday to clarify these reports and assure BTS ARMY that they have he and the other members - RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Suga - have no plans of breaking up the band anytime soon.

What is BTS full form?

BTS, in full Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean: “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” or “Bangtan Boys”), also called Beyond the Scene, South Korean K-pop (Korean pop music) band that shot to international stardom in the late 2010s.

How long is BTS taking a break?

BTS must take a break for a few years while the members of the band complete their military service, a requirement all able-bodied men between 18 and 28 years old must fulfil in South Korea. RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook will have to work in the military for 18 - 21 months.

Can I be an BTS ARMY?

Anyone can call themselves a member of ARMY so long as they enjoy BTS, regardless of whether or not they've purchased every album or watched every video of theirs. However, there is an official paid fan club that one can opt for to receive extra BTS goodies and discounts.

What are BTS fans called?

BTS fans, known as the A.R.M.Y.

How do I join the BTS ARMY?

The GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP is the official BTS fan club membership that is open for ARMY worldwide. In order to join, ARMY must purchase the membership from the Weverse Shop (previously known as Weply).

Who is BTS ARMY in?

As fans know, ARMY was established as BTS' fandom name on July 9, 2013, soon after the release of the band's first single, “2 Cool 4 Skool.” The word is an acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C. For Youth,” but there are also other meanings.

What is proof in BTS ARMY?

Proof will be a 3-CD collection of BTS' hit old and new songs. Including its title track Yet to Come, it will also have songs like Run BTS, Born Singer, I Need You, Run, Fire, Fake Love, Persona, Moon, Jamais Vu, Seesaw, N.O, Boy in Luv, Danger, IDOL, Dynamite, On, Butter and Life Goes On, among others.

What should a BTS ARMY know?

Here are a few ARMY should know: The rap line is RM, Suga, and J-Hope. They do almost all of the rapping for the group, though Jungkook is a featured rapper on some of BTS' early tracks. The vocal line is Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.